1. J


    Hi there! Quick question about booking dates/times/venues at a year out... My consultant told me that she usually hears whether or not her couples get everything they want booked by late afternoon. She said she would email me when she found out. Today is my booking day, and of course I’m SUPER...
  2. J

    Dress Steaming

    Hello! I’m looking for info about pricing to have my wedding dress steamed when I arrive in Disney. I know they will do it, but I can’t seem to find any kind of pricing. Does anybody know? Thanks!
  3. O

    Cross Post-DCL Wedding- What would you do?

    (I posted this on the weddings/honeymoon thread, but realized this board gets far more traffic, so hopefully more people with an opinion will see it here!) So my future hubby and I (mostly me, hes very laid back and would be happy to just go to the courthouse) are trying to figure out a small...
  4. O

    Disney Cruise Wedding-What Would You do?

    So my future hubby and I (mostly me, hes very laid back and would be happy to just go to the courthouse) are trying to figure out a small destination wedding (it was going to be an elopement, but then certain people invited themselves-so back to the drawing board we went.) In an effort to make...
  5. J

    Disney Wedding Pre-Reception Venue Fee?

    To anyone who has had a wedding Disney World, do you know if I would have to pay a separate fee for the venue? I'm planning on getting married in the Wedding Pavilion and have my reception at the Grand Floridian Ballrooms. My consultant told me that my pre-reception would be held in the...
  6. L

    Lunch & activities after elopement ceremony??

    Hello all! Apologies for what I am sure is likely a question that has been asked an answered. I'm struggling a bit with the search function as all the results I've been getting are from like... 2015 :) The upfront question: Where can I do a lovely lunch for 6 (DF, myself, four children ages...
  7. S

    Memories/Escape /S&D Characters help?

    Hi. Long time lurker here. Hoping you guys can help. We are looking at Disney for a potential elopement wedding. And reception back in the uk after. We already have a trip planned for November 2021 with both our parents. Memories would be ideal for this and theres only 6 of us. I like the...
  8. S

    Comfort level of heels during wedding/ MK portrait sessions?

    Hi everyone! Brand new to this board, and planning a Wishes wedding, I seem to have a lot of questions I didn't expect. I have the Fairytale Weddings Guide, but I'm not sure this particular point is covered: Has anyone here had experience with a full day of photos and wedding and etc in their...
  9. K

    Honeymoon surprises

    Hi all, We are taking a 12 day honeymoon to Disney world for our honeymoon in late September 2019. I would like to have a few surprises ready for my future husband when we get there! Anyone have ideas? I will probably do a snack/drink basket from Disney. Trying to think out of the box but not...
  10. Theactualdisneyprincess

    Memories “Reception” Ideas - Help

    Hello all, Never thought that I would be seriously considering this, but FH and I are considering elopement. We are considering doing a legal elopement and ceremony between the two of us in Disney World with a short honeymoon after and then doing a symbolic ceremony somewhere else (most likely...
  11. S

    Hotel Room during Disney Fairytale Wedding

    Hello! I am planning a Disney Fairytale Wedding for December 2019. We are in the very early stages of planning. We are 99% sure on having our ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion and our reception at the Grand Floridian. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations of where to stay before and...
  12. B

    Planning daughters Disney wedding. Wishes 9/01/19

    My daughter is planning her wedding for September of 2019. She is wanting to get married at the Wedding pavilion and have a dinner reception at Epcot in Italy. We are just in the early stages of planning. We have our sight visit scheduled in July and have purchased the Fairytales wedding book...
  13. MikeNamez

    Universal Wedding

    Looking to have our Ceremony at Universal but was wondering if anyone has ever done this before. I know there is a bunch of information on the site but was looking for some first hand accounts. Any info is welcome!
  14. myadventurebook

    Our 12/2/17 Happily Ever After at the Swan! (West Courtyard ceremony and Crescent Terrace reception)

    Hi all! I have had a handful of folks ask me about doing a TR for our wedding, which was 12/2/17 at the Swan. It was all outside, and I believe our event is quite different than what's typically done. I had an incredibly hard time finding any information on an all-outdoor Swan-catered event...
  15. S

    Discounted Theme Park Ticket Options

    Hi!!! This is my first post and henceforth an absolute newbie! My fiancé and I wanted to have everyone (our guests) join us at Magic Kingdom the day before the wedding. At first we thought it would be a nice gesture to get them all a one day ticket, but then we thought perhaps we could cut...
  16. TigerandBear

    Memories Wedding = 4 and 1/2 Guests?

    Hi everyone. We are looking to go for a Memories Package for us and 4 adult guests and our then 2 year old daughter. I was wondering whether they would let our little girl in without counting her as a guest? I dont know if it only counts as Adult guests. If anyone knows, please let me know <3...
  17. J

    I need your help.Thank you !

    I am looking to rent or buy my wedding dress. Anyone have experience with ? I have looked up multiple reviews by googling around and it doesn't sound promising. I found a dress that looks good online and in their customer pix. Of course the reviews on their site are all...
  18. P

    Off Site Disney Wedding

    My Fiance and I are trying to figure out all our options for a Disney Wedding, and while we think we want to get married at Disneyland, we are also curious about other non-park locations. One of our top contenders is Marceline, Mo. though were are interested in other locations. Has anyone ever...
  19. Bridget B

    Disney Fantasy Wedding and Port Orleans Riverside Trip Report!

    Day 1 | Feb. 24, 2017 | Flight from Chicago to Orlando and check-in at All Star Sports A little back story on this day: my first wedding screw-up (of many, just you wait) is that I put the wrong date down on our marriage-license-by-mail application. Instead of February, I put April for some...
  20. InSearchofMagic

    Sarah & Rob's Cruise Wedding on the Fantasy October 2017

    Hello! I'm so excited to start a planning journal! I've been reading so many other journals over the past few months and it's been so much fun to following along with everyone's stories. I've been so amazed by all of the sweet love stories, all of the creativity, and how supportive and helpful...


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