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Wishes Dessert Party ADR Watch Thread # 2 - September 2013 OPEN!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by sjs314, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. MichelleWDWfan

    MichelleWDWfan New Member

    I agree chamonix, why our month? lol

    Has anyone tried e-mailing to:

    ...as Kaylasmomma suggested earlier in the thread?
    If you did, did you get a response?

    I think I am going to shoot them an e-mail inquiry, and see what happens.
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  3. Izzieheartscindy

    Izzieheartscindy New Member

    I just called again and asked the CM if there were any planned refurbs to the restaurant. She asked her supervisor and the supervisor wrote back simply that there is no estimated time as to when they will release the dates for March. So she didn't specifically address my question but the CM said she took that as that it is not going to be down for any reason just that they haven't opened the dates yet...

    Here's to hoping she's right!
  4. MommaBarb

    MommaBarb New Member

    I'm trying to get 3/30, which is our arrival day, to kick the trip off right. We don't plan to get to the world until about 4. I have dinners planned already on our other two MK days (we don't have hoppers) and we really want to hit EMH at HS on 4/1 so staying up late with little kids and then trying to RD the next morning is NOT a good idea.
  5. MommaBarb

    MommaBarb New Member

    I thought about it, but I've already been kind of a pain to them so I didn't want to add to that.
  6. gina81

    gina81 New Member

    ok i'm confused since i've only read the last few pages. sorry for being such a newb lol. has February opened already? i am guessing they are all booked and i am out of luck huh? everyone is talking about March still not being open right?
  7. Izzieheartscindy

    Izzieheartscindy New Member

    Feb is open and everyone is talking about March. According to someone a few posts ago there are still some Feb dates available. Good luck!!
  8. gina81

    gina81 New Member

    ok that's what i thought. i will keep checking for Feb. so far i haven't seen any but i'll keep trying. thank you.
  9. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma New Member

    the CM I talked to on Friday also said it is possible they may not be offering March.. or that they may be doing renovations..
    I just think its REALLY crappy that NO ONE can give us some real answers
    This is the one thing we REALLY wanted to do :(
  10. RapunzelsBFF

    RapunzelsBFF New Member

    I am trying for March 5th as well. Fingers crossed that reservations open soon!
  11. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 New Member

    The phone CMs can only give us the information they're given. They take the brunt of frustrations, but there isn't anything they can do to get the information faster.

    IF for some reason they aren't opening this up I'm sure you'll have fun with other great things at Disney.
  12. Colleen27

    Colleen27 New Member

    I think the odds of a total closure for any sort of extended rehab are extremely slim for March because Easter is Mar 31 this year. That sort of renovation tends to be done in January/February or September when there is an extended "slow" period, not around major holidays. So it is just a matter of time before we can start booking March IMO.
  13. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma New Member

    Right I know that.. what I am saying is SOMEONE somewhere knows WHY it isnt open yet and its not really fair to those phone CM's either KWIM
    I felt bad for the lady i talked to Friday she was really nice ( I was nice to her never got mad or anything) but she said someone cursed and yelled at her earlier that day over this :(.. which is sad behavior they shouldnt have to deal with
  14. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma New Member

    You know you are right i never even considered Easter being the 31st ..we were going to go that week instead and our TA changed our minds. I have never gone that week but she said its one of the busiest all year
  15. Majik9

    Majik9 New Member

    Me too... hope to see you there
  16. Majik9

    Majik9 New Member

    Me too, for same reason: last day, last night.
    Hope to see you there.

    I could do 3-2 but that would make for a long day as we have a 8AM ADR at Crystal Palace.
  17. bababear_50

    bababear_50 <font color=royalblue>Does amazing things with tee

    Just checked and nothing yet for March,,
    fingers and toes crossed hoping it opens today!!!!

    Hugs Mel
  18. Kernandi

    Kernandi New Member

    I am hoping for 3/27. 3/28 would be my second choice and 3/25 my third. We are there all week but have ADR for the other nights already.
  19. Grandmaof2

    Grandmaof2 New Member

    No dates available, just checked!!!!
  20. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma New Member

    you know for curiosity i checked every date in Feb and nothing came up..
    this makes me wonder if calling does have an advantage since it was a CM who said there was availability.... unless it booked up that fast
  21. jlundeen

    jlundeen Mickey Fanatic

    Does anyone else find their online dining reservation system unreliable (and that's an understatement - I really want to say something much harsher!)?

    I've been searching there for days now, and half the time when it says "no availability" when I look at the date it's referring to, it hasn't even changed to the date I entered...so is there really "no availability" on my date, or the first date I checked?

    What a nightmare for those poor CM folks taking calls and having to be the "face" of Disney's NEW "My Experience." What a mess. :(
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