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The DIS Dad's Club V - Man's Room

Discussion in 'DIS Dads' started by Emma's Dad, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. Pirates4me

    Pirates4me New Member

    Ours is the Carousel of Progress. Love that attraction and make sure we go on it at least once every trip.
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  3. Cinderella's Fella

    Cinderella's Fella <font color=red>DIS Dad #215<br><font color=brown>

    We like watching the parade from the curb in front of Tony's. It's the one thing we do every trip.
  4. DisneyFed

    DisneyFed New Member

    For some reason we always mark the arrival with Lunch at Earl of Sandwich....:goodvibes

    Just sets the tone for us...:goodvibes:goodvibes

    We kind of browse around Downtown, then check in...:happytv:

    Looking forward to 17 October!!!:woohoo:
  5. Captain_Oblivious

    Captain_Oblivious <font color=red>DIS Dad #257<br><font color=green>

    "The spirit of Captain Oblivious"? I'm trying to picture that. If I had to guess, it would be rambling, off-the-wall, somewhat incoherent and slightly flatulent.

    I think for us, it's the monorail. The technology is now 40 years old or so, yet it still feels futuristic. I used to want to ride it all the time when I was a kid. Now my kids can't get enough of it. If there's any chance we can get to a park via monorail instead of a bus, we do it (come to think of it, we do the same with the boats, too). We'll even ride it at night without any intention of going into the parks, just to see MK and Epcot all lit up.

    What do you think--who's having more fun here?

  6. GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes

    GoofyIsAsGoofyDoes <font color=red>DDC 469<br><font color=royalblue>N

    As a family, we have several seemingly trivial and unimportant stops that we are just compelled to make at each park, but if I HAVE to pick just one, the unanimous choice for everyone in my warped little household would be Ice Station Cool at EPCOT.

    Disney changed the name to Club Cool after rebuilding and completely reworking the physical appearance of this of this little drink stand in about 2005 (depriving it of nearly all its original charm and whimsy in my opinion), but you can still drop in anytime and get free samples of soft drinks more common in other parts of the world. Each of us has our favorite (mine being the ginger ale from Mozambique), but we also get a kick out if watching the reactions of the newbies just as they take their first big gulp of the “Italian Stuff” (yah, I know that’s awful, but it’s usually pretty dang funny too :stir: ).
  7. stopher1

    stopher1 <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    Actually, it would be more around 51 years old - at least in the Disney universe. But Walt and his crew didn't dream up the system themselves for the original application at Disneyland in 1959. Rather, they co-opted it from Germany. And both the DL and WDW versions have been updated several times through the years with all new trains... so what we all ride on today at WDW is actually the 3rd incarnation of the original WDW fleet. Not to get too technical on ya there, Mark! Because you're absolutely right - no matter how old the technology is ... it still feels futuristic and downright cool. :thumbsup2
  8. FreezinRafiki

    FreezinRafiki <font color=red>DDC 322<br><font color=navy>Cold e

    I was having a conversation with a cast member about this a few years ago. She said she grew up in Maine, and jumped at the chance to come to Florida on the College Program. She was excited about the sun, the warm weather, etc. The first job they gave her? Shoveling snow in the ice cave that was the original entrance to Ice Station Cool! :rotfl2:

    And during our last trip, on my back to the Land Pavilion after getting FastPasses to Test Track, I swung by Club Cool just to have a Beverly. That nasty taste is uniquely Disney to me!:thumbsup2
  9. that's nice

    that's nice <font color=red>DDC #330 <img src=http://photopost

    Way to ruin the poor guys fun! :thumbsup2

    It's ok Mark.... I will reprimand Chris and send him to his room (although that isn't really bad considering all the WDW memorabilia he will get to look at!)
  10. stopher1

    stopher1 <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    Ok, I've found a few more old shots from Disneyland in the 1980's.

    These first few are from CIRCUS FANTASY, which was a special promotion that ran in the park in the early months, like Jan - Mar in 1986, 87 and 88. Back in those days seasonal promotions were the norm - not the year, year-and-a-half or two-year promos we see today (i.e. Year of a Million Dreams, What Will You Celebrate?, etc). Other promos in those days included Blast to the Past, which celebrated the 1950's, as well as State Fair - which... you guessed it... was in celebration of your typical State Fair - with an actual Ferris Wheel placed in the center of the Hub (where the Partners statue stands today - directly in front of the castle!)

    Here's a pic of a button from the promo. Buttons used to be such a big thing... only to be replaced by pins. Sigh. I have so many buttons from the past that just sit in a box.

    This was a full on circus brought in to the park. There were aerialists and acrobats above Main Street - with an actual high wire and trapeze equipment on the rooftops with the acts actually taking place over Main Street. There was a big top set up behind Big Thunder Mountain at the Big Thunder Ranch, and lots of various shows going on here and there. Additionally there was a parade that featured live animals, clowns, and other performers.

    Here are a few shots from the parade, taken while standing in the Hub, looking north up the parade route, with the Matterhorn in the background.



    Oh look - Fed's friendly transport must have been on vacation before heading back to the desert...

    This particular float has been featured in many, many DL parades through the years - usually carrying princesses and the like, but here - a bunch of clowns



    This one is hard to see, as s/he already pretty much passed by, but on the right side, the person in pink is a stilt walker.

    And then finally - something totally unrelated to Circus Fantasy - but still kind of fun....

    this shot was taken in 1983 at the Tomorrowland Stage, located directly in front of and below the queue for Space Mountain and which was closed in 1984 to make way for the construction that would then enclose it making a brand new theatre in 1985 for the upcoming 1986 premiere of Captain Eo! However before Captain Eo premiered, the theatre was used for a limited time run of Magic Journeys... remember that one from Epcot? Here is one of the fun old, flashy stage shows they like to put on there - "ShowBiz Is..." featuring the Fab 5 themselves.

  11. Captain_Oblivious

    Captain_Oblivious <font color=red>DIS Dad #257<br><font color=green>


    Yes, yes... and Rick never actually says, "Play it again, Sam" in Casablanca...

    Anyway, the point was that it's been around forever, but looks and feels exotic and futuristic. And we totally agree there!

    Make sure he gets a nice cold glass of Beverly. :thumbsup2
  12. stopher1

    stopher1 <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    Of course now - when I get home - I want to pull out my toy monorail and set it up and watch it go round and round and push the button making it give the dialog. :)
  13. stopher1

    stopher1 <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    Just messin' with ya there Mark! :rotfl: Gotta find SOME way to turn a boring Friday afternoon into a fun one.
  14. stopher1

    stopher1 <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    For any of you waiting on Candlelight Processional package info (Zerfs - I KNOW you are)... here's an update.

    I just saw on Facebook a posting from Walt Disney World ("like" their page any FB folks to get updated info)...

    CP packages will go on sale August 26th. The list of narrators will be fully confirmed by then, but until then, here's the schedule as it stands today:

    •Isabella Rossellini – 11/26 – 28
    •TBD – 11/29 – 12/1
    •TBD – 12/2 – 4
    •TBD – 12/5 – 6
    •Jodi Benson – 12/7 – 9
    •Whoopi Goldberg – 12/10 – 11
    •Steven Curtis Chapman – 12/12 – 15
    •Thomas Gibson – 12/16 – 18
    •Trace Adkins – 2/19 – 21
    •Brad Garrett – 12/22 – 23
    •TBD – 12/24 – 27
    •Marlee Matlin / Jack Jason – 12/28 – 30
  15. FreezinRafiki

    FreezinRafiki <font color=red>DDC 322<br><font color=navy>Cold e

    No, basically it was "you did one so I'm going to do one too." Peer pressure, essentially. Please don't jump off a bridge, because I may have to also. And I hate proving my mother right. :sad2::rotfl2:
  16. HoustonDan

    HoustonDan New Member

    We've only been twice, but I think we'll always have to do the TTA and It's A Small World. Or, at least, I'll always want to do them so we'll ALL have to do them. Oh yeah, and Tom Sawyer's Island.
  17. dvczerfs

    dvczerfs New Member

    thanks stopher!!:thumbsup2
  18. dvczerfs

    dvczerfs New Member

    well, left this morning at 4:30am to beat the traffic into philly. dw and i had a nice time, we walked around center city for a few hours. (bought 10 soft pretzells for $6 at the philly pretzell factory.) we had breakfast at the middletown rest. with some of phillys finest in blue. the radiation oncologist said there were two treatments for the optic nerve. a one time "zap" or a 8 week, monday thriugh friday in philly "trickle zaps" shes leaning towards the one time zap since she is blind in that eye already. we have to see the nero surg. for his take on it than the three doctors, including the dr who did the operation, get together and agree on which treatment is best.were also hoping for the one time zap. we go back aug.18th. to the other two drs. i even seen a women, bout 28 or so, walking down walnut street, wearing a new york yankee t-shirt.:scared1: there are two things you dont wear to philly, your yankee shirt or your dallas cowboy shirt. this lady had to be nuts!!! i dont know how far she got but i didnt hang around to find out. :eek:maybe they would let her off the hook because she was a female but wow!!! :eek: thats like wearing a redsox hat in yankee stadium.:worship:
  19. AirGoofy

    AirGoofy <font color=red>DIS Dad#341<br><font color=darkorc

    Glad it's not just me. I have the castle. Can't decide if I want to buy Epcot or the monorail.
  20. stopher1

    stopher1 <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    I have a Haunted Mansion on my toyshe...err, bookshelf in my office, too!
  21. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    I'm sorry Sir, I did not see you playing with your dolls again:lmao:
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