1. DmaxHawk

    Grand Californian Super Thread

    Edited: 11/7/13 Well lately I've been seeing a lot of questions being asked about the Grand Californian, and since I will be staying there in March, I thought it would be helpful to make an information super thread about it. So if anyone has any specs on the building, room related...
  2. S

    Add a guest to hotel room for a few days

    I’m a hoping that a friend will be able to join my family and I on a trip to Disney for a few days this summer. We have a two week reservation at AKL and my friend is hoping to join us for 3/4 days. She should be able to join our room, based on room occupancy. I’ve seen on other posts that...
  3. K

    Castaway Cay Development

    Has anyone notices on the latest historical imagery dated 9/05/2019 on Google Earth of Castaway Cay, the rectangular clearing near the interior end of the old runway? I'm assuming that due to its size and location it's Castmember facilities and most likely solar panel field.
  4. D

    Disney Hotel Payment Plan

    Hi guys. I am already planning this and I know I can't actually reserve it yet but I figured I ask anyways. I am looking to propose to my girlfriend in late 2021. I know I can't reserve the room until next june. But do you have any thoughts or advice on how the deposit / when full balance is...
  5. Silly23

    Disney Cruise Port Miami Hotel Suggestions?

    Cruising Disney Magic early February and need hotel recommendations staying in Miami area two nights before cruise. We have a large group of 10 people so either multiple rooms or a very large room or two. Want safe, fun, on the beach, convenient and not going to break the bank hotel. Also...
  6. K

    Bonus night with early check in?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew the policy about a “cutoff time” to check in without being charged for an extra night. Example: if you booked one night on 11/15 and you arrived at the hotel at 1am on 11/15- is there a possibility they have your room and you can crash/get up later and...
  7. C

    Hilton Orlando Buena Vista - Disney Springs® Area VS. Orlando World Center Marriott

    I am having a little trouble figuring out which one is better for my family. I have 3 kids (8-10 yr old boys). I took them to Disney world 2 years ago and stayed at the Contemporary onsite hotel for 1 week and had a blast. This time, we are really going for the universal studio Harry...
  8. A

    Booking in foreign currency

    Hello! First time poster but long-time lurker. I am a DLR local, planning a trip for WDW later this year. When I was in Europe a few months ago browsing the WDW booking websites, I noticed that there can be a significant difference between prices in US dollars, British pounds, and Euros. Does...
  9. 3

    Hotel Help - Where to Stay Last Minute - and Dog Boarding

    We are a military family moving across the country and have, at the last minute, decided to stop in Disneyland. But we really know nothing about Disneyland, and we leave tomorrow. Is this even possible? LOL We know we can get discount military tickets at the gate, so that is covered. But we...
  10. S

    DLP in September - help needed

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I am a Portuguese lady going to DLP in September on a "girls' trip" - with mum and daughter :) an appreciation to mum for all good things she has done to us. It will be me (35), my mom (63) and my kid (4). I have been to DLP twice in the past (once a long...
  11. S

    Hotel Room during Disney Fairytale Wedding

    Hello! I am planning a Disney Fairytale Wedding for December 2019. We are in the very early stages of planning. We are 99% sure on having our ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion and our reception at the Grand Floridian. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations of where to stay before and...
  12. IronFozzie

    Disney Resorts Switching to Paperless Registration?

    A friend of mine sent me an image tonight of a new credit card reader at the front desk of animal kingdom lodge. It has replaced the old mickey mouse touch to pay devices and has a large screen like the credit card reader you'd see at Publix, with a stylus pen to sign with. It would appear that...
  13. WDWINFO-Universal-Cabana-Bay-Resort-Recreation-054


    Photos from Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida
  14. WDWINFO-Universal-Cabana-Bay-Resort-Recreation-053


    Photos from Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida
  15. WDWINFO-Universal-Cabana-Bay-Resort-Recreation-052


    Photos from Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida
  16. WDWINFO-Universal-Cabana-Bay-Resort-Recreation-051


    Photos from Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida
  17. WDWINFO-Universal-Cabana-Bay-Resort-Recreation-050


    Photos from Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida
  18. WDWINFO-Universal-Cabana-Bay-Resort-Recreation-049


    Photos from Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida
  19. WDWINFO-Universal-Cabana-Bay-Resort-Recreation-048


    Photos from Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida
  20. WDWINFO-Universal-Cabana-Bay-Resort-Recreation-047


    Photos from Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida


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