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Wishes Dessert Party ADR Watch Thread # 2 - September 2013 OPEN!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by sjs314, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. I think she was totally wrong/confused.
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  3. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    see WHY did the tell my agent they were booked too.. i bet they are i really think they are
    because ALL day when i have tried to book it has said no TABLES are available
    NOT no times... which it has ALWAYS done in the past..HOW did they person get a 3/12 date but the rest isnt open it ???
  4. Maddysdaddy

    Maddysdaddy Mouseketeer

    Let's all take a deep breath...

    Up here in the great white north, they have not yet implemented the new website (apparently only the US is able to access it), so I'm still using the old version.

    When I look for reservations it still says "no times" are available.
  5. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    OK so i called myself .. she is telling me that it doesnt load in her system AT ALL its blank so she said it is NOT open yet
    and she has no answers to when or why it isnt loaded yet
    and actually gave me an email to file a complaint and ENCOURAGED me to complain because they are getting so many calls

    she did say when she was on shift in Oct when the Nov opened it was 815pm at night so...
  6. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    really are you able to book stuff with the old system that seems odd you wouldnt have the new version b/c its the same web address right??
  7. I called again at 5:20 and they said it was not open yet for March at all. I was going to give up for the day thinking that if it wasn't opened at 5 then it wouldn't be opened today but I guess there goes that theory...
  8. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    :rotfl2::rotfl2: Me too

    she was REALLY nice too so I dont think she made that up to mess with me
  9. Maddysdaddy

    Maddysdaddy Mouseketeer

    Able to book everything. There is a long discussion about it on the Canadian sub-forum - apparently IP addresses outside of the US are directed to the old site.

    Able to download and use My Disney Experience on iphones and ipads, but don't have access to it on the web.
  10. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    thats so weird hopefully when they switch again for FP+ they have you guys all straighten out because i have a feeling that will be a mess anyway :lmao:
  11. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco Mouseketeer

    I'm glad that you called and got the information you were looking for... it can get stressful at times when you're getting information from different sources. :thumbsup2
    As far as travel agents, they call just like we do. Our travel agent one time was waiting for 3 hours just to make a payment for us.... i realized right then that they don't have "preferential treatment".
  12. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    Three hours wow :(
  13. Called again at 6:30. No dice. *This* CM told me she thinks they will release all of March, April, and possibly May closer to the 15th. I don't believe that either!! Don't they release one month at a time???

    She also said that since they are releasing more than one month they are still in the 60 day out window and I said that while that may be true for people in April I arrive in 29 days and I want to know if I have the ressie or not! She then told me that some suspense in life is good. I told her not when you have to take time out of your day everyday on the off chance that Disney may just may decide to release that day. Why they can't standardize this is beyond me!
  14. jmarsh

    jmarsh Member

    I'm not until May and it stresses me out so I can imagine what you guys in March feel...
  15. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    This was the concerns i expressed to the CM woman i spoke too. I told her it simply didnt seem fair to me that I booked my entire package paid for it in Aug/sept...made ALL our other ADR but i still cant get this and when they randomly decide to open someone who booked on a whim last month might end up getting it and not me who has been trying at least 3times a day since OCTOBER :sad:
  16. chamonix

    chamonix <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Count me in as another one biting my nails for March dates to open! :wave2:
  17. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    i really hope they open the 3 months like they told Izzy this is really stressful and i dont usually get stressed :rotfl2:
  18. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    welcome to the party...

    maybe we should make it a drinking game everytime someone hits submit :wave2:
  19. chamonix

    chamonix <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Alrighty, I'm in. It's the weekend. :cool1:
  20. Majik9

    Majik9 Earning My Ears

    I saw all these post today and thought for sure it had opened while I was at work, so I tried website and called and found out that was not the case before reading all the posts.

    Now that I am caught up and don't have to work this weekend.... I am in for the drinking game. :)
  21. Kaylasmomma

    Kaylasmomma Member

    10pm still not open
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