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What attractions are rumored to be closing?

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by NateNLogansDad, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. GimmeMoreMagic

    GimmeMoreMagic Earning My Ears

    i concor.
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  3. Indiana Jones isn't going anywhere just yet. It's still a solid draw, even in slower times of year.
  4. Skooch

    Skooch DIS Dad's Club Member

    Why would you want to see the Tiki Room go? The older attractions like that are what make Disney World worthwhile. If they replace all of the old stuff with new stuff it will really take away the Magic that is Disney World.

    As much as I like progress in animation and such, newer shows tend to be bleak and sarcastic.. they try too hard. There is magic in simplicity so for me, the Jungle Cruise and the Haunted Mansion and the Tiki Room and so many other classic rides are the reason that I love vacationing in WDW so much. Avatar Land seems like a horrible and very late idea. I do look forward to some more Star Wars and the hope of Cars Land and Monsters Inc making an appearance (especially if it means getting rid of American Idle) It would also be nice to put figment back to the way that is was and perhaps give a subtle and respectful update to Carousel of Progress.
  5. Pumbaa7287

    Pumbaa7287 <font color=red>I am the great Stone Dragon!<br><f

    I've always thought CoP should have the first few rooms, describing our history, left alone, original animatronics and all, while the last room should be updated every couple of years to the max and show newer and newer 'future' stuff, including updated animatronics (like Sparrow in PotC) or even holograms (like Sparrow in the new DHS attraction, or Christopher Walken in the Disaster attraction at Universal). It would be a way to maintain a large portion of the classic element of the ride while once in a while giving it a new breath of air.
  6. Yea, Disney can't destroy the Classics! Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, etc, shouldn't go anywhere, I can see CoP getting chopped. I like your idea, have the first half the "original" and then make the latter rooms very futuristic. And like PotC, freshening up the classics right will help and it works.
  7. AlohaPolynesian

    AlohaPolynesian Mouseketeer

    Ugh I hope Beauty & The Beast isn't replaced with a Tangled show...I really didn't care for that movie! What about a Princess & the Frog? That was way more adorable out of the two - with much better music, too!
  8. jlwhitney

    jlwhitney Mouseketeer

    I LOVED Tangled. It would be a great change! Princess and the Frog was cute but hasn't been nearly as popular and I know many people that found it too scary and didn't like the VooDoo element
  9. Pumbaa7287

    Pumbaa7287 <font color=red>I am the great Stone Dragon!<br><f

    I'm not entirely sure that Princess and the Frog is as unloved as people think. The most common costume I saw Halloween night at the parks besides Jack Skellington was Facilier, the bad guy from this film. Probably saw at least a dozen of him. He was also featured in a lot of the night time shows now with his song Friends on the Other Side. I'd almost argue that he's more popular than Tiana.
  10. webcs

    webcs Member

    I am pretty sure that they leave this open as a tribute to Walt and I think they will continue to as the space it takes up is so small. It really is a miracle of planning.

    They really should update the last scene though.
  11. Friendly Frog

    Friendly Frog DIS veteran with a mouse on her back.

    Just dropping in to express my love for COP. :thumbsup2
  12. goofy4prez

    goofy4prez <font color=red>DIS Dads Club Member #484<br><font

    My father use to say something similar to this concerning 8 tracks. He hung on to that old Oldsmobile with crushed red interior, with an 8 track player and his collection of Elvis and Johnny Cash tapes for years. :rotfl::lmao:

    J/K... I agree, I like to see some of the old remain. I just don't see the timelessness of such things as Avatar, Avengers or Cars 30 years from now... But then, I do understand the need for the new as well.With that said, I agree with you. :confused3
  13. kshark1958

    kshark1958 Member

    I doubt if Tiki Room is going anywhere they just redid that whole thing in the last couple years.
  14. mommy2twinprincesses

    mommy2twinprincesses Disney Addict

    I love the Beauty and the Beast show!!!! I truly hope that isn't going away. It's one of our must dos every time!

    Oh and bring back Delta Dreamflight. One of my favorites as a kid :)


    You must be a youngster. I remember it as Eastern Airlines "If you had Wings" It was a fun little ride .;)
  16. momto3gr8boys

    momto3gr8boys Mouseketeer

    I loved that ride! I still picture it in my head when you go through the spot in buzz light year that used to be the runway :)
  17. KittyyKattyy

    KittyyKattyy **Mythical Beast**

    Just putting in my two cents, but since they JUST put out on a new hunk of Fantasy Land, it should be at least a year before they announce something else. I mean they can (and should) refurbish some of the classics, (CoP, CBJ, etc.) before putting out a new 'land' as to say.:confused3:sad2:
  18. Reddy

    Reddy Scrapbooker

    I"m just hoping for more rides in DHS - they need to be family rides - I think there is too many shows
  19. Floridagram

    Floridagram Mouseketeer

    Refresh my memory on where this was. I remember it was near COP but cannot think of what is in its place now.


    Where Buzz Lightyear is now !
  21. Coach K

    Coach K Member

    If they drop this, where would I be able to take my mid-afternoon nap?


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