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The *ALL NEW* Polynesian Resort FAQ thread - *APRIL 2009*

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by SeaSpray, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Luvamouse

    Luvamouse New Member

    If I wasn't so exhausted from getting ready (clean chicken coop, bunny coops, laundry...) I'd be literally jumping up and down!

    But it goes by soooo fast! Pretty soon, you'll be down to a few days! I can't believe we are nearly out of here!

    How exciting!

    Wow! I so know the feeling! Isn't it exciting!?!?

    You arrive as we depart! How awesome to be LVCL!!

    But kaffinito...we will all (well, the 5 or so of us at least...) be lounging by the pool this time, next weekend ;) Hang in there!!
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  3. Carrie772

    Carrie772 Resolve to Recycle!

    Whoa! I am gone for 2 days and you up and move and post 3 pages worth of chat! So glad to be here and enjoy the day and Tikiman's new site. Gotta tell ya'. I was worried!

    It's a great big beautiful tomorrow/today!
  4. kandcmch

    kandcmch New Member

    We just finished cleaning house and all packing is done other than bathroom items. We are getting so excited! Can someone tell us what dole whip is and tonga toast? or what is in them?? :confused3 We might want to try them.
  5. mmmears

    mmmears New Member

    Dole whip is one of my DD's favorites. It's a pineapple-flavored soft-serve ice cream (that's the best way I can explain it). If you buy it in the MK or DL, you can get it as a float on top of pineapple juice -- it's really good that way!

    Tonga Toast is the huge, cinammony, banana-stuffed french toast that they serve at Kona Cafe and Captain Cook's for breakfast. There are photos of it all over these boards -- it's a favorite of many posters!
  6. mmmears

    mmmears New Member

    See you in the lounge! We'll be there the week after Easter.:)

    Sorry you've got to deal with the snow -- just a few more days, though, and you're out of there!:cloud9:
  7. OandA

    OandA But Enough of This Palaver, Lets Get This Show On

    Awesome new thread. I'm going in August and the last thread has given me hours of exciting reading!
  8. kandcmch

    kandcmch New Member

    My DH said both of those sound good so we will have to give them a try! Thanks for that information
  9. Pugsly

    Pugsly New Member

    (Mr.) InfernoGirl and PolyAddict - looks like my DS and I will be there at the same time as you! If you're half as excited as I am (this is our first stay at the Poly), then you're already VERY excited!

    See you on the beach!
  10. TheIncredibles

    TheIncredibles Disney Renaissance for us; Disney discovery for th

    I think we too have made the successful jump through hyperspace and into the new thread! Subscribing - cheers to all!
  11. PolyAddict

    PolyAddict Our City Our Home...Finish Strong

    Wonderful-we can't wait either. We have so much going on in April/May that i expect June here before we know it.:thumbsup2
  12. PolyAddict

    PolyAddict Our City Our Home...Finish Strong

    We are in Metairie, born and raised. We ended up in Indiana after evacuating Katrina. Dh has family there. Wonderful community welcolmed us with open arms.:worship:
  13. Woosterguy

    Woosterguy New Member

    Thanks to all for the easy transition to a new home and all the news and information.
  14. lissiesmum

    lissiesmum New Member

    yipee! Wonderful news! I love the dole whips and good to know I can eat it daily at the Poly. Thanks a bunch :)
  15. WOODY13

    WOODY13 New Member

    Has anyone ever taken anything like coffee and a sweet roll from concierge and eaten it out at the tables by the quiet pool ? I enjoy having my coffee by the pool in the morning but I don't want to do it if I'm not supposed to. Also is the menu for concierge evening food offerings that is posted on the first page of this thread acurate? I noticed it is from 04/14/2008. Thanks for your help.
  16. When my family and I stayed there we took some foods and drinks back to our room, so there is nothing wrong with taking stuff out of the lounge. As for the menu that's what it was when we stayed in December 2007 and if it has changed I am sure someone would update it.
  17. InfernoGirl

    InfernoGirl New Member

    No fair, I call foul play. LOL. Your are about 5 hrs closer than I am to WDW. Had to google to see where you are. I know the main towns are located but other than that, no clue. Yep us Hoosier are normally nice people but screw us and we will never forget it. LOL Glad it seems everything was ok for you after Katrina. I was stuck in Bolixi MS at the time for military training and they locked us down.

    So how do you locate fellow Dis members while on vaco?
  18. sm04

    sm04 New Member

    Thanks to all who continued this wonderful thread!
    My trip to the Poly is so close! I can't believe it! :yay::yay::yay:
  19. lissiesmum

    lissiesmum New Member

    good evening friends! I was hoping you could give me a rundown of times it takes on/waiting for the monorail. Specifically, how many minutes from:
    the GCH to the GF?
    the GCH to the MK?
    the TTC to Epcot?
    If you're standing at the monorail station and there's no monorail, approx how long before it circles back? Are there usually a lot of people waiting, if so, how much extra time would you add? I have an 8:00am character breakfast booked at both the MK and EPCOT and want to make sure I give myself enough time to get there.
    As usual, thanks for your help. You guys are great and I look forward to reading this thread throughout the day. I always feel like I've missed so much by the time I'm able to log on at night after I put DD to bed!
  20. TJM1976

    TJM1976 New Member

    Whew!! Time flies when you are readings all these postings!!! :surfweb: question... I've noticed that some of the Poly rooms have a "balcony" and some have a "fence". Fence meaning there is no room for a patio chair. Is it luck of the draw if you are assigned a balcony or fence room? Or if you book a lagoon view, those have balconies?

    I realize 1st floor rooms have the small patio.
  21. mmmears

    mmmears New Member

    There's no way to guarantee it -- it's luck of the draw, but you can request it.:)
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