rope drop

  1. M

    Bus Transportation and Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

    I am looking forward to a 4 day trip to WDW at the end of the month. I am traveling in a group of 7 and staying at Coronado Springs Resort. We are doing one day at HS on Saturday, February 29. I have followed along very closely the strategies to get a ROTR BG. However, I have not seen much about...
  2. MUDoc81

    New SWGE Superthread! Now Open to All! (6/24/2019)

    My daughter was very excited to meet Rey the other day! So excited that we forgot to get her autograph! Does anyone have a picture they could upload of her signature? Thanks!
  3. monique5

    "Official" 2019 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party: Oh-So-Jolly Holiday Celebration

    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2019 (MVMCP) Oh-So-Jolly Holiday Celebration Welcome to the "Official" 2019 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Thread, where you will get THE most updated information for all of your Christmas needs! Most of this information is from last years party...
  4. Y

    How does the wine and dine marathon effect the traffic and crowds on AK and MK

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to travel to DW from Nov 1 to Nov 9 for my birthday trip (Nov 2 Sat is my birthday and it is the same day that one of my family members who passed away before I was born, so I never ever celebrate my birthday for the past 25 years...I know, it is really really...
  5. S

    Starbucks breakfast & Rope Drop MK [UPDATE: SUCCESS]

    Planning to Rope Drop Magic Kingdom for Seven Dwarfs on a Monday in early August. If I’m in Main Street thru the tunnel by 8-8:15AM will I have enough time to stand in line at Bakery (Starbucks) and order coffee & 2 hot bfast sandwiches to eat while waiting in Rope Drop line? How crowded is...
  6. H

    Which MK RD attraction to do first

    I currently have 3 FP booked for MK, Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, and Pirates. My boyfriend and I don't care too much to go on SDMT, so our plan is to head straight for BTM or Splash Mountain. FP times were too late in the day for us to book them, so were hoping lines will be short with...
  7. S

    So confused!

    So it’s been about six years since our last trip and the strategy we used before was to ride a few of the big rides right at rope drop then utilize the fast passes (old style when you made the mad dash to get them inside the park and you could use them late) So here’s my dilemma and where I am...
  8. P

    Port Orleans French Quarter, Rope Drop and Popular Rides

    I'm about to go on my first Disney trip in 20 years (Apr. 6-13) and I want to Do All The Things. It sounds like rope dropping each park at least once is a good way to help make that happen...but is it realistic to rope drop parks if you're traveling by bus from Port Orleans French Quarter (I...
  9. H

    Rope drop

    How early does the monorail start running from the Grand Floridian to MK for rope drop? Is it generally 6:30am?
  10. SassyBrendita84

    Flight of Passage - Rope Drop - Rider Swap

    So, I have not seen this EXACT question. I have not gotten a Fast Pass for Flight of Passage like many others and we plan on rope dropping Animal Kingdom in order to get on first thing. My question is that we have a 2 year old with us and will have to do Rider Swap. This is our first trip...