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What attractions are rumored to be closing?

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by NateNLogansDad, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. NateNLogansDad

    NateNLogansDad Still Wish'n

    Heading out to the parks tomorrow and would really like to make sure I visit and photograph any rides that are rumored to be closing to make way for new ones in the next few years. Lights Motors Action, Backlot, and Beauty and the Beast are standing out but if anyone has a list I'd love to condense it all to one thread. Thanks guys!
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  3. NateNLogansDad

    NateNLogansDad Still Wish'n


  4. parkhopping

    parkhopping DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    The only thing I can think of besides those attractions is the Camp Minnie-Mickey area of AK, which will become Avatarland (or something else, if we are very lucky :sad2:). FotLK will likely be moving, not closing for good, but will not be performing in its current location once construction begins.
  5. awoogala

    awoogala New Member

    voyage of the little mermaid is rumored to be closing as well.
  6. Jenna319

    Jenna319 New Member

    How about CoP? I've heard rumors about this closing in the past but it's such a classic attraction, I hope it doesn't!
  7. Jenna319

    Jenna319 New Member

    I also think Indiana jones is on its way out.
  8. Bella the Ball 360

    Bella the Ball 360 Keyboarding is not my thing excuse typos.<br><font

    Isn't that how you spell BORING?
  9. margev6

    margev6 New Member

    They are always threateneing to close CoP but it is one of our families favorites! when my son was five he swore the man was real!
  10. TinkerDisneyDreamer

    TinkerDisneyDreamer New Member

    Oh I hope CoP doesn't go anywhere soon that's my fam's Welcome to MK ride!
  11. wbh1964

    wbh1964 New Member

    I/We feel the same way! Disney wouldn't be Disney without COP!!!...it is soooo relaxing during a hectic touring day!...and makes you wish "real" life were as good :)
  12. The Wise One

    The Wise One New Member

    My husband and I just rode through it several times in a row one night because we were tired from a hectic day and it felt SOO good to get off our feet and relax. I hope it doesn't go away!
  13. CentralFloridian99

    CentralFloridian99 The guy who will ask all the celebrities if they w

    Currently rumored for the chopping block:


    Nothing ATM


    Nothing ATM, though Imagination might be changing


    BATB (rumored to be replaced with Tangled)
    VOTLM (rumored to be replaced with Phineas and Ferb)
    IJ (rumored to be replaced with Indiana Jones Adventure or a Star Wars attraction)
    American Idol (if Star Wars land happens, this will go)
    LMA (rumored to be replaced with Radiator Springs Racers)
    Backlot Tour (rumored to be replaced with Radiator Springs Racers and Monsters Inc Coaster)


    Camp Minnie Mickey (Avatar)
  14. Experiment113

    Experiment113 New Member

    They can't get rid of it. It's a classic.
  15. gatorsfan

    gatorsfan Improvise Adapt Overcome...

    I agree with you 100% they have been threatening to get rid of CoP for as long as I can remember but if you think about it its one of the originals from when the park opened and Mr.Disney designed it for the worlds fair in Chicago. As long as they have love for Mr.Disney in the company I cant see them closing it but I've been wrong before and the Disney company has done stupid things before.

    But I still love Disney
  16. Polydweller

    Polydweller New Member

    Well a couple of things are a little off in this description of CoP. It is not original from when the park opened, it actually opened at WDW in January 1975, after being relocated from Disneyland.

    Although it was designed by Walt Disney, it wasn't for a Chicago World's Fair but rather the 1964 New York World's Fair. That's where I saw it as a kid for the first time and it was magical then. It was called Progressland at that point and was commissioned by GE. The main theme is electrical progress which was Walt's pitch to GE and of course fit GE's business very well.

    It is historically important because of Walt's involvement and will likely remain for a long time because of that.
  17. navysaylorgirl

    navysaylorgirl New Member

    Lion King. The building was originally an open-air theater, and constructed quickly when AK needed something as a placeholder while they decided what to do with Beastly Kingdom because Universal had unveiled something too similar. Now that we are getting Avatarland (cool, but I still want a Beastly Kingdom, with dragons and unicorns (Like in the parking lot)) Camp M/M will likely disappear in its entirety. All those buildings were done quickly and cheaply. Just look at the sinks in the rest rooms.
  18. always on vacation

    always on vacation New Member

    I have been to disney 20+ times so I feel really stupid asking this qustion BUT..what is COP?

    I think the Tiki Birds could go but then I've thought that for years!
  19. ClemsonSoccer9

    ClemsonSoccer9 New Member

    Carousel of Progress :)


    Of course the Main Street Bakery is going but that's a whole nother thread of about 10,000 replies :rotfl2:
  21. NurseAllen

    NurseAllen New Member


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