10:35 am return flight


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Oct 30, 1999
Do you think that based on the recent postings about security checks, that a flight leaving MCO at 10:35 am is too early to make it from the ship and be processed at the airport?
I would think if you are off the ship at 8:30, find your bags, load them and travel quick this may be a bit too early. Something is bound to hold you back. Security may be tighter or not but I would only try this if no bags or carry-ons...perhaps other will chime in here but IMO I would go for a little later.. you will still be on vacation no?
I have the same question but our flight is 12:15. We are using the Disney bus transfers. How early does the bus leave the pier area? We have late seating.

I think 10:30 is very tight. In June, we were one of the first ones off the boat and got to the airport around 9:15 or 9:30. That doesn't give you the two hours the airport recommends. If everything goes smoothly, you would make it, but if it's a typical day there is potential for trouble.
The flight after 12:00 shouldn't be a problem.

I WOULD NOT book a 10:35 a.m. flight. 12:15 should be okay...our flight on our last trip (1/20 return) was at 12:20, and we made it okay. We disembarked around 9 and took Happy Limo, so we left immediately. Good thing, as the check-in lines were OUT OF CONTROL! The curbside was bad, and inside it was probably about an hour. Thankfully, we had E-tickets...no one was using the electronic check-in kiosks, so that only took a couple of minutes. The security line was at least half an hour, and they started boarding the plane a little early because they were doing hand searches of the carry-ons. What a mess.
10:35 would leave you absolutely no "cushion time" in case of a delay (i.e. ship is delayed; someone else takes your luggage, which happens to us once; an accident creates a traffic jam; or goodness only knows what else).
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I know that most people on these boards probably don't fly Northwest airlines, but if you do, they allow you to check in and print your boarding passes online 24 hours before your flight. I'm not sure if there are printers in the internet cafe on the ship, but if there are, you can go online 24 hours before your flight departure time, check in, pick your seats, etc. and print your boarding pass. Then, when you get to the airport, you just check in your bags at curbside check-in. Then, you can eliminate the waiting in line to check-in. It's a HUGE timesaver. You only have to worry about the security line. Even with this, I don't think I'd recommend a 10:35 AM flight. Why get stressed out right away after a relaxing vacation??


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