12 1/2 yr.old with teens possible?


Jan 27, 2001
My son will be 12 1/2 when we cruise in April and I know he would prefer to hang out with the "common grounds" crowd Can I sign try signing him up with this group although he's not quite a teen,also can he participate in the teen explorer cruise and or the teen wildside excursion on Castaway Cay.:confused:
Generally no, they do not allow kids to move up in age groupings. They sometimes make exceptions if a child is within one month of turning the next age. You can ask the counselors at Common Grounds but it's likely they will not allow it as they are pretty strict about the teen program being for teens only.

Have your son try the Oceaneer Lab anyway, he very well may enjoy it! There will be kids his own age there and lots of kids make friends that they enjoy hanging out with during the cruise. :)
Hi! Should be no problem signing him up for the teen group. We were there when my son was just 12 and they said he could do either-it was up to us. He chose the Lab. There were a couple 13 year olds in Oceaneer's lab. The policy seems to be if you are 12 to 14, the parent can choose where their child will be most comfortable since kids develop differently. Hope this helps.
Yep, I know of another DIS family that had a daughter who was 12 last sailing and they felt that she would have seemed out of place in the kids clubs - they did not have any problem signing her up at common grounds. The parents went with their daughter to request this exception.

They let our 12 1/2 yr. old daughter go with the teens, that was where her brother was. She just could not do any of the teen excursions. They are pretty strict about you have to be a teen to do the teen cruise and the wild side etc. Just stop in and ask, it doesn't hurt to try. Especially if they have someone else in teen group they know.
Thank you for the input, my son is pretty optimistic with your posts,we will keep our fingers crossed and make the request to move up:D
My son was 12 and they gave me the 1 month story, but I was a little insistant and they let him move up, but he was not allowed to do the teen excursions.


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