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Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Charleston Princess, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    Thanks! I don't know how I managed not to lose it right then and there.

    I was glad to find the hoodie there.

    Thanks, Jen!

    It only took him 45 minutes to decide. :rolleyes:

    It was quite the experience.

    She was wearing it Friday night.

    Yes, it is! I love park nights, and we had a great time overall at DHS that night.

    :lmao: That makes me scared after reading Jill's Facebook post about wrapping presents. LOL! Really, we are hoping Connor's goes the engineering route, so I am glad he is already showing signs. :rotfl:

    At least I am not alone! LOL!

    :lmao::rotfl::rotfl2: This made me laugh out loud, MeMom!

    Ah, thanks, MeMom! :goodvibes

    We opted for cookie baking -- three out of four of us decided it was just too cold to be outside (Chelsea, on the other hand, was all for freezing to death). I took lots of pictures of our creations -- the sprinkles were out in full force, so I will try to get them up this week. :thumbsup2

    She does love it! I just wish it was my size because I know one day, she won't want it anymore.

    It is excrutiating because there is nothing in there for me to browse through.

    She thinks I am completely clueless, that's for sure. :laughing:

    Thanks, Jill! :goodvibes

    I know I had plenty of those moments, but I never had them out in public. I probably would have never talked again if I had. :rolleyes1

    Connor takes FOREVER on everything. Taking him shopping is an exercise in patience!

    Oh, laugh away! I would laugh too from the standpoint of having been there myself. :laughing: Chelsea seems to have these momentary lapses of judgement, and it just kills me. There are some days...:sad2:

    I think she was exhausted. She probably would have still mouthed off to me, but I don't think it would have been quite as extreme.

    :lmao: My brother used to do the exact same thing with my mom! :laughing:

    Thanks! I do, too! I haven't even used it yet because I don't want it to get dirty yet. LOL!

    That's what I did with our entire house. I don't think there is a room that doesn't have at least a picture from one of the trips. I started slowly in the kids' rooms. ;)

    Yes, I remember thinking the same thing when Chelsea was a baby. It happens quickly, too.

    Ah, thanks! I didn't feel particularly graceful at the time -- I just knew I needed to get out of there before I became one of those parents screeching at their children in the middle of Disney. :lmao:

    Thanks! I love Mickey sprinkles!

    Yes, they were taking turns on our last day. :sad2:
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  3. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    Chelsea seems to have a pretty constant case of it! LOL!

    Oh, I was holding on by a thread, let me tell you!

    I couldn't agree more!

    Oh, yes, they are at our house and keeping us very busy with their antics.

    :lmao: Chelsea would be very jealous!

    Oh, no, about Cayley and her pink shirts! :laughing: I wish we had school uniforms! It would be so much better.

    It's true! I swear I was seeing red. ;)

    I don't think she was even thinking about where she was...

    I can't tell you how many times I have kicked myself for not making it to the Christmas store. Maybe next time I will leave them back at the resort.

    Thanks! I didn't feel like I was handling anything but trying to get out of there before I started screaming myself.

    I have to confess it takes me a long time to make shopping decisions, too. LOL!

    Yes, it was sad to think of leaving our favorite place.

    Connor was very pleased. :goodvibes

    Thanks! I just knew we needed to leave before I became a story on the DIS boards. LOL!


    Me too!

    Good idea! I will have to make sure Charles comes along next time!

    Chelsea is pretty good about realizing the error of her ways after the fact. ;)

    As much as I was able to...;)

    I kept trying to speed things along by making suggestions, but for some reason, Connor didn't think he needed any lime green legos. LOL!

    At least when Connor pouts, it is silent pouting. ;)

    I like the idea of a solo shopping trip! :thumbsup2

    I couldn't pass up the $25 hoodie!

    They do have cute things -- love it in there! Chelsea just lost her mind!

    Thanks, LL! I couldn't pass up a hoodie on sale for $25 even if she didn't really deserve it. ;)
  4. vamassey1

    vamassey1 DIS Veteran

    Oct 13, 2005
    You handled that much better than I would have. Of course you could always take a page from "The Sweet Potato Queens". She suggests when your teens behavior is bad in publc just do something to embarass them, like singing loudly off key! When will those girls lean that Mother knows best. I just went round and round with Danielle yesterday and or course I was right. She was riding in our local very small Christmas parade with the Girl Scouts. It was cold and very windy. I kept telling her she needed more clothes for warmth. I told her at least 3 times to grab her gloves. She was in such a snit she didn't do it just to spite me. And of course her hands froze while she was throwing beads. I was a good mom and made her hot chocolate when we got back home to warm her up.

    I'm so sorry you missed going to all the other stores too, but you did the right thing.:sad2:
  5. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008
    Awww. She had a teenage girl moment. I hate to say that it won't be the last, as sadly, I remember some of my finer ones. Bless my mother. And you handled it really well.

    You know, I had no idea that you could do that at the Lego Store!!! That sounds like so much fun, something that we must do with Nemo. He is SO into Legos this year, it's what he asked Santa for.

    I love TrendE as well. I was always feel like I can never see everything in that store, I almost love the sensory overload of it all, you know?
  6. Cat0727

    Cat0727 DIS Veteran

    Oct 15, 2008
    Connor reminds me of my boyfriend. He takes forever to do things. Although he insists he is considering every which way of whatever he is deciding on! :rotfl:

    I can only imagine how furious you must have been, but you handled Chelsea's meltdown very well. The Minnie hoodie you got her is so cute!
  7. Lovemy3babes

    Lovemy3babes DIS Veteran

    Mar 1, 2006
    Great update Jackie!! :) Dimitri also loves Legos and could also browse there for hours. It's a boy's paradise for sure. Tell me why those blasted mini-figures are so darn expensive. $10 for three teeny pieces of plastic is crazy. lol! We have tons of them floating around here.

    I feel your pain about the meltdown. Morghan is only 11 but we are showing signs of stuff like that too. And I remember being the same way with my mom. You obviously are a wonderful mom and handled it so well. And my girls and I are in the same boat as you two; far from well endowed. ha!!! :)
  8. luvfigment

    luvfigment <b><font color=f95602>Member of the 'Jambo! WildBu

    Aug 28, 2005
    Oh my goodness 45 mins the Lego store...hopefully Connor was happy with his choices.

    I too think you handled Chelsea's outburst very well. Poor thing she probably just wanted that top so badly. What a great Mom you are though for finding the hoodie she wanted and still bought it for her.
  9. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    :lmao: Love the Sweet Potato Queens advice -- especially when you consider that my singing voice is really quite atrocious!

    Chelsea is the worst about not believing anything I tell her. I will tell the kids, it is cold and to get their coats and gloves before we leave the house. Chelsea will declare she is fine, and by the time we reach school she looks like a smurf, she is so cold. :sad2:

    I will just have to make sure I make up for it on the next trip.

    Mine, too! I had some really stellar moments. I remember my mother telling me she hoped I had a daughter just like me. She got her wish. :laughing:

    Yes, I liked that Connor could do his own Legos since all the rest of them are ones we can get in the "real world." I really wish Lego would do some exclusive Disney Legos.

    Yes! It's so great in there -- I love the decorating scheme.

    That must be what Connor is doing as well. :rolleyes:

    I really did see red at the time.

    Same here. It is an outrageous price, but we pay it, so I guess there is no reason for Lego to reconsider.

    Ah, thanks! I really didn't feel like I was handling it well at the time -- I just knew I needed to get out of there before I started yelling and became one of those Disney parents that just lose it out in public. LOL!

    He was very happy!

    Chelsea did really want that top -- she could not seem to comprehend that there was no way it would stay up the way it should even with a strapless bra. :sad2:
  10. Tinkerbellgal

    Tinkerbellgal and at last I see the light

    Jul 17, 2006
    Making sure that I get updates on new posts now haha :) Loving this trip report btw. Don't worry about Chelsea, I was like that at 13 she'll grow out of it haha :) You handled it better than my mum ever did with me :lmao:
  11. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    Thansk! I am glad you are enjoying it!

    I know I had my moments, too, when I was Chelsea's age -- being a teenager is so hard.
  12. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    July 22, 2010: Part Six

    Once Charles was up from his nap we went back to DHS for our last night in Disney :(.


    Our first order of business was to see if Chelsea’s Bo was there. As we had feared, he was still not back. (Other DIS boarders had warned us that he hadn’t been there for most of the summer.)

    We stopped by Guest Relations to ask, and they informed us that he was getting some work done.

    Chelsea was so sad not to see her “main man.”


    Charles decided he wanted “real food” for dinner even though I tried to convince him that ice cream from the dinosaur would be just as good. We sat down to ponder our options for eating, and I informed Connor that I would not be riding Tower of Terror. I had thought I might be able to handle it, but as the day progressed, I realized there was no way I would be able to find the courage to plunge down in that elevator.

    He was really not pleased with me. The look says it all.


    We made our choice and walked in the direction we needed to head.

    Connor was momentarily cheered up by the well near Indiana Jones. If you have never pulled the rope, you really must. It is too funny!




    Where were we headed?

    Pizza Planet!


    Chelsea and I split a pizza and salad; the boys each got their own pizzas and salads. They didn’t want to share with each other.

    The Little Green Men kept us company while we ate.


    Connor also got the LGM souvenir cup -- it is very cute although I must confess that no one has used it since we have been home.


    After dinner we headed to a galaxy far, far away. It would be our last ride on Star Tours before the big change. A part of me is sad to see it change -- it is one of those rides I have always loved -- but the other part of me is really excited to see the changes they are going to make.


    Then, onward to Toy Story Mania! I was so so so close to beating Charles, but it didn’t happen.


    Our last ride of the night was the Tower of Terror. I tried to convince Connor to ride without me, but he was having none of that. I was surprised because he had conquered every other ride on this trip, but when Connor is in a snit, he doesn’t mind “cutting off his nose to spite his face.” While Chelsea and Charles rode, Connor found a book to read in the gift shop, and I meandered around taking some pictures.







    Sadly, after the Tower of Terror it was time to go. We bought our last iced cappuccinos of the trip and made our way to the entrance. I toyed with the idea of staying to see the second show of Fantasmic, but the line for it stretched all the way to the entrance of Sunset Boulevard.

    There were a couple of squirrely moments in the parking lot when Charles was hit by an upset stomach -- there was some debate as to whether we should head back to the entrance of the park or try and make it back to the hotel room. We managed to make it back to the resort with no accidents. LOL!

    The rest of the evening was spent packing and getting things ready to leave the next day.

    UP NEXT: Some last minute shopping and saying good-bye.
  13. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Sep 16, 2008
    You know how you figure out you are addicted to a TR!! When you notice a FB comment and you log off immediately and head to the DIS to read the update!! LOL!! I was so excited, who needs to workout this morning I had a Jackie update to read!!

    Stay warm and safe today!!!

    NOoOOOOOOooooOOOO....it can't be over Jackie!! Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!

    I'm glad you guys had a good last night, even if Connor wouldn't ride TOT, maybe next trip for him and maybe for you :rolleyes1

    I am going to miss Star Tours this trip!! Even though its the one ride that makes me feel :sick: afterwards I take one for the team because I LOVE IT!! I can't wait to see the new ride!!!!
  14. disneyfan61

    disneyfan61 DIS Veteran

    May 1, 2005
    Jackie it took me 3 years to get the nerve to ride ToT but once I did it was great!! So Connor would not try it without you huh? My youngest DS & I rode it for the first time together also. My DH & oldest DS had been riding it way before we did. I still hang on the the bars though.
  15. lauren_elizabeth

    lauren_elizabeth Disney World Lover

    Feb 1, 2006
    I haven't commented on your report since October and I was craving those Mango shakes! :eek:

    That mickey bar antenna is too cute! I've never seen that one before... have yall put it up on your car yet?

    So sad that Bo wasn't out for Miss Chels to see :( That just means yall have to go back to see her main man! I'm sure he misses her just as much!
  16. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Jul 20, 2006
    What a very pleasant treat to have an update this morning! The DIS and coffee together is such a nice combo! :laughing:

    Poor Chelsea missing out on Bo! They must have brought him back shortly after your trip! That just stinks. He better be there for your next trip!

    I love how you tried to convince Charles to just have ice cream for dinner. :rotfl:

    Sounds like a great night at DHS, too bad Connor wouldn't ride ToT though!
  17. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2008
    I'm so sad that Chelsea didn't get to see Bo!! He must have really missed his yearly visit with her. :laughing:

    So if this TR is wrapping up, do we get a new Jackie PTR?? I'm used to your PTRs starting in October! :rotfl2:
  18. MegansMom

    MegansMom Always Ready to Go Back with my "Minnie" Megan Mou

    Mar 27, 2006
    All caught up my dear friend!!!! So sorry to hear about Chelsea's tirade.....NOT......LOOKING......FORWARD.....TO.....THOSE.....YEARS!!!!! I hope she was happy when you came back with that hoodie!

    I am with LL though........should we be looking forward to a new PTR any time soon?!?!?!?!?! HOPE SO!!!
  19. Lovemy3babes

    Lovemy3babes DIS Veteran

    Mar 1, 2006
    What did you think of Pizza Planet? Standard Disney pizza? I think we'd maybe go just for the fun theme.

    I'm sorry Chelsea's Bo wasn't around. She looks so sad. :(

    Next time you and Connor can do ToT together. :)
  20. klacey1

    klacey1 DIS Veteran

    Feb 19, 2008
    Awww, last night :sad2: Sounds like you guys made the best of it, though! I'm with you on Star Tours-- upset they're changing it (I think its line is seriously underrated. One of my favorites at DHS), but excited to see what's to come!
  21. jillyb

    jillyb DIS Veteran

    Mar 30, 2008
    Boo! Last night! :sad1: Chelsea looks so sad not to see her main man. He is back, though, and hopefully he'll be there for your next trip.

    I saw the pic of Connor and said "Ohhhhhh". I've seen that look before! I didn't ride ToT on our trip either. I just can't do it. Love the pictures you got while you were waiting.

    We've got some of those big souvenir cups from other places which go in the cabinet never to see the light of day again. :laughing:

    Glad ya'll made it back to the resort without further incident!

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