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Wishes Dessert Party ADR Watch Thread # 2 - September 2013 OPEN!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by sjs314, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. dani77

    dani77 Member

    I don't think the dessert party books within just a couple of hours. The event is not that well known, many people never heard of it and when browsing the wdw website most people never even notive it's there.
    I went in may last year, booked the day it opened. But when I checked back about 2-3 weeks later, there were still tables available...so relax...I'm sure everyone lurking this thread will get in once reservations open up!
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  3. seashell724

    seashell724 Mouseketeer

    If it's the restaurant that has to release the dates is there any way you could start calling the restaurant? Get on them that way? The CMs know the problem but does the restaurant!
  4. Kathymford

    Kathymford A little obsessed is ok....right?

    At low crowd times I don't think it books that fast. There were people that found feb slots in the last week
  5. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 DIS Veteran

    No way to call the restaurant directly.
  6. Megsie1000

    Megsie1000 Member

    We went to the dessert party last Saturday (1/26). It was wonderful! Totally worth doing at least once. We'll probably do it again. It was so relaxing to watch the fireworks that way.

    I also wanted to report that they kept the desserts out during the fireworks and for a while after. Wishes was at 8pm the night we were there. They came around and gave us "last call" for desserts around 9pm. I don't know if that is a change in procedure or not since I had heard other people report the desserts were taken away during the fireworks. I just wanted to share.
  7. 3Rouselings

    3Rouselings Planning our second trip for May 2013!

    Us too May 5-11th. Waiting not to patiently!
  8. jmarsh

    jmarsh Member

    I'm May 5th to the 8th... Really want to go May5th bit will be happy if I can get one of the days
  9. PacoDF

    PacoDF Member

    Good morning!! Still no news! :(
  10. dianep

    dianep Disney Nut!

    Ugh! Thanks for the update!!!
  11. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    it will probably be released at 6pm EST when the superbowl game starts :eyeroll:
  12. dianep

    dianep Disney Nut!

    Just called and still not open!
  13. Omg I read this super fast and thought it was open for a second. My heart skipped a beat!!!! Ugh. When, Disney, when will you open March?!?!?!
  14. redkel

    redkel Earning My Ears

    Just to pass the time and to keep from going insane from the delay/wait for them to open the March ADR window...

    WHEN are you looking to book for March?

    I am trying for our traditional last night Dessert Party for March 5. I'll take another day during our stay up to 3/5, but would really prefer that Tuesday - if they have one.
  15. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    maybe that one CM who said Feb 15th knew something :confused3:confused3
  16. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    we are trying for the 7th its really the only day we can do since we have ADR every other day (we didnt do hopper)
    on the 5th we are doing the Luau :thumbsup2
  17. dianep

    dianep Disney Nut!

    We are there 3/20-3/27. Pretty open except for two nights. Last CM I talked to tried any day in March because I told her about the forum and she said nothing was loaded. She did say there was still some times for Feb though.
  18. We are there from 3/2 - 3/10 and hoping for 3/8. We can also do 3/3 but that's about it since we also decided not to add on the hopper and our third MK day we have HDDMR at 6:15.
  19. I'm trying for March 11 for my birthday.

    2nd choice is March 7th that's the other day I'll be in MK during my trip.

    ...but I prefer on my birthday :goodvibes
  20. chamonix

    chamonix <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    you know, because it's so late compared to other months, I am starting to think they are not going to have any dates open for March (or even later). They could be closing it for March to do a major renovation or something to the space--or they may have decided to end it completely. Who knows? I do wish they would release that information though, so we would know one way or another. Hey, maybe they are going to tear the roof off, since it probably isn't really conducive to a fireworks view event. If they did that every table would have a view from their table. Maybe that's worthy of a rehab closure for a month or two. (but why my month, lol!)
  21. Please don't say that!! I don't think I wanted this so much until all this drama - haha! But now I am dying to just book it already. And I really hope that if there was some major renovation going on they would already know that and put it out there for the public to know about!
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