1/26 TR Single Mom Debbie-Part 6 (end)


Earning My Ears
Feb 15, 2002
The day we left the ship we were pretty darn low. The one excellent thing about getting off the ship is that your luggage is right there at the port terminal waiting for u. U just go to the color-coded area and pick up your luggage. Walk through customs and then u are out of the terminal. They have the major airlines right there. We had to walk maybe 50 feet with our luggage (which was extremely heavy since I over-packed, what else is new) to get to the Continental check in. This was great, I can’t rave enough about it. We actually checked in right there and she gave us our boarding passes. I was actually on a 4:30pm flight (I don’t know why when I booked the flight that I thought this was “perfect”). Anyway I had asked the lady if it was possible to get an earlier flight without getting charged. She said yes, u could do a stand-by. The next thing I knew she had us booked on a 1:30pm flight (no charge, no stand-by, an actually booking) and smiled and sent us off on our merry way.

We hung out at the Orlando airport from about 10am or so until 1pm when we had to get to the flight. The Orlando airport is excellent. There are tons of shops to browse around in, a little game room and a fountain in the Hyatt hotel lobby (connected to the airport terminal) that was really nice to sit by and watch the kids play around the fountain and “flirt” with the idea of getting soaking wet. Before u knew it, 3 hours had gone by and we were rushing to get to the gate to get on our flight. The only thing I am disappointed in was the fact that I didn’t have the opportunity to volunteer to get off the flight for a free airfare someplace else. I was kind of hoping/counting on doing that so that I could have a free flight somewhere else in the future. But hey, it beats sitting at the airport from 10am until 4:30pm!

We did sooooo many things in that week. I know I didn’t list all of them, but there was just tons of stuff to do. From the bingo, the shows, the line dancing, the pool, the formal pictures, the character appearances, walking around in Shutters the photo shop and picking out our photos, the spa visits, shopping in the stores, going to the reading and game room and picking out some books (all the good games had been taken already since we went there in the middle of the week), the captains signing (the captain was available for an hour to sign the autograph books and take a picture to the “art of entertaining” series where I learned how to fold napkins real pretty and carve a watermelon to look like a rose (yeah I’ll really be able to do that!), sitting at the internet café for 5 minutes to send off a quick email to friends and family to say hi we are having fun, the adult karaoke on the last night was pretty funny, although this guy did do a pretty good Joe Cocker imitation, the shopping informative sessions that I did while my daughter was in the kids club with one of her little friends, and the all important pina colada here and there.
We were on the 1/26 cruise too!! It was soooo great! CC day was the BEST! I couldn't believe how great the weather was all week! The pools were a ZOO, we didn't even get in them with our DD 8 months!

I heard that we were in St. Maarten so long because they clean the engines there every few weeks?!

Did your DD end up with the flu? We got it when we were back at home. Actually, DH had in on CC day, but the flu isn't so bad when you are lying in a hammock on CC! ;)

DH and I are going back on the $99 in October and leaving DD at home! Yee haw!

Hi Mom2Grace,
No, luckily we both were very healthy the whole trip (I can't say that I stayed healthy once I left - I've been home sick the past 4 days with a bad cold/sinus infection).

I'm going back on the 12/5 cruise!
Enjoyed reading your trip reports. Thanks for sharing!

Really enjoyed your report. You mentioned somethings I'd forgotten about, like the carving class. Also enjoyed your excursion reviews. I know from past experience how much time and effort can go into these reports -thanks for taking the time to share.
Irish Cowboy and Sandee,

Your welcome. Thanks for reading such a lengthy TR!

Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed report! I really enjoyed reading about your trip. We are cruising on the 7 night on March 23. We were reluctant at first because 7 nights seemed like a long time to be on a ship, but we are really looking forward to it. :)

Hi Debbie,
Thanks so much for your indepth report from a single mom perspective. I have a DD who's 9 and had originally planned for just the two of us going on our cruise on Dec. 14. We now have a friend who's joining us...but who knows...that could change again between now and December so it's great to hear all about how you two made out. It sounds like you both had a wonderful time. DCL and WDW are certainly one of the few places I would feel totally comfortable taking my daughter by myself. Thanks again for sharing.
Hi Debbie!

Thank you for the very informal and lengthy trip report! You put alot of work into this, and I know everyone appreciates this -- especially the first timers like me! ;) I found some very good pointers in your reports - like the t-shirts VERY COOL and good to know. We will be on the WONDER sailing out on Halloween, so we will have a bit of a wait, but I am sure it will be here before we know. I too am a single mom, and hope to be able to venture out a bit! :p My kids are a bit older than your DD - my dd is 15 (16 in 1 month) and ds is 10 - and we can't wait!! Actually, my whole family will be on this trip - 18 of us !! Thanks again!

Thanks again for the report!!!I'm a single mom too. Only 4 more weeks to go. I am dreading getting up at 2:30 am to catch a 5:30 am flight but that's what flight Disney gave us.I pray that we'll all sleep on the bus to the port. When are the pools not crowded? I've read that several times about the pools. We're doing the Submarine trip in St. Thomas and hope to get to Magen's Bay that afternoon. In St. Maarten, we're doing the Golen Eagle catamaran and can't wait.Anything you wish you had packed that you didn't and vice versa. I'm starting on my list. I think we're set as far as clothes go.Did you take cash for tips? If so, did you lock it in the safe? That's what I had planned to do and then charge everything else. Is this OK? Thanks so much.
Excellent, detailed report! Thank you for sharing it with us!
KC and Sunshine,
To answer your questions...
I think the *only* time the pools are not crowded are when the ship is in port. In fact I was thinking that when we take the 3 night cruise in December I was going to stay on the ship when we dock in Nassau (since I really don't like that place!). Otherwise, the pools are ridiculously crowded any other time except for evenings and around dinner time.

I just wish that I didn't pack as much as I did! I packed 4 bathing suits for me (I wore one the whole time!). I packed 3 bathing suits for my daughter. She actually did wear all 3 (since one was wet at any various times - she went in the pool more than I). U need more t-shirts and beach wear than "regular" clothes. Especially since u are going to be doing a lot of the excursions and beach stuff.

I brought travelers checks and "some" cash. U can cash your travelers checks at Guest Services. I think they have a limit as to how much u can cash in one day but I think the limit is somewhere around $400 or $300/day which is plenty. Maybe just a dollar here and there for a tip for the bus driver or cabbie. On the ship u don't need a dime because u sign your life away all week! (and then ooooh and awwww when u see the bill at the end of the week :-) FYI...u can ask Guest Services for a detailed bill at any point during your cruise to see how much u have spent.

Yes, I locked everything in the safe. My jewelry, my travelers checks, my cash. I didn't lock my camcorder or camera in the safe. The camera would have fit, but not the camcorder. Everything was safe the whole time. Altho I do recommend that u use that tip that I stated about asking them to reprogram the safe so that u use another card (like your MAC card or some other card that u will keep on u at all times).

U can charge practically everything to your stateroom. Your excursions, your purchases at the bars, your purchases at the stores, the arcade, the spa, etc, etc.

If u have anymore questions, u can email me at piginmud@yahoo.com.


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