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  1. WebmasterJackie

    My Perfect Disney Day at Magic Kingdom with a Toddler

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  2. bethannie203

    When do the Starbucks locations in the parks *actually* open in the mornings? Can you use Mobile Order or the Starbucks app there?

    We are rope drop people. But we haven't been to WDW since 2021, so a lot has changed. Wondering with Early Entry 3 things: 1. How early are they *actually* letting Early Entry guests into the parks and 2. How early do the in-parks Starbucks locations actually open? Like if we are some of...
  3. L

    Park plans 5/21 - 5/25

    This is my family's first (and maybe once-in-a-lifetime) trip to Disneyland. It is my wife and me, 12 year old son, 10 year old daughter. We are arriving Saturday, May 20th to Disneyland Hotel. No parks on that day. We will be at the parks with 5 day Park Hopper tickets May 21-25. We will...
  4. J

    TRON @ Opening Day Rope Drop

    I have never been at WDW during the opening day of an attraction, let alone during one of the busiest weeks of the year. Can any vets advise what to expect aside from the obvious (larger than usual rope drop crowd; mad stampede to TRON). I mean, aside from the palpable excitement in the air (and...
  5. E

    Genie+ & ILL & Rope Drop

    I haven't been to WDW since COVID and Genie+. We have a short notice trip for a cheer competition and I have read everything I can find on the new system. Below is our plan for our 3 day hopper tickets + celebration party at HS. How do I find out what rides are open at the party? We love Star...
  6. J

    DCA Rope Drop Q!

    Our family is visiting next week (so excited!!) and we plan to do rope drop, Radiator Springs will be our first visit. Earlier suggestions mentioned a rope drop location near The Little Mermaid, but it looks like this location has been changed. Does anyone have suggestions as to which rope drop...
  7. carrie_rn

    9/6-9/10 trip, the goal was 0 minutes in line, and the only thing cool was the crowd size

    It was just me and my husband, we're in our 30s. Short trip - 4 nights, 3 park days total. We drove because we are crazy and also I have family in Florida so I wanted the flexibility. We also split the drive up a bit. My goal for this trip was no lines. We went last year before they brought...
  8. monica9

    Here Now & Just Back WDW Reopening Experiences Including Park Hopping

    Moderator Note - All Off Topic Posts Will be Deleted. Stick to Here Now /Just Back content and relavent questions or your post may be removed from this thread. The Community Board is a great place to discuss the virus. Thank you. Looking for a thread to check out for the first day back at...
  9. R

    International Gateway from AS Sports

    Ive been searching for a recent answer to this and cant find one so here goes. Ill be staying at all Star Sports and want to rope drop the International gateway at Epcot. Ive read that you can Uber to the Speedway across the street and some say the Beach Club, others say Swan. Is there a...
  10. spiderann

    Onsite ECV Rental location in EP at rope drop

    I noticed the ECV rental location in Epcot appears to be just past the area where they often hold crowds at rope drop. Does anyone know if they allow people to go over to the rental area prior to rope drop?
  11. LadyRozalin

    Second Best Time to Arrive?

    Ok, so originally I wanted to do Rope Drop. Most of my group are not morning people. One in particular, gets migraines with seizure-like activity that will knock her out all day if we push her to get up too early. And it looks like we're getting our mobility challenged group members their ECVs...
  12. LadyRozalin

    Need Planning Advice! LONG POST. Parades, Rope Drop, Budgeting, Tips/Tricks, DAS, Genie+, Etc.

    Warning, LONG post! Newbie looking for advice! Four questions at the bottom of the post. Asking about Parades, Rope Drop, Budgeting, Tips/Tricks, DAS, Genie+, etc. First, the general info for my group and trip. Planning (way) ahead for a trip next May (2023) 8 Adult Guests, 6 of which are...
  13. R

    Trying to plan a great birthday at Disney

    Hello all, So I am going to be in Florida this coming April and will be there on my birthday for the first time ever (I get that there are many who never get to do Disney on their birthday, I recognize I'm lucky getting to do so). Given that, I'm thinking of doing one of the two big parks and...
  14. M

    Park Arrival Time for a Calm Start

    Hi there, We're travelling to WDW from the UK for the first time this year, with our two young daughters (four and seven). We're staying at the Polynesian. I'm aiming to try to make the trip feel quite calm and relaxed as they can both get a bit overwhelmed if we have to rush around. So my...
  15. B

    Getting to the parks for early entry access when staying off site Disney Hotel

    Was so excited to book our trip and finally return to Disney. I have airfare as well as hotel booked at Doubletree Disney Springs, so that we may take advantage of the early entry times/early rope drop each day. The last time we visited Disney was December 2019 right before Covid and truly had...
  16. riversend22

    Rope drop to park it doable or nuts?

    Hey all! So hubby and I are taking a short anniversary trip to Florida mid August (18-23) and we had to include Disney into our trip! We are going to HS one day and AK another (along with IoA at Universal for one day). We are in our mid 30s and attempting to get back into shape lol. We used to...
  17. L

    Input Needed on Rope Drop Plans

    Hey All. Going to be going to WDW next week and going to be going to MK on Tuesday (Apr 27). Park hours 8am-9pm. There is going to be 3 adults (1 pregnant) and 3 kids (4yr, 4yr, and 2yr). Here is my planned rope drop sequence...please let me know if this is a decent plan or if something else...
  18. J

    Test Track Rope Drop Strategy

    I'm not sure what the best option for rope dropping Test Track is, so I decided to ask the experts! Option A) Drive your own vehicle and try to get to the EPCOT toll booths when they start letting people line up. Then rope drop Test Track from the main entrance. Option B) Get dropped off at...
  19. M

    Bus Transportation and Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

    I am looking forward to a 4 day trip to WDW at the end of the month. I am traveling in a group of 7 and staying at Coronado Springs Resort. We are doing one day at HS on Saturday, February 29. I have followed along very closely the strategies to get a ROTR BG. However, I have not seen much about...
  20. MUDoc81

    New SWGE Superthread! Now Open to All! (6/24/2019)

    My daughter was very excited to meet Rey the other day! So excited that we forgot to get her autograph! Does anyone have a picture they could upload of her signature? Thanks!