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Show Me Your DCL Lithographs

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by ludari, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. super mike b

    super mike b New Member

    I have filled in a few blanks for you. Don also does a litho for New Years and Christmas. Each cabin gets one. If you are lucky enough to have him on your cruise he will also sign them. Once in a while, you also get a chance to buy the originals or artist proofs at silent auction.
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  3. dad4dis

    dad4dis New Member

    Great lithos, thanks for sharing!
  4. Eeyore'sthebest

    Eeyore'sthebest DIS Veteran<br><font color=darkorchid>Not So Tagle

    Thank you for the explanation of where they came from. :thumbsup2
  5. Imagineer2Be

    Imagineer2Be New Member

    I was very disappointed to not get one on the second Hawaii cruise. We are going on a New Years 2013 -2014 cruise and I hope we get one on that cruise. (Fingers crossed)
  6. Spurr002

    Spurr002 New Member

    Did they do one for the final inaugural cruise on the Dream? We'll be sailing on the final inaugural for the Fantasy (not CL) and I was wondering if our stateroom would have one.
  7. Orbitron

    Orbitron New Member

    Your lithographs look great. We only have one and just managed to get it framed today, after almost a year! :)

  8. cruisecrasher

    cruisecrasher New Member

    We got a set of Don Ducky Williams litho cards all of the refurb plans for this fall. We were not CL, but it was during our Magic cruise on the day they announced the upcoming refurb plans. Later the same cruise they had a presentation for the CMs from the brass when we were having a port day in Port Canaveral.
  9. alagille

    alagille Member

    We are leaving to board the Fantasy on the Oct 5th sailing. Any recent concierge cruisers know how big the current lithograph is? I am looking to buy a photo mat to have characters sign. thanks
  10. Lisa Lisa

    Lisa Lisa New Member

    We were on the Dream two weeks ago and ours is 16x20 -- bigger than I expected. I haven't had a chance to have it framed yet.

  11. nunzia

    nunzia You can't top pigs with pigs, but you CAN top Toys

    I have the Pixar one..framed and hanging. I love it :)

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