1. lvcourtneyy

    Hi it's me- you want some pretzel?- a sisters' Dec 2019 USO/WDW trip! new 8/2!

    Hello and welcome to my newest trip report! If you've read/are reading my other reports, you'll recognize me and thanks for coming back! If not, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Courtney, the pilot of this trip and writer of this trip report. This trip marked my 23rd trip to WDW! I...
  2. lvcourtneyy

    On the Floor and Out the Door!: a 17 day HalloChristmas, RunDisney, MNSSHP, HHN, MVMCP adventure! new 8/13!

    Welcome one and all! We're back from our longest trip to Orlando yet and I can't wait to share it all. Bur first things first, I'm Courtney, your trip reporter leader. I'm an Emergency Room nurse overnight. My favorites include Animal Kingdom, The Little Mermaid, rare character meets, roller...
  3. M

    What day would be best to attend MVMCP?

    We have 3 parties during our trip. We ruled out the Friday but we are stuck on choosing Thursday, 12/12 or Sunday, 12/15? What day would be better based on experience? We never went before and super excited.
  4. Shrfleen

    A Merrytime Cruise, 4 Park Challenge and MVMCP OH MY! -Disney Dream 12/10-12/14 (Sea & Land Report)

    Hi everyone and welcome to my trip report. My name is Shauna and I will be doing most of the reporting. Joining me on this adventure was my twin sister Sarah (@SarahSnow), she may chime in from time to time. You can check out our pre trip report for this adventure, here. A little background on...
  5. Leopardchucks

    10 day touring plans for my first visit

    Hello all! I'm very much looking forward to any feedback and advice y'all may have for me. This will be my first ever trip to WDW, but I've been to DLR like a million times. :smooth: I have been tinkering with my schedule for the past few months and my FP+ window is rapidly approaching. I...
  6. TheSouthernBelle

    Time needed for Toy Story Land/DHS and party day planning???

    So we (me, DH, DD11, DD10 at time of trip) will be headed to WDW Nov 14-18. We just booked this trip a few weeks ago and will be staying at POR. Please give me your thoughts/ideas for our current plan with taking into account that we have 3 days of tix for Thursday, 11/15-11/17. We drive in...
  7. AliceInJerseyLand

    Dessert Parties...convince me which is best :)

    I am considering either doing a Frozen dessert party or a Garden Plaza/Tomorrowland Terrace during MVMCP. I want aaaaalllll the PROs and CONs...what has your experience been? Thank you! We have a 6 and a 2 year old....both girls who like Frozen, but also like MK just as much.
  8. Lizziotti

    1 adult,a 7 year old, and a 15 month old what am I getting myself into???

    November 2017 Trip report One adult with a 7 year old and a 15 month old what am I getting myself into??? This is my first trip report so please bear with me. It’s also way overdue with the holidays and then I was dealing with the flu for several months not even kidding! It just wouldn’t go...
  9. monique5

    "Official" 2018 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - Holiday Magic

    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2018 (MVMCP) Holiday Magic Welcome to the "Official" 2018 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Thread, where you will get THE most updated information for all of your Christmas needs! Most of this information is from last years party. However, I will update as...
  10. Raeven

    QS, TS, Holiday Snacks, New Places, & Old Favorites-Dec 2017-Completed 4/19

    We're back from our 6th Disney trip, and ready to talk about food! We’ll cover it all: The delicious, the awful, and everything in between. We review food from both an allergy and a non allergy perspective since Josh is gluten free and I'm not. (And if you were wondering how we skipped from 4...
  11. Raeven

    "Kurt Russell Read Us the Story of Christmas!" Dec 2017 Xmas & Bday TR-Completed 3/17

    We're back from our 6th Disney trip! (To avoid confusion I'm going to count the long weekend we did in September as the 5th even though we were only at Disney for a couple hours). If you want to read more about our planning process the link is here: PTR Introductions: :welcome: My name is...
  12. MrsSaraG

    It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas at WDW (A 2018 PTR)

    Hello! I am so excited to be here here writing this! Welcome welcome to my PTR for our next trip to the World! For those of you who don't know me, which is like everyone, I'm Sara! I did not have the joy of visiting Disney World as a kid but now that I have my own, I've jumped right and...
  13. Steppesister

    The ABCs of Another Steppe Into Adventure!- Last Africa Ch. + World Showcase Pt. 2

    A is for: Adventuring Again! There are times in our lives when opportunities arise that must be seized; experiences that cannot be missed nor squandered. Such occasions are rare, and can be either be those that are pursued or, that come as a surprise, unsolicited and Providential. Let me share...
  14. FoxC63

    Magic Shots - Current Listings

    Why hello there! Interested in Magic Shots and where to find them, look no further... Whether you want to take numerous Magic Shots or just a favorite, there’s a new way to locate these photo opportunities. PhotoPass now has one place where you can discover which Magic Shots are currently...
  15. RaeDisney23_

    PLAN B ?

    So let's get to it..:eeyore: So i am not the kind of person to start a problem, i love life and believe in kindness. But my last visit to Disney World was December 2016. Usually me and my boyfriend goes every year, and if we are lucky we get to go twice a year. Once at DW Florida and the other...
  16. vrajewski10513

    A Super Duper Two-fer! ~ An Oct/Dec 2017 PTR! [Update 10/11/17 - FP+!]

    Hey DISers!! Welcome!! My name is Tori and I will be your host for this Pre-Trip report! This is my second attempt at a PTR here on the Dis. I wrote one last year, but didn't quite get to follow through with my trip report as we had a little visitor named Hurricane Matthew during our trip that...
  17. Shrfleen

    November 2017, party of 7 or 9 or 11 or 13

    Hello everyone! This is my first PTR! Join me as I count down the days until our next trip! So pull up a seat and join me. Who: Extended family What: Trip to Disney World When: November 13 - November 18, 2017 Where: Wilderness Lodge with 2 standard view rooms Why: My Aunt's family wanted to...
  18. Raeven

    A Birthday Surprise on Kudu Trail Dec 2016 (MVMCP, Wild Africa Trek, EMM) Completed 1/28

    For those of you who weren't following along on my PTR. We're back from our 3rd Disney trip! If you want to read more about our planning process the link is here: PTR Introductions: My name is Raeven. I'm 24 years old, and I'm the planner (and photographer!) for our trips. We've done...
  19. Raeven

    MNSSHP & MVMCP Trips 2016-TR Link Up 12/19

    Disclaimer: This is actually in the very early planning stages so everything could possibly change. But I really really wanted to make a post when I found out. I'm too excited! :rainbow: My name is Raeven and I'm 23 years old. I'm an administrator at a furniture store, and my trip partner is...
  20. WDWINFO-MVMCP-2013-024


    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2013


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