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Touring the Tower of Terror and other Ghoulish Delights! Sept 13 TR | FINALx2 4/17!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by danimaroo, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. DharmaLou

    DharmaLou Once a Princess, Always a Princess

    Mmm the treats from Norway look delish! I'm holding off on watching the video until my DD is awake to watch. She loved the last one!
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  3. danimaroo

    danimaroo Active Member

    AHHH you will see!! It was quite a purchase, but ended up being super worth it.

    I think when I posted the links/updates, the mobile-version was still loading onto vimeo! But I'm glad you were able to watch it and enjoyed it. :) And yeah, I didn't even think about that, but that's such a good way to watch trip videos, haha.

    Aww thanks Rachel!! :) The kids were just too cute for words! And yeah, I always love having the bonus clips because they're kind of ridiculous, hahaha. I should have an update here Saturday! I mean, I already have them written, but like NO time to actually post them, blergh. This week has been insane!

    Thank you so much!! I am always making ridiculous faces, hahaha.

    Before I respond.. I just want to say THAT YOU ARE IN DISNEY WORLD RIGHT NOW AT MNSSHP AS WE SPEAK! And I love your costume so much.

    Anyway, thank you again for all of your wonderful compliments on the video! I try to have both fun/silly stuff in videos, but also more of the little things that I love about Disney... those quieter moments make me just as happy as the silly/fun moments I guess!

    I really wanted to know her story, but she couldn't tell me, haha, DARN. And yeah, I thought it sounded like an adorable idea!!

    HAHAHAHA THANKS! I just love that I'm THE only person in the car making a terrible face. And then there's Matt, hahahaha.

    I laughed to myself when I read that update in your TR, knowing that I had the same one of Matt! I think you two are just IN LOVE with Norway, so I'm sorry that it wasn't showing. Wompwomp.

    AHH thanks! I'm excited too, I'm still in love with it.

    Yeah, that Villains event was... well, it was an interesting night, let's just say that. I'm glad we were not traveling by car, that's for sure.

    Thank you very, very much! :goodvibes

    AW THANKS!! Yeah, we had a great time seeing them this trip!

    Poop Wagon supreme! I swear I'm an adult.

    Yes, I agree, we should clearly be hired to re-design the ride, no?! I think so.

    HAHAHA you are not alone in that, because Matt decided to tell me that my photo with the school bread looked like I was holding boooooobs, so there's that.

    I thought you'd like that Survey Marker spotting! And yeah, that was a perfect way to end our night for sure. I'm glad we got to see it again.

    Eeeee that was a fun morning for us!

    Aww well I hope you were able to watch the video!! ;)

    Yeah I totally agree, though we just put our stuff on the ground, so it was weird and there was soda all of the floor, but we couldn't see, soooo boo. But I'm glad we were able to clean it off so easily!

    Hahahaa I know, so it makes me look like a total weirdo. And that food in Mexico was delicious, as always!

    It's not bad! I only tried it for the first time in January 2012, but we both fell in love with it! Definitely try it next trip, you won't regret it!

    I so agree, the Fountain of Nations is beautiful!

    Definitely try to see the EWP - it's an awesome parade and totally worth checking it out. Very old school Disney!

    WL is such a beautiful resort. I bet even more beautiful at Christmas, too!

    Haha, to be fair, our plans weren't super set in stone since we were trying to be more laid back... but it was worth it!

    Aww thank you so so much!! I'm so happy you loved it, seriously, that means a lot!!

    And thanks, haha, trust me, this was SO worth it and it actually ended up working REALLY well for us with changing our plans!

    School bread is fabulous, especially if you like custard and little pieces of coconut deliciousness!

    Hahahah thanks, I'm just a goober.

    Aww yeah, of course! I was wearing the bow in this photo, it was a Buzz Lightyear one!


    I found it on etsy, after looking for mini-bows, since the smaller ones work perfect for my braid. I got 5 of them for $20 shipped, and they're fabulous bows! I think the girl's etsy store is called abowtiqueshop. :)

    Aww thank you SO SO much!! This means a lot to me and I'm glad you loved it so much. :goodvibes
  4. danimaroo

    danimaroo Active Member

    Thank you so much! When we're in Disney, we are pretty much having the time of our lives. It truly brings an immense amount of happiness to both of us!

    AWW YAY! I'm excited to hear what you thought!!

    I know, I wanted to know, too, but she just couldn't tell us! LAME.

    Hahaha, this is very true I guess! Or ya know, don't wanna whack some poor person in the head with our shoes, hahaha. But I agree, a new film should eventually come out!

    Yeah, I wish I could have like 6-packs of school bread! Store 'em in the fridge and eat them throughout the next few days. YUM.

    EWP is so awesome, I love it. It also brings back good memories from Matt's childhood, too.

    Hahaha, I'm sure you know the purchase.. and yeah, that Villains event suuuure was SOMETHING.

    Thank you so very much! We really are best friends, and I'm so happy we both love Disney like we do!! And that's kind of the point of the video I guess, to get everyone excited about their trips. Hahaha, it definitely makes me excited to go back... though makes me want to be back sooner than later!

    EEEE I'm so glad you watched it!! And that you got it and loved it!! Thank you thank you!!

    HAHAHA I have NO idea why I kept drinking it! I'm such a weirdo, hahahaha. But thank you, Rob. :goodvibes

    Thank you very much! I need to make school bread at home! I'm thinking one of these weekends, we will have to give it a shot. :thumbsup2

    Thank you so much! And yeah, hahahhaa, we are such dorks, but that Tea Cups video cracks me up. We were trying to shoot video of us being all happy and spinny, but instead, it was these awful faces of us trying our hardest to spin the tea cup! :rotfl:

    AWWW YAY! Thank you, that is such a nice compliment honestly, you're not a goob! And I know, Matt and I kept commenting on how it was weird to not have them on the trip with us! But they did a fabulous job taking care of our puppies. And I agree, those 3 kids are just ridiculously adorable.

    AWWW that makes me happy! Whenever I hear that song I immediately think of our video and Disney World and just miss the heck out of it!

    18 days is SOOOOO SOOOON! And now it's even closer!!

    Thank you VERY much!! And he appreciates that! His tattoo was done with so much details, the artist was fantastic!

    Aw thank you! I'm so happy you just popped in to say hi and thank you for the wonderful compliment on the video!! I hope you stick around, more posts are coming soon of course! :goodvibes

    Thank you so much!!

    Aww, I'm so happy the video cheered you up and that you enjoyed it. That means a lot to me. :goodvibes Thank you again, your comment really made me smile!

    AWWW YAY!!! I am so glad you guys like it! And I've been wondering what the kids thought of the video, especially since they're in it, too!!

    Hahaha, aww, I think it's fine for little kids but adults? It kind of creeps me out, I won't lie!

    My Crocs flip flops ended up saving me feet on the trip, no lie. They were my saving grace. The normal Crocs were just terrible, and Matt only wore his for one night before ditching them. LAME.


    Yay, I'm excited to post alllll about it! It was a fun day (for the mostpart, dundundun).

    Eeee thank you so much!

    Haha, it was very nice! We were a CM MAGNET this trip in terms of them talking to us about all sorts of stuff! Even Matt commented about it how CMs just loved chatting us up! I think our enthusiasm was pretty clear, haha.

    The Poop Wagon is the most majestic car you will ever lay your eyes on. :rotfl:

    Mt. Rainier is awesome to see from a plane, so imagine it on Soarin'! It would be fabulous. And my boss hooked it up with that bag! Usually he keeps his swag, but he was nice enough to offer the bag.

    Those empanadas are just full of deliciousness. I want some now!

    HAHAHA, we never have stayed for that video! Haaaave you seen the title of my first ever TR on here?! Matt literally said, after walking into the theater and seeing the movie playing: "Norway? More like NO WAY!" and darted out of the theater, leaving me behind as I was basically on the floor dying of laughter. :rotfl:

    AHHH sore subject. School bread is a must on your next trip, clearly!

    SE was glitchy with pictures sometimes! I think it maybe was his hat he wear wearing?

    And thanks, EWP and WL were just the perfect combination that night, I swear! I'm excited to share our adventures of the next morning!

    Thank you!
  5. danimaroo

    danimaroo Active Member

    Thank you so so much! I hope you get to head over to Disney World, too... I think you'd love it! I'm glad you're enjoying my TR though, and enough that it cracks you up, hahhaa. That makes me happy! We will be in Disneyland in less than 2 weeks and I'm SO excited!!

    Aww thank you SO much! I'm so glad you're enjoying my TR and that you loved the video!! I hope you continue to stick around!

    Thank you so much! Honestly, that video took me a long time to put together.. between uploading the files, editing the clips, choosing the songs, making sure the timing worked, etc... I'd say I put in around 20-25 hours. It was a lot of work but SO worth it.

    Hmmm, if you REALLY hate coconut I don't know if you'll like it. But the custard and the bread are both so tasty! And I have NO idea why I kept drinking it, hahaha, I think you're onto something. I just felt like I had to finish it!

    Ahh but you are going to be there VERY soon!! I hope you have an amazing trip!

    And I agree, lots of walking helps prior to trips! It's funny, my feet are okay pain-wise on our trips usually, it's the darn blisters that form from my feet not being used to the humidity! Those Crocs just gave me terrible blisters!

    Have a great trip!!

    Aww I'm so happy you're here and that you joined in!! We had an amazing trip!!

    Haha this makes me so happy! I LOVE when people watch the video with their kids!! It's so funny, because you clearly know that we're creatures of habit.. Make ugly car, eat school bread, make ridiculous face on the ride... Hahahha, you're not getting it jumbled, we just do a lot of the same things sometimes! :rotfl:

    Oh wow, that is awesome! And dedication! Haha. I'm so glad you enjoyed my TR though! You used the wompwomp in the perfect fashion, ESPECIALLY since it's about not staying at the BC! You guys would love it, I swear... especially that pool! Maybe one day you can stay there though. I'm glad you are here and along for the ride!!

    Thank you so so much! I'm glad it got you excited for your upcoming trip!! That makes me super happy to hear, honestly. Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm glad you're here! :goodvibes

    HAHA that would be awesome! But seriously, thank you! I love the simpler moments in Disney, honestly, they just make me so happy!

    And there's a story behind the Matt's "weeeee" HAHAHA. I promise when I get to that part of my TR I'll explain that whole thing. :rotfl: But thank you so much again, I'm glad you loved it!

    Aww YAY! I'm so happy you loved it!!! And even better, it got you excited for your trip!! YAY! I hope the 7 months just FLIES by for you! We won't be back until next September, so we've got a looooong countdown to go! Wompwomp.

    Hahaha, I'm nervous now! I hope you try it, and at least maybe you can eat around the coconut!

    Thank you so much!! We have a fantastic time when we're in Disney World, I swear. We're just the happiest people!

    I didn't know about the 3D hidden Mickey, but now I want to know all about it... and find it!

    They were so good! I could go for some right now... And that's super adorable that you're waiting and she loved the last one. I really hope you guys enjoy this one, too. :goodvibes
  6. khertz

    khertz Proud member of the WHO DAT NATION!!

    I just got all caught up on your updates from while we were gone. I have to say, another fabulous job on your video! I love watching your videos, you can totally see how happy and excited you are to be in Disney World. :goodvibes

    Still have never tried School Bread. The love for it on these boards though... It is popping up in TR's everywhere! I don't think I had even heard of it before I started reading TR's. :lmao: I'm glad they were just as amazing as you had hoped.
  7. danimaroo

    danimaroo Active Member

    Chapter 14: Look out, Ninja Dani is on the move.
    Day Three: September 13th, 2013

    So after discussing our change in plans the previous night, Matt and I woke up at around 7:45, since Magic Kingdom was opening at 9am. We got ourselves out the door by around 8:20, and lucky for us, AGAIN, a boat was waiting! I don't know what we did to please the Boat Gods at Wilderness Lodge, but it was amazing. Either that or the boats are just super awesome there at all times.

    It was BEYOND foggy out this morning! You couldn't see anything on the lake... but it was super cool.


    Anyway, we arrived at MK at around 8:40 or so, and it was MUCH busier than the day before, but even then, nothing terrible! I moved up enough so I'd be close to the right side of the entrance once the show was over.

    We watched the Rope Drop show AGAIN (hi, 2 days in a row? Totally unexpected), which I got a single photo of.


    I have no idea why, I'm thinking I may have either been taking video OR I was so focused on weaving through the crowds to get to Uptown Jewelers (probably the latter).

    As soon as the show was over, the crowd began moving and I started sliding my way through, darting around strollers and being all ninja-like. I was actually quite impressed with myself, since I'm not necessarily the most graceful person ever. Anyway, I was trucking along, got all the way through the tunnel and up to Town Hall, only to turn around and see NO MATT.


    Matt had not inherited my Ninja skills, as when I finally spotted him, he was what seemed like 8 miles behind. I was very tempted to keep on walking, and just let him catch up to me, but I decided to stop and wait for him. When he finally caught up to me, I asked him what happened, and he responded that I just darted away, and TWO mega triple-children strollers cut him off from moving... Poor Matt, he got blocked by the Stroller Brigade.

    At this point, we had time to make up, since swarms of people had gotten ahead of us.. Curses!

    So at this point, you're probably wondering what the heck I was going to Uptown Jewelers for, right? Well... Some of you heard about Dooney and Bourke announcing that they were going to release a very special Haunted Mansion bag. When I initially saw it, I was in AWE. But then I saw the price and I was like, oh poop. But after going back and forth on it for forever, and a little help from Matt (and Amy at home, who is a bag fiend) convincing me, I decided I needed to buy it.

    BUT we had been hearing through the social media grapevine that this was for SURE expected to sell out, which is why we changed our plans around. Animal Kingdom was the ONLY park not selling it, so if we had waited until we got to Epcot later in the day, we were starting to think it'd be gone by then... So we switched our plans to Magic Kingdom since it was the easiest park for us to get to this morning.

    Anyway! We quickly made our way up Main Street, which was much easier to navigate with more space. As we walked into Uptown Jewelers, there were already women buying their bags. A Cast Member asked if I was there to buy a Haunted Mansion Dooney, to which I responded I was.

    She told me to get in a line REALLY fast because they were going to sell out quickly.

    I hopped into one, but Matt came to the rescue when he noticed a third line on the other side of the store that was way shorter. We booked it over there, and only had a couple people in front of us.


    Soon, it was my turn, and my bag was all wrapped up in Dooney and Bourke tissue. You guys have to understand, I'm NOT a purse type of girl. Usually when I go out, I have my phone and Dooney card holder on me, and that's it. That being said, when I saw that Dooney was putting out a HAUNTED MANSION bag with the creepy wallpaper print, I nearly died. Matt is the huge HM fan, but that in turn has caused me to really enjoy it, as well. The attraction itself is awesome, and the fact that it makes Matt SO happy makes me happy, if that makes sense.

    Additionally, I mean, the bag was freakin' gorgeous. And again, when I saw the price tag, I was like... um, I'm not sure I'm okay with that price. ($330)... but at the same time, it's just so pretty. Like I said, between that and a little coaxing by Matt and Amy, I decided to buy it!

    So when the woman opened the plastic bag it was in, and took it out of the tissue paper, I was trying my best not to jump up and down with excitement.

    Luckily I was able to use our AP discount on the bag, AND we had a $50 Disney gift card my friend had given to us as a thank you for when she stayed with us over the summer... Sooo basically it made the bag go from "HOLY CANOLI THAT'S A PRICEY BAG!" to "HOLY CANOLI THAT'S STILL A PRICEY BAG BUT SLIGHTLY MORE DOABLE."

    After we paid, we ran out the side door where I excitedly geeked out over the bag. and just kept staring at it, telling Matt how excited I was.

    In all of my geeking out, I did manage to take photos of it, some with Matt's help.


    This is the hang tag that came with it. There was controversy prior to its release that the hang tag didn't actually come with the bag, because some lady apparently got one early and it didn't have the hang tag. They gave that to me separately, so my guess is whoever sold hers to her misplaced the tag.

    Anyway, I LOVE the tag.


    And here is me being REALLY happy over owning the beautiful bag!


    As you can see, it's pretty big, which I was happy about, especially at that price tag.

    Matt told me to consider it a nice early anniversary gift, haha, I'd say one of the best I've gotten!

    After I finished freaking out over the bag, we headed, as I promised we would, over to Starbucks. We BOTH were in need of some coffee.

    While standing in line, there was a man in front of us with a stroller, and a few other people. I think some of the people ahead were looking over the pastry case, but we were just patiently waiting. Out of nowhere, this older woman comes up from behind us, mumbles angrily about how she's "NOT waiting in this line to get coffee", aaand proceeds to cut in front of all of us.

    Classy, right? Both Matt and I gave each other a look, then the guy in front of us did, saying, "Guess she really needed her coffee." I basically said something about her being rude, but then figured if she needs her coffee enough to get angry over a small line in the Magic Kingdom and then to cut everyone, I guess she's having a worse morning than us.

    We finally ordered our coffees, and the crab apple lady actually smiled at us as we turned to go wait for our coffee. Let's just say I didn't smile in return. Line cutters are the worst.

    But I didn't really care much because in no time, I was sippin' on a Pumpkin Spice Latte.


    For those of you keeping count, that would be trip number 5 to Starbucks so far during our trip... I told you, it's a sick, sick, addiction.

    I took a quick photo of the castle, and we turned around and headed out of the park.


    Easily the quickest visit I've ever made to the Magic Kingdom!

    As we walked out, I looked at Josh's wait times (easywdw.com/waits, which by the way, was awesome to have because it's not an app that will drain the crap out of your phone battery) to see what Animal Kingdom was looking like... aaand Expedition Everest was closed! Matt and I decided at that point that it wasn't worth it to go to AK that morning, and instead, we'd do something else at the top of our list...



    Our "must do on every trip" (thanks to Matt), Monorail Resort Loop Tooooour!

    Matt has made this something we do on every trip since our honeymoon. He used to do it growing up, so clearly it needs to continue for us. We go visit all 3 resorts on the monorail loop (not necessarily all at once, but sometimes we do) and enjoy looking around and basically exploring them!

    Our very first stop this morning was...



    The Polynesian!! We had plans to go do something specific here, so we skipped the Contemporary to head here first.

    We looked around for a few minutes before heading downstairs. We were looking for Captain Cook's, but weren't sure where exactly it was. Matt guided us in the right direction though. YAY for not getting lost!


    We walked up to the ordering screen, which I have to admit was nice. We were both going to initially order the same thing, but then decided to order two different things and split our breakfasts.

    This was very exciting to me because Matt is anti-sharing food. 95% of the time when we go out to eat and I want to try two dishes, I'll ask if he wants to order both and split them, and he won't. I am the QUEEN of loving a "smorgasbord" (Matt always gives me crap about it, hahaha) of food to eat vs. just one large portion of one thing. I'd rather have 3 smaller portions of 3 different things.

    Anyway, we put in our order, grabbed some drinks (Matt went with OJ, while I went with Chocolate Milk), and I went to find us a seat while Matt wait for our food to come out. He came back with a tray of deliciousnessssss.




    We decided to get a breakfast croissant and the most infamous and beautiful Tonga Toast! We were both going to get Tonga Toast initially, but then Matt mentioned the croissant looked good, and I agreed, so I suggested we do splitsies since Tonga Toast can DEFINITELY be a bit on the sweet side.

    Our food was delicious! I was happy to try the Tonga Toast this time with syrup instead of the strawberry compote they give you at Kona. It was really tasty with just a little syrup. And I'm glad we split the croissant sandwich, because that was the perfect balance to the sweetness of the Tonga Toast. See?! Me and my smorgaboard aren't so bad after all, right?

    After we finished eating, we headed outside to go explore the grounds. I know I've mentioned it a bajillion times, but I LOVE the grounds at the Poly.





    Continued in next post
  8. danimaroo

    danimaroo Active Member

    Chapter 15: "AND YOU!... YOU WERE DANCING IN IT!"
    Day Three: September 13th, 2013

    We walked around outside for a while, then decided to go inside because I remembered that we could buy fun things for our MagicBands at resorts that were testing them... and Poly was one of them! After a little bit of searching, we finally found them in the Jewelry store downstairs there.

    We decided to buy some fun Muppets.. um, thingies? I have no idea what the heck they're called, but you put them into the holes of your MagicBand... aaand some fun cover slips for the MagicBands! Matt was especially stoked about the Haunted Mansion one.


    After buying everything, we walked around the lobby and I went to take a photo of the waterfalls. A CM told me that every side of the waterfall was completely different, so clearly I did the smartest thing possible and took a photo of each side...





    So now you can see you have viewed every single side of that waterfall. You're welcome.

    We headed up the elevator, and said hello to the beautiful tiling and this awesome pattern on the wall.


    We headed out of the Poly to go and grab the monorail, as we had more resorts to explore.

    Our next stop on the loop, was of course the Grand Floridian.

    Upon walking in, we went straight over to Basin White, because I wanted to do a little shopping in there!

    I had remembered Lia (__disneygirl) mentioning how much she loved the shampoo and conditioner bars that they sell there, so I started checking those out.


    I looked at all of the different descriptions of the shampoo bars (since they have many choices for different types of hair) and decided to pick up the Basin White shampoo/conditioner and Satsuma shampoo/conditioner bars. You can get 4 for $25, which is a nice discount since on their own, the bars are $8 a piece.

    Now that I've been home from our trip for a few months... I have to say that I REALLY love these shampoo/conditioner bars! They leaving my hair VERY happy, and much happier. My hair gets pretty dry and frizzy in the cold/dry weather, so we'll see how this holds up. But for now, I'm really in love with these bars and I think they're worth the money. THANKS LIA!

    So anyway, we went up to buy everything and noticed that the CM working the register was from a town RIGHT next to ours, so we started talking to her and she got really excited, haha. She was SUPER nice and it's always fun running into people from this area!

    On our way out, I insisted I wash my hands finally with their wonderful Shea Salt Scrub. I gave the Pink Sugar a try and it left my hands feeling so soft and smelling lovely! I was tempted to get one of the jars but suitcase space was going to be limited, so I chose not to.


    We left Basin White and roamed around the Grand Floridian, which is still a favorite of mine.


    I also couldn't believe how close the Villas (which we zoomed past while on the monorail) are to being done! It's insane.

    We went into the store nearby to look around because Matt wanted to see if they had another Oswald lanyard. He wanted to have a second one that didn't have pin holes in it (from pin trading), but they didn't have any. We did pick up more of the Epcot and Haunted Mansion blind boxes though!

    While we checked out, we did some pin trading and got some goodies.

    Matt got Duffy dressed up as Dreamfinder (so adorable):


    And I got Pirate Dale and No Dancing pins!


    We went downstairs, hung out in the lobby for a few minutes before heading outside...


    Matt really wanted to go take a look at the Gasparilla Grill, because they had really changed it around. He was sad that the arcade wasn't the same as when he was little, since they decided to expand and have WAY more seating.

    We then went outside and it was beautiful. Those ladies in the photo had the right idea... except I'd probably melt sitting there after 10 minutes.


    We went back inside and I asked Matt if we could take the elevator up. I'm 5 and think that elevator is too cool.


    We had an awkward moment though where the family (who you can see in the photo above) were all standing in front of the elevator, waiting.. except none of them had pressed the button. They were too close to the doors/button for me to walk around them and push it, soooo we just kind of stood there, hoping they'd notice they never pressed the button, hahaha. It took a minute but they finally realized it.

    After our fabulous elevator ride, it was off to the Contemporary for us!

    So here is where something kind of hilarious and awesome happened during our trip...

    Matt and I get onto the monorail, where we see an older woman who is sitting in her scooter, and then another younger woman with a little baby and a stroller.

    As Matt and I go to sit down, the older woman is STARING at us and I started to think maybe I shouldn't have sat down because there was something on the seat?

    But we sat down and the woman finally blurts out "I JUST WATCHED A VIDEO OF YOU!!! AND YOU..." (at this point, she's pointing at Matt excitedly)... "AND YOU WERE DANCING IN IT!!"

    BAHAHAHA, she had definitely apparently just watched our last trip video! After we chatted a bit, it turned out she was part of a Facebook group that I'm in and had seen a link to the video, and told us how she watched it and her grand daughter loved it. Oh my gosh, it was both amazingly awesome and hysterical. The look on her face of total bewilderment and pointing at Matt, remember his "showboatin' around the world" dance.. Needless to say, it was pretty funny to be recognized for our trip video!

    They were a VERY nice family and were heading to MK, so they headed off at the next stop and we said goodbye, telling them to have a good day in Magic Kingdom.

    After saying goodbye to them, while on the monorail, I looked up to see if Expedition Everest was running again and it was STILL down! Thank goodness we changed our plans for this day, otherwise I'd have been super disappointed and it would have been a pretty quick trip to AK that morning.

    We got to the Contemporary and headed downstairs from the monorail to walk around a bit.



    We ran into the Contempo to see if they had the chocolate peanut butter cupcake, but they didn't. However, they did have a Root Beer Float one! I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I'm sure some people love it. I mean, I love Root Beer Floats, but i'm not sure about that in cupcake form.

    We left there and decided to walk over to Bay Lake Tower. Neither of us had ever been over there, so we were kind of excited to check it out!



    After walking over the sky bridge, it took us a second to figure out how to get to the lobby, but we finally got there.


    While walking down the hallway, I noticed that the scent they pump into Bay Lake Tower is 100% the exact same as the one at Beach Club! Like without a doubt, the same one. And just as a reminder, if you love that smell, you can buy it in lotion/shower gel/I'm sure other forms from Bath and Body Works. The scent is called Rainkissed Leaves. I may or may not own 7 bottles of the body lotion and 5 of the shower gels... because I never want to run out. I'm a little obsessed, but no big deal.

    ANYWAY, the lobby definitely had the super modern theme going on in there. Some of the chandeliers were pretty neat, too!


    I was glad we finally got over there to check it out!

    We headed outside to go and try to find the boat area, since there is a boat that goes from the Contemporary back to Wilderness Lodge. We stopped to ask a CM, who told us how to get there, and she complimented my Wreck-it Ralph bow I was wearing! She knew I'd picked it up on etsy, and we chatted about it for a while before finally heading over to the docks.

    Lucky for us, surprise surprise, a boat was waiting. We were totally spoiled by the boats! And I'm glad it was waiting, because the sun was really beating down over there.

    Next, we head off to DTD to finally meet one of our favorite families in the world!

    Continued in next post
  9. danimaroo

    danimaroo Active Member

    I have to admit, I was surprised you commented since you just got back from your trip! You are one dedicated lady!! I loved seeing all of your photos of your trip though on IG, and I can't WAIT for you to write a TR!! It looked like you guys had a wonderful trip!

    Anyway, thank you so much! I'm glad you loved the video and yeah, if you couldn't tell, we love Disney World, just a little bit, hahaha.

    Oh man, you so have to try it! It has a total cult following and more and more people are trying it! Matt and I are HUGE coconut fans, and custard fans, so basically, it's a match made in heaven for us. If you like those two things, you may like it! And it's actually not insanely crazy expensive, which is nice. :rotfl:
  10. Terkina

    Terkina Active Member

    The no dancing pin is really cool :cool1:
  11. STLMickeyMom

    STLMickeyMom Active Member

    Ok, first, especially when I'm at Disney--you know, the HAPPIEST place on earth--I try to cut people some slack if they're having a bad moment, but that chick at Starbucks needed a talking to! Who does that? Get your tushie to the back of the line and wait for your turn! Oh that's super annoying! Good for you for holding your tongue! I find that the older I get the more likely I am to say stuff and sometimes it's better to just let things go.

    I'm so impressed with your ninja skills! Way to sneak through that crowd! We're one of those families with a double stroller (and parent gawking at everything and totally not paying attention) getting in your way--sorry bout that! :rotfl:

    I'm not a bag person either--I stick my license, credit card and keys in my pocket and am good to go--but that haunted mansion bag is totally cute!! I'm in love with the black Vera Bradley one that came out not too long ago.

    I can't wait to see the grand Floridian for the first time when we go for dinner there. I so want to go into basin white too!
  12. lilaurora

    lilaurora Member

    Hi, Dani! I am really enjoying your TR! Just a quick comment about rude lady at Starbucks. Other than her attitude needing adjusting, I was just there on Sunday and they were ordering people who were not getting a pastry/baked good/etc. to skip forward to order their drinks. It really seemed to help curb the line backup. Can't wait to hear more!!
  13. danimaroo

    danimaroo Active Member

    I agree! It was one I'd been wanting for a while!! :)

    Yeah, she was just rude. I mean, if she'd asked everyone before literally cutting us all, she'd have known that we were waiting for coffee. It was just ridiculous. I usually say stuff but this was one of those times it wasn't worth it.

    Hahaha, it's all good. It was more funny than anything else! I just made my way through, and Matt? Noooot so much.

    Ahh thank you! I love it, too. It's a fabulous bag!

    The GF is so beautiful and perfect, I love it! I want to stay there again at some point!

    Thank you. :)

    This was how they were doing it, too, but they were only doing it sporadically, mainly if they had an employee around to tell people to move forward if just ordering a drink only.

    But in this situation, there was a line of people and there was no one around telling people to move ahead if we were just buying coffee, which is exactly what the two of us were doing. She could have VERY easily asked us and the man in front of us if we were waiting for food or drinks, but instead, she very loudly said she didn't want to wait for her coffee and rushed past all of us.

    Also, there weren't any registers actually open, so even if we wanted to move forward, we really couldn't. She literally walked in front of everyone and stood behind someone at a register.

    In every other experience we had there, most people would wait in the line and go to the next available register from the line, instead of just choosing a random register and waiting there.

    Trust me, the woman was straight up rude, haha. Everyone in the line just stared at her, it was bizarre... but really not worth saying something. She seemed like the type who would cause a huge scene in the middle of Disney World... all over her coffee.
  14. Jenasweetemotion

    Jenasweetemotion ♥ Disney Lover ♥

    I love your Dooney bag. I have been eying it ever since it came out. I love bath and body works. I have a candle that they sell that reminds me of Soarin' called Paris Daydream. Anyway look forward to the next update!
  15. gracer9977

    gracer9977 Happiness is Disney

    I really like that Haunted Mansion Bag, it would totally be worth the change of plans and the ninja moves to get to it. :) Even better that you got a discount and had a gift card.

    Rude people are just so obnoxious. I just keep my mouth shut cause sometimes it is just not worth it to say anything. I just think that at some point Karma will get them. Although I have to say if you are talking or doing something obnoxious in a movie theater then I will be all over you cause that makes me nuts. :headache:

    Love the pictures from the different resorts. Thank you so much for our tour of all 4 sides of the Poly waterfall. ;)

    So great that people recognized you from your trip video. That is so cool!! I imagine that will start happening more and more - you are like Disney Celebrities :cool1:

    Thanks for the update, can't wait for more. popcorn::
  16. shan23877

    shan23877 I make lists about my lists

    Love the Dooney! I'm not really an expensive purse person either, but you had to get that one.

    I finally gave in to the pull of Basin on our last trip. I didn't get any of the shampoo/conditioner bars, but some of the body butter and a jar of the shea scrub definitely came home with me. Pick some up next time, totally worth it!
  17. smile4stamps

    smile4stamps Active Member

    Okay.. so I was terribly behind in your report! I opened it when you first started it and then my computer turned off and I hadn't subscribed and I didn't realize that so yeah.. I'm caught up now!!

    You and Matt are just so cute and I love that you both have such a great love for Disney!

    Your low September crowds are making me thing we should go the end of September/beginning of October but I'm not so sure on the heat! Although the trip I just got back from was SO hot as well and I'm not sure if its hotter in September or the same! We finally got a brak on the humidity our last few days and it was so nice.

    Flying first class must have been awesome. I'd love to be able to do so but alas we fly Southwest and no first class. I'd also love an earlier flight and be able to have ME shlep our bags for us!

    The boats from WL are awesome! One of our favorite reasons for stayign there!

    We were just there for 8 days and not once did we put on our bathing suits! :confused3 Love that you were able to get pics in the pool but Boo on the thunderstorm ruining it!

    The Dooney bag is awesome! Much bigger than I expected!

    I don't remember what else I wanted to comment on but I can't wait to read more!
  18. Harters2WDW

    Harters2WDW Member

  19. khertz

    khertz Proud member of the WHO DAT NATION!!

    :lmao: I decided to try and get caught up on TR's while waiting (IMPATIENTLY!) for DH to start editing our pics so I can get mine going. And of course, I love keeping up with the adventures of Dani & Matt, so yours was one of the first I went to!

    Anyway, for your update...

    I'm so happy for you that you got the HM D&B! A friend from work asked me to look for one for her, but yeah, that was a lost cause. The pricetag is pretty big, but sometimes you just have to spoil yourself! I have a Mickey D&B I love, and the only reason I felt okay getting it was because I'm not a bag person either, so I'll use this one for a long time before I need another one. Did you know there's a whole Disney D&B group on Facebook and those women have dozens of bags??? I joined to ask a question about the letter carrier bag, and was amazed!

    Holy rude lady at Starbucks! I don't know what it is about some people that they think lines just aren't meant for them too.

    A monorail resort tour is a great way to spend the morning! Especially since AK was obviously just not going to work out for you. And for the record, I totally agree with you on splitting food, and DH doesn't like to do it either!
  20. DisneyKid4Life

    DisneyKid4Life Active Member

    See, now THAT would make for an awesome video... or movie.... NINJA DANI IN THE LAND OF MAGIC! I'd buy a ticket.

    Haha, what happened to Matt ALWAYS happens to me. I always get stuck behind a big group right after the rest of MY group passes by.

    Ah Yay, I guessed the purchase right (granted with a little cheat from social media), but still YAY!

    OMG that Starbucks lady is priceless. Honestly, I know when things like that happen I should feel angry, and in the real world I probably would, but in Disney I just find it so ridiculous. THIS is what you choose to get angry and rude about!!?? Oy!

    Yup, I also turn to Josh for for wait times and well general info!! Good call!!

    Dani, I'm curious how the Magic Band dangles held up as I've heard they tend to fall off a lot. But they do look cool!

    Arrrhhhhhgggggg I want a No Dancing Pin so bad!!! I don't even pin trade but I NEED THAT PIN!

    Haha, that's so wonderful about being recognized from that video! I remember you posting about that. Too cute!

    This is one reason why I'm so enjoying these September TR's. I love all the overlapping and similar stories but from a different perspective!!
  21. norybell

    norybell Active Member

    Catching up...

    Love your trip video! And how awesome that some random monorail people recognized you both!

    I totally agree about the Soarin' film. I've always thought it would really fit in with Epcot if they did an international one. I'm not going to hold my breath, though.

    I LOVE that D&B bag. It's beautiful. And I love it that it's Disney, but subtle Disney, if you know what I mean.

    Love the pics from your monorail tour...especially of the Poly. The Poly is my favorite place. It's breaking my heart that they're going to change the lobby. :guilty:

    I much prefer Tonga Toast with just syrup. The strawberry is what pushes it into too-sweet territory, I think.

    I'm so glad you guys had such good luck with the boats! The only time I stayed at WL was in a January, and I had really bad luck with the boats, which was a shame because it was actually chilly outside (hard to imagine, I know!), and, of course, chilly on the boats, meaning I spent a lot of time standing around shivering, and I never felt quite warm on that trip. It was still a good trip, of course, but my WL memories are a bit goosebump-covered.

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