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  1. K

    DVC - Bay Lake Tower vs. Polynesian

    My husband and I are looking to buy in to DVC in the near future and have been wracking out brains to narrow down which resort we want - as in, I have created a 10 page spreadsheet comparing almost every possible factor you can imagine to try and choose. LOL At this point, we have narrowed down...
  2. MagicalAloha

    Share your Bay Lake Theme Park Views.

    Aloha, I’ll be hopefully having my first Bay Lake 2 Bedroom Theme Park View this summer. I’ve seen the pics on the DVC website. Would love to hear about your experience with Bay Lake Theme Park view rooms; especially the 2 and 2 bedrooms. Thanks and Mahalo, 🥳🤙
  3. IMG_0236.jpg


    BLT 7416 (4th floor THEME PARK VIEW POINTS)
  4. IMG_0146.jpg


    BLT 7416 (theme park view points)
  5. IMG_0145 (1).jpg

    IMG_0145 (1).jpg

    BLT #7416 (Theme park view points)
  6. TexanInTheMidwest

    A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - A Solo Trip RE-DO (Dec. 2019) - and a Big Family Trip (Jan 2020) (Pre-Trip) Report (updated 11/03/19)

    NOTE: Rather than delete and start all over again, I am just adding to the same trip report with all the new info. How to begin to tell the story... I guess as all stories begin: Once upon a time....there was a girl who loved all things Disney. As a little girl, she loved all things Disney...
  7. D

    August 14-21 2017 trip Planning- a couple of questions

    Not sure which sub-forum this should be posted in, so I apologize if there is a better place fort his question - just let me know and I will repost there. We are going to WDW in Aug 2017. We are reserved for the Bay Lake tower - 2 bedroom, bay lake view. Question 1 - when/how to you request...
  8. buzzrelly

    Oh, The Horror…of Food & Wine & Lumiere's Challenge! Nov 2017 PTR-Updated 9/22-FOP Fastpass!

    Hi all! I just started planning another trip and what better way to plan than to start a pre-trip report?! Actually, I've never written a PTR but, as you can see in my signature, I've written three Post-trip reports. I love writing them because it allows me to relive the memories and look back...


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