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  1. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Pandora - The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom | Disney Park Bench 4K

    Take 5 minutes to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World from inside Pandora - The World of AVATAR!
  2. C

    Animal kingdom and MK in one day

    Hey everyone! I only have one day so I’m splitting it between MK and AK. I’m wondering which park to use fast passes on. My must rides: AK: river rapids Lion king show Dino MK Haunted mansion 7 Dwarfs Pirates Space Mt. thanks!!
  3. S

    Current Popcorn Buckets?

    I’m really hoping to get the Lion King drum popcorn bucket. Has anyone seen it at AK recently?
  4. H

    Monkeys at Animal Kingdom

    Hey y'all, Planning our 5th trip to WDW over Christmas and New Years and have a very odd question that I can't answer myself! A person in our party is deathly afraid of monkeys, any and all, real and fake! We of course all want to go to Animal Kingdom at least twice and don't want to leave her...
  5. Y

    How does the wine and dine marathon effect the traffic and crowds on AK and MK

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to travel to DW from Nov 1 to Nov 9 for my birthday trip (Nov 2 Sat is my birthday and it is the same day that one of my family members who passed away before I was born, so I never ever celebrate my birthday for the past 25 years...I know, it is really really...
  6. LoveOlaf

    Burudika being eliminated

    Seeing posts on twitter from Disney media about a rumor that the Burudika band is getting cut effective 10/13. If this is true I am beyond mad- this is our favorite show in all of Disney and an Animal Kingdom classic. What the heck Disney 😡
  7. R

    Animal Kingdom EMH Plans Realistic? - New Years Week

    On Dec 30, Monday, we are going to rope drop EMH at DAK, then head over to DHS in the early afternoon using club level fast passes. Since it's EMH, I assumed that the wait for the rides wouldn't be too bad, so I made the plans below. But when I evaluated this plan in TouringPlans, it says that...
  8. Steppesister

    The ABCs of a New 'Ohana Adventure- Y is for: Yes, to the Waterside Table and Yummy Spices! and Italy TR Link (5/31)

    A is for: And This Is US Welcome Everyone to another SteppeSister Trip Report, where the unexpected happens, the verbiage is excess, and the stories sometimes entertain. The fact of the matter is, I’m never really sure how to start these things off, so I apologize in advance for the...
  9. W

    AK Restaurant Reviews & Comps...

    Anyone else disappointed of late in Disney's AK Food Svc Management seeing the Dis folks doing restaurant reviews filming and comping their meals as they finish up, thus invalidating the journalistic integrity of the reporting? Are they gonna start doing this with all the Orlando based...
  10. C

    FOP FP & Rider Switch

    I'm still really confused about how rider switch works. I've been reading about it and I think some of the information I'm reading is outdated, but I'm just not sure which info is correct! I'm sure this isn't as complicated as I'm making it in my head but... :confused3 We have two in our group...
  11. Y

    AK - dinoland and Asia strategy

    I would like to split animal kingdom over the course of two or three mornings… On one morning, we would like to do Asia and Dino land. Recommendations on fast passes? Dinoland first (mainly dinosaur and finding Nemo, with some time at the boneyard) or Asia? Have dining reservations at yak and...
  12. T


    From now until June 20, 2018 a Florida Resident can purchase a 3-day ticket (with the availability to add a parkhopper for an additional cost) for only $53 a day, plus tax, or a 4-day ticket for only $44 a day, plus tax. This is a great time to pay a low cost for families looking for a...
  13. SassyBrendita84

    Flight of Passage - Rope Drop - Rider Swap

    So, I have not seen this EXACT question. I have not gotten a Fast Pass for Flight of Passage like many others and we plan on rope dropping Animal Kingdom in order to get on first thing. My question is that we have a 2 year old with us and will have to do Rider Swap. This is our first trip...
  14. S

    Wild Africa Trek for larger size people

    Joining my sister's family at Disney this spring and they've booked the Wild Africa Trek at DAK for all of us. Can anyone who is of larger size (plus size, fluffy, deluxe, heavy-set, big boned, Pooh-shaped, fat, etc.) share their experience on this tour? Any challenges? Anything that went better...
  15. magyargirl

    MUST DOs for our first ever trip...with a tween

    This October will be our first trip EVER to WDW! 9 nights and staying at POR with 8 day park hopper...possibly adding waterparks...we will play it by ear...or forecast closer to trip date. I would LOVE feedback as to MUST DOs while we are there. We will have 4 adults, 39, 44, 60, and 65 yrs and...
  16. J

    Pandora Wishes Charm

    Does anyone know if they are still selling the Pandora Wishes charms at the parks or downtown disney? I've been dying to get it and finally saved up, but unfortunately it is out of stock on the site and on the Shop Parks app. Thanks!!
  17. S

    Disney World First Timers with Dining Plan

    Hi there! I am taking my sister to Disney World April 30-May 4 and we will be staying at Pop Century. I got the dining plan due to convenience, we don't have the park hopper though because it's her first time and I'd like to get the most out of each park every day. With that being said I...
  18. W

    Question for Non-APH...

    I have a question for those of you who are not APH's. If you are visiting the parks for the grand opening of Pandora (or close after), will you go ahead and look at any of the reviews/videos from the APH exclusive soft opening? Are any of you not visiting anytime too soon but still planning on...


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