12/1/05 3 Day Wonder Part 2

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    Well, the next morning, we were docked in Nassau. Been there done that, we stayed on the ship and enjoyed the pools. One thing I did notice this time was the Mickey pool, parents really didn't seem to be watching their kids. One little girl, maybe 5, was upset that she couldnt' find her Mom and the guy who stands near the bottom of the slide had to find her and she was asleep in the lounge chair. Now, I may get flamed, but there is no way, my eyes left my child, I dont' care if it was the Mickey pool, bigger kids were being rowdy and just anything could happen. While I am on the subject of unsupervised kids, our tablemate's son got up and left dinner the first night, who was also 7 and checked himself in the club-so I asked the counselor about it and she said that there was a 8 year old that was able to check herself in and out, but she got lost and was crying. I guess it depeneds on the maturity level, but even on our 2nd time on the Wonder, I was still getting lost myself. There is no way, my child unless she was way older would be allowed to wander the ship, I just dont' trust people all that much. Back to the story, DD went in the club and then we had lunch together. I didn't do any spa things this time. We enjoyed story time with Mrs. Claus which was followed by Mickey and friends for photos and autographs. Side note: Our first night was Animator's Palate and our second was Parrot Cay. Now thanks to these boards, I had packed Pirate gear. Disney really needs to give guests a heads up while they are having Pirate night, because Dd and I were the only ones dressed up for dinner. Later on that night for the Pirate night festivites, my daughter who was in purple pirate girl gear was handing out glow in the dark bracelets and when the party began, a CM asked my daughter with some other girls to go on stage and do Pirate Says and the Macarana, Dd was the only one dressed up, but it was real cute. Loved the fireworks display. We didn't eat the buffet afterwards, just went back to the stateroom for our usual milk and cookies room service snack. Room service was excellent for breakfast and for night snack, very prompt.
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    Wow, I'm with you - I don't see myself dozing off by the Mickey pool!! And wandering the ship?!?! I am still not used to my dd's new school letting her walk by herself to the library in 1st grade and it's a straight shot down one hallway in a school that's in a locked-down Baptist church!

    Thanks for your reports! I'm on to read #3....

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