Touring the Tower of Terror and other Ghoulish Delights! Sept 13 TR | FINALx2 4/17!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by danimaroo, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. danimaroo

    danimaroo DIS Veteran

    Sep 21, 2011
    It sure does, and it is GLORIOUS! Making your visits to Epcot just 10 times better!

    Aww thanks! I was in the SAME boat as you about Vinyls. I thought they were dumb. Then I got totally sucked into it with some cute Vinyls, and well, things have just gone downhill from there, hahaha. I'm glad you liked the Donald one I sent you though! I'm a total enabler, I'll admit it. I think I might take a little video of my collection for my Vinylmation trading day's update, haha.

    Haha thanks! We have a TON of Disney stuff in our house now, but HM has really taken over lately! Someone wanted to see a video of all our Haunted Mansion stuff, so I'm thinking about making one for this TR so people can see what we have in our house! Kind of makes the TR a little more fun an interactive.

    Haha no problem! I'm trying to push out updates every 4-5 days... so I should have another one here in the next few days, yay! But yeah, I'm glad to help feed that need for some reading, haha.

    The PeopleMover is fantastic... one of my favorite places to go and get off my feet for a bit for sure. Maybe next trip I will just ride it 4 times in a row because I can.

    In Disney, Starbucks is God because the quality of their coffee was terrible. There are MUCH better places in Seattle to get coffee, but Starbucks is ten times better than that Nescafe, haha.

    We usually do the Dining Plan, so this was our first time not doing it... it was definitely way different than what we've done in the past! We usually do breakfast in the room or something small, but for us, not so much about the money saved, but more about getting to eat wherever and whatever we wanted was awesome.

    Traditions are definitely a wonderful part of the trip. I think two trips can't be a bad thing!!

    Yeah, I'm a big fan of the stuff in MouseGear, especially the Epcot stuff! It's such a fabulous store.

    Oh interesting! I work in account management and have to worry about end of month billing, which is why you will never see me in Disney unless it's the middle of the month! Beginning and end of the month are the busiest time for me (and Matt actually). But yeah, the week we went was fantastic.

    Hahaha, neither of us are too young for Wayne's World. In fact, it was one of my favorite movies growing up. I know exactly what part you are talking about... I'm picturing Wayne holding up his can of Pepsi, hahaha. That movie is awesome.

    Hahaha yup! You always have to get the feet shot on the PeopleMover!

    SO MANY PEOPLE! It was so busy in the park that day, UGH.

    Yeah, I'm with you, and this isn't the only time we see the lights on... dundundun.

    YES WE DID! I heard it going off and ran to go see it before it stopped! I believe it's every hour it goes off.

    The new buses are definitely weird... I think that was the only time we got a new bus though. It was weird.

    Hahah that is AWESOME! He should totally get the Space Mountain tattoo!! Go to a good artist and he will be happy with it! I'm thinking about getting a Disney tattoo at some point, but I can't decide on what exactly I want!

    Mickey and Minnie know how to make a couple celebrating their anniversary feel special, that's for sure!

    Yeah, I don't know what was going on but my feet were SO blistered by the time we got back, ugh. It was not fun at all.

    I know! I love seeing Space with the lights on. Seems like a common occurence now during our trips!

    Thanks, I thought it was so cute! I was on the hunt for some adorable Duffy pins this trip!

    Aww that's super nice of you! I want to get one, too, I just need to nail down what exactly I want!

    Yes we did and it was adorable!! Matt and I have an obsession with Starbucks and just getting coffee in general... but the pastries at the Starbucks are really good in Disney!!

    Aww booo, the coasters are AWESOME! And I think I am going to do a little tour/video of our house and all of our Haunted Mansion merchandise!! Stay tuned for that!

    Aww, we really liked Wilderness Lodge a LOT! It's a beautiful resort! And thanks so much. :goodvibes I just never take off my glasses, so I always feel like I look way different! And you should definitely check out that Disney Store Outlet! It doesn't have a TON of amazing deals, but it's a huge store and I did find some great stuff. It's worth the 15 minute trip for sure! Thank you again!

    Yeah, it was a gorgeous morning! I didn't mind the rain though, helped break up the humidity a bit!

    Usually my Crocs are great, but not for Disney! Maybe if I wore socks, but I refused to wear socks with Crocs in the middle of September, haha. Matt had similar issues with his Crocs during our trip, too. :(

    I love those HM pins, they're so neat! And yeah, his tattoo is amazing. The artist did a great job!

    Haha, you should definitely go in there and try out some of the Disney pastries. Some of them are so good! I used to be a DD girl when I lived in Boston, but since have switched over to Starbucks!

    I hope you can find some LM Vinyls, that set is so cute! I have most of them in a little case at home.

    I agree... which is why wwaaaaayyyy later in the trip things get a little interesting for us with the whole light thing!

    Hahhaah, I was not in the mood for anything sweet but wanted something other than water, so I'm a big fan of the Passion Tea!

    That HM pin set rules... and you need to get yo'self to Disney World stat!
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  3. GatorMommy2007

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    Sep 25, 2010
    Yeah, I think Crocs in the "summer months", and we Florida folk consider September a summer month, are a no go! I wore Sanuks during our last trip, and I plan on repeating on our next trip! You may get stinky feet syndrome, but it really helped with the blisters!
  4. danimaroo

    danimaroo DIS Veteran

    Sep 21, 2011


    After many, many hours of working on editing clips, figuring out song choices, uploading files from my camera and phone, etc... I am proud to announce that our September trip video is COMPLETE AND DONE!

    I am REALLY happy with how it turned out and am SUPER excited to share it with you guys! It's totally cool if some of you want to wait on watching it, but for those who don't, here it is, in all its glory!

    So without further ado, I proudly present:

    "When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do." Disney World September 2013

    Mobile-friendly version:

    Aaaand if you've just finished watching the video or are holding off, here are some lovely trip updates for you to read!

    Chapter 12: "I COULDN'T FIND THE CAMERA!!"
    Day Two: September 12th, 2013

    After buying everything (and me reminding Matt to use our AP discount, because for some reason he always forgot, hahaha), our Test Track FPs were ready so we headed on over there.


    While walking up to the waiting area to go inside to design our car, a Cast Member asked me where I got my bow that I was wearing. I told her it was from etsy, and she said she really liked it. She then asked Matt and me if we were Cast Members, because she had a story she really wanted to tell us, but then couldn't unless we were CMs, hahaha. I told her I could pretend I was a CM? Just as we moved up the line, the next CM by the door started talking to us and complimented me on my bow, as well!

    We started chatting about all sorts of stuff, and somehow we got into MNSSHP and the Villains event that was happening on Friday the 13th. It turned out she was going to MNSSHP the same night as us as Russell from Up, so I told her all about my costume and we agreed we'd say hello if we ran into each other! She was super nice and I was hoping I'd run into her at the party, since her costume sounded adorable.

    Soon enough, the doors opened and we started making our car.


    As some of you may recall, Matt and I like to make the ugliest car possible when designing our car for Test Track. It just makes it ten times more fun. Obviously I'm all about documenting terrible car designs.



    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the elegant and versatile, and might I add, very well-named, Poop Wagon!


    Matt and I are seriously 5, I realize this, but we couldn't stop giggling over our awesome Poop Wagon.

    We hopped into our car and enjoyed our trip to TRONland. I have to say, more things were added or working since our trip in January, which definitely made it a bit better. But let's be honest, the outside part is the best part.

    Now mind you, I'm telling Matt to make some ridiculous face once we get outside. He knows where the camera is. I'm yelling at him "to the right! to the right!" and this is what I get instead...


    Me making a horrifying face, while Matt is mid-sentence, telling me "I couldn't find the camera!"


    It still made us laugh though, hahaha.

    We left Test Track and trekked on over to The Land to use our Soarin' FPs!


    I told Matt that I wanted to wait for the back row/Row 1. I'd been on Soarin' once and the feet were kind of distracting... So we walked through the queue, and when we got to the front of the line, we asked to be put in Row 1. The CM asked us to stand off to the side, and we waited... and waited... aaaand waited some more. I was definitely regretting to ask to sit there because we ended up having to wait for 15 minutes or so.

    Also, it was kind of creepy because when they filed everyone inside for the ride, we were literally the only people in the area. Not even a single CM was near us.


    We were both wondering if we were supposed to be standing there ooooorrr what. It was slightly awkward, but finally a CM appeared and led us to Row 1. When we sat down, Matt wasn't really happy about having to take off his Crocs and have his feet just waving through the air. I never realized you had to take off sandals/Crocs when on the ride, but like, how weird is it if you're in the other two rows to have some random people bare feet just dangling up above you?! Hahaha, I don't know why, but this struck me as funny.

    Anyway, we enjoyed Soarin' as much as we did the first time... but they REALLY need to give some TLC to that screen. I joked that there were little black bugs flying with us on our journey (I know it's just dust, but there look like little bugs!)... and honestly, I just don't get why they did Soarin' Over California in Disney World. Why not do a Soarin' over the US? I mean, we all know the patriotism that Disney shows off in many other areas of the park, why not throw a little love for the US in there?

    I'm just saying, flying over Mount Rainier or any of the areas here in Washington state would be pretty darn beautiful.

    Anyway, when our ride was over, Matt went to pick up our backpack and it was all soaked in freakin' SODA. I was so annoyed, because why was someone's Coke just sitting on the ground? Blergh. I took the bag into the bathroom and rinsed it off, because thankfully it's waterproof.

    Just to back up here a second... My boss at work had attended a conference and one of the free pieces of swag was a smaller waterproof bag from REI, that had a few advertisers displayed on it. He didn't want it since it's not his thing, and offered to give it to me for our trip. I was really excited, since these bags normally cost a pretty penny at REI, and it was going to be the perfect park bag, much smaller than the normal Northface that we carry with us in the parks.

    Fortunately, due to this being an awesome bag, the gross soda was gone and we were on our way!

    We had been debating on where to get dinner this night, and considered Sunshine Seasons, but ultimately ended up heading towards World Showcase...



    On our way over, I was just sweating like crazy. Like I said, my face sometimes just decides to sweat like I'm melting. It's weird, because my body can feel pretty okay, but I'm sweating. So this was one of those times. OF COURSE, it's just my luck that someone runs up to me and recognizes me from the DISboards as I'm looking like a hot mess, hahaha.

    It was Paul and Melissa, AKA GrandCalifornian here on the DIS. They of course had their adorable daughter Allie with them, as well.

    It was a quick meet, as they were heading out and I was basically melting, hahaha, but we were so happy to run into them! They are like the nicest people, too.

    After parting ways, we decided to go get some food at La Cantina de San Angel in Mexico, one of my favorite places to eat!

    I wasn't really in the mood for nachos, so we both actually ended up ordering the Empanadas de Queso, which also came with a side of tortilla chips.


    The Empanadas were really good! Very fresh and tasty, though our chips seemed kind of stale, wompwomp.

    We also split some Churros, because they're full of deliciousness.


    After we finished eating, we continued on in World Showcase, right on over to Norway!


    Of course, it was time for Maelstrom, and visiting my BFF Svend, who likes cutting fish up.


    I also waved hello to the totally tubular couple that is stuck in the 80s for eternity and likes parasailing in orange jumpsuits??


    Maelstrom was fabulous as always, and we headed out to go see Matt's FAVORITE Norway movie... only to find it wasn't running! Matt was really devastated over it.


    Or well, that's his version of devastated.

    Continued in next post
  5. danimaroo

    danimaroo DIS Veteran

    Sep 21, 2011
    Chapter 13: School bread, beautiful school bread.
    Day Two: September 12th, 2013

    We stopped by Kringla Bakeri because we both had one thing in mind.




    I was clearly thrilled about our purchase. I love me some School Bread, and even better, we got it to go! Knowing you are bringing a gem back to your room to eat later... there is just something that makes it even more special.

    We also picked up a Troll Horn to split and try later, since it looked pretty delightful.

    We headed back towards Mexico, where we stopped in briefly before moving on... and I even found another Survey Marker along the way, YAY!



    Because we had to get back to our resort for something special, we headed towards the front of the park, as we had plans to spend a LOT more time in Epcot later on in the trip.



    We couldn't miss out on Spaceship Earth our first day though, so we hopped on on our way out of the park. Our faces got all weird.

    Have I mentioned how much we love Spaceship Earth though!? It's just such a classic and a must-do for us whenever we pass by it.


    Out of the park we went, and we said goodbye to Epcot.


    My feet were REALLY hurting at this point. The stupid Crocs had basically made them really sad, and I was really not happy about it. It was only Day 2, and our first full day in the parks, so I was hoping they'd start to feel better! But then again, I pretty much will deal with whatever pain when I'm in Disney World because I'm IN DISNEY WORLD, after all.

    When we got back to Wilderness Lodge, we quickly dropped off our stuff in the room, then walked down to the beach to go and watch the Electrical Water Pageant! We hadn't seen this since our honeymoon in 2011, so we were really excited to be staying somewhere that the pageant stops by at.

    Some random boat was just sitting in the middle of everything, which was kind of annoying, as it blocked part of the view, but we were still able to enjoy the Pageant and got a few decent photos of it.


    You can see the boat on the left in the next photo...


    Look at Disney, bein' all patriotic! Hahaha, it was great to see the parade though, and to enjoy it with barely anyone around. I just love the music and how old school it is. It makes me happy.

    Bay Lake Tower was looking pretty at night, too.


    We hung out on the beach for a bit, then made our way back up to the Villas. I wanted to take a couple of photos of the main area, because I just love the design of them!



    These wooden animal heads are all around the top atrium area.

    We both LOVED the Villas area. It's easily the coziest resort in Disney World, and I would LOVE to stay here during the Christmas season.


    Our stomaches were telling us it was time for some Norwegian baked goods, so we came back upstairs and dug into our goodies that were waiting for us.

    First was the Troll Horn:


    I really liked this! The cream in the middle wasn't too sweet, and the baked part was buttery with little sugar crystals on it. Not too heavy, either.

    Then it was time for SCHOOL BREADDDDD!


    Ahh these were really good ones! They were filled with a lot of delicious custard and the bread was pretty fresh, too. I just love School Bread so much.

    After we finished eating, we relaxed around the room, took showers and got ready for bed.

    We started talking about our plans for the next day, which original were going to be us heading to Animal Kingdom for EMH in the morning, then taking a mid-day break before heading to Epcot, where I would pick up a certain special item.

    After doing a little poking around online, I realized (as did Matt) that this special item probably would sell out VERY quickly. The problem was that Animal Kingdom was the only park NOT selling said item, so we discussed our options, and decided that we'd go to Magic Kingdom first thing, then decide if we wanted to head to AK or do something else. I felt kind of guilty for making us change our plans based on the purchase of something, but Matt insisted we do it that way, which made me feel better.

    We headed to bed, after what had been a really fun Day 2, and we had some EXTRA fun plans for Day 3, including the Limited Time Magic Villains event being held at Hollywood Studios (if we could even get there, dundundun, foreshadowing).

    Continued in next post
  6. RachelNinja

    RachelNinja Sometimes I'd rather live in VMK than in real life

    Jul 16, 2007
    I'm so curious to know what it is that you guys got that made you change park plans! When my husband and I have a more permanent place, we'll definitely get a few more souvenirs to display to have more Disney when at home!

    I'm super excited for your video! For some reason though, nothing plays when I click the YouTube link, and the Vimeo on my phone doesn't work either. I'll try again later!

    [edited the next morning]

    YAY! I was able to watch the video! I love those clips at the end! My favorite thing is watching it now and then again after the TR is done to understand more of what was going on :)
  7. rachel09985

    rachel09985 DIS Veteran

    Jun 6, 2009
    I really enjoyed your video! Those moments with you two and Julia and Brynn are adorable!!! I also loved the bonus clips at the end! It is like bloopers :)

    I am loving all of your updates! I can't wait to read some more
  8. jecskc

    jecskc DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2010
    All caught up !!! LOVED the video !! You remind me of one of one my very best friends. She is really funny like you and is always making funny faces.

  9. __disneygirl

    __disneygirl well, all that's left now is the happy ending.

    Aug 4, 2005
    I've already tweeted you about it, but WOW on the video!! Great job once again! You really have a great eye. Your videos aren't just fun and Disneyish, they're quite artful. I really enjoy them!! You rock!!

    LOL I wonder what that Cast Members-only story was! And I love that she went to MNSSHP as Russell from Up. That's awesome. I love when people gender switch with costumes.

    The only thing funnier than the Poop Wagon is the face you are making in the ride photo. HAHAHA you are the queen of the awesome ride faces.

    LMAO somehow I am not surprised that I am not the only person who has posed next to the "we're not showing the movie" sign at Maelstrom with an upset look on my face. It's just a devastating moment when you see that sign. I empathize with you, Matt.

    I know what this special item is and I am very happy for you that you scored one!! WOooo!

    Oh man, that Villains event. I heard such bad things. Jess told me she waited in line 3 hours to meet Oogie Boogie and 2 hours for a T-shirt, but the worst was all the people saying they were stuck in traffic on property for 2-3 hours. CRAZINESS! I would have been devastated if I was on my way to a park/reservation or something and I got stuck in traffic for 3 hours. I hope that didn't happen to you!
  10. STLMickeyMom

    STLMickeyMom DIS Veteran

    Jun 2, 2013
    Love your video!!! Totally magical!
  11. okw19

    okw19 DIS Veteran

    May 31, 2011
    Let me just tell you again how awesome the video is....STINKING AMAZING. I love the cameo appearances from Jenn & family. Julia laughing at Matt during dinner is just adorable. Plus, riding IASW with them?! So awesome.

    Poop Wagon, niiiiccceee.

    Totally agree on Soarin over the US. Washington mountains, NC beaches, the Grand Canyon, would be awesome.

    I would kill for mexican food and Maelstrom today! Also, I am very immature and every time I see two school breads in a container like that I think they look like boo-bies. :rotfl: (I got censored when trying to type that the first time)


    EWP and Wilderness Lodge = perfection.

    I can't wait to hear more about that special purchase. ;)
  12. emilyindisney

    emilyindisney DIS Veteran

    Dec 26, 2012
    I'm so pumped to watch your trip video! Unfortunately, I'm in class right now and I don't think my non-Disney obsessed classmates will appreciate that so it'll have to wait for later... :goodvibes

    I literally hate having to shove my stuff under the seats on Soarin because the baskets are always filled with people's leftover junk. A lot of times it is food crap, too :worried: Oh well- good thing you had an awesome water proof bag!

    Bahahahaha- Matt's face on test track! He literally had no clue, but I love it!

    The Mexican food looks yummy, especially the churros!

    Is it sad that I've never had School Bread? Everyone raves about it so I feel like a small part of my life is missing. Next trip, I swear!

    Fountain of Nations pictures are literally my favorite. It's just so majestic and perfect with the ball in the background- especially at night with all the colors!

    Loving the water parade! I've never seen it but am planning on that for one of our next trips.

    Lovin' in the lodge pictures, as usual. I agree- that place has got to be fantastic at Christmas time! I'll bet it feels so homey that I'd check in and wouldn't want to check out.

    Cannot wait to know what you're buying that's got you switching up your plans. I know I don't change my well laid plans easily so I'm interested to hear what's so special! :thumbsup2
  13. gracer9977

    gracer9977 Happiness is Disney

    May 2, 2006
    OMG Dani!!!! I LOVE your video. :love: It just makes me so happy to watch you and Matt having such a great time in the Happiest Place on Earth. :) Thank you so much for putting it together and letting us all enjoy it.

    Great update. Really interested in what the special item was that you need to get first thing. Especially since it meant changing your plans around to get to it. :)

    I have never had School Bread so I am going to have to try it this time.

    Love the Test Track ride face. LOL!!! You always have the best faces.
  14. tdmoney7

    tdmoney7 Mouseketeer

    Aug 19, 2013
    Love this!! Can you take a pic of your bow? My DD 14 loves bows and we are surprising her with a WDW trip in Jan so that might be a great Christmas present!!
  15. missangelalexis

    missangelalexis DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2012
    OMG your video is the BEST (though I am not at all surprised)!! You guys are the cutest, thank you for sharing your memories with us!
  16. starousse

    starousse DIS Veteran

    Jun 8, 2011
    Loved your video! You guys always look like you have the best time :)
  17. DisneyKid4Life

    DisneyKid4Life DIS Veteran

    Mar 3, 2013
    Since my work computer is acting up, I wasn't able to get the full effect of your amazing video since it kept stuttering on this computer. But what I did see was just AMAZING!! You 2 really are the perfect Disney couple and I can't wait to watch it in all it's glory once I get home.

    Aw gee, I really really really want to know what that CM's story was going to be. :scratchin

    Haha, of course you must remove your dangly footwear lest they fall into the ocean, or a mountain, or orange groves, or Disneyland!!!

    I do think someday there will be a new film for Soarin'. Someday.

    Ooh, I like that little two-pack (not to be confused with 2Pac) for the School Bread. I could do a one for now... one for later. :thumbsup2

    The Electrical Water Pageant sure is pretty. And to think it's been there almost as long as Disney World itself. Amazing.

    Hmmm, I think I know what your amazing purchase is. But lordy the Villains LTM. I've heard stories, but I can't wait to hear yours.
  18. WDW2012

    WDW2012 Michelle

    Aug 21, 2011
    Great video! Thanks for sharing. You and Matt look like you are truly best friends and it looks like you had a great time. Now of course after seeing the video I can't wait to go back. ;-)
  19. DisneyKid4Life

    DisneyKid4Life DIS Veteran

    Mar 3, 2013
    OK so I already commented on the update, but now I've finally seen the video so I had to comment again.

    Good God that was fabulous!!!! You guys just do Disney right and the laughter and magic you find with each other and others, well, that's just what everyone should be shooting for. Wonderful job Dani.

    And I have to add the "Beverly" clip at the end just had me laughing so hard. Generally it's the initial reaction that's the money shot. Not here. It's the fact that you reacted appropriately, called it "so gross"...

    ... and then took another sip. :lmao: :rotfl2: :rotfl:

    Matt's, "Why are you drinking it more then?" just put me over the edge.

    Don't EVER change! :flower3:
  20. Terkina

    Terkina DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2011
    Great trip report so far. I love all the nice pictures you have taken. Have you baked School Bread at home?
  21. mrs mouse10712

    mrs mouse10712 Earning My Ears

    Jul 14, 2013
    oh man, i LOVE your video! LOVE IT! :)
    the clip with you on the teacups and the beverly...hilarious :laughing:

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