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Shout out to all the Dissers from PA!!

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by Disneymom77, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. artemis908

    artemis908 EPCOTnaut

    We're from the Willow Grove area, though I will forever be a "Jersey Girl" ;)
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  3. DatMouse

    DatMouse Born with My Ears

    :thumbsup2 Great wooden rollorcoasters and the best bumpercars anywhere.
  4. DatMouse

    DatMouse Born with My Ears

    Born and raised in North Jersey near all the ski areas.
  5. mabreu75

    mabreu75 New Member

    Hi Pocono Mountains Here! Born and raised in North Jersey, Morris County :))
  6. DatMouse

    DatMouse Born with My Ears

    Me too. In both Jefferson twp. and West Milford.
  7. amyvits

    amyvits New Member

    From Palmyra, just outside Hershey. Disney-bound in June 2013!!! Kids' first time and I can't wait!!
  8. Li Li

    Li Li New Member

    I'm new too and next door to you in Hershey! *waves* 😃
  9. showers2flowers

    showers2flowers New Member

    ...Lewisburg, to be exact. Planning our first trip to WDW in January, and these boards have already been a tremendous help. I had originally booked us at POFQ, but just switched to AKL on Thursday, thanks to the RO discount. I wouldn't have had the first clue how to navigate that transaction were it not for the DIS boards!

    On the driving vs. flying thing--I think I'm weird, because I actually WANTED to drive the 18-ish hours that it would take for us to get there by car. I love road trips. Unfortunately, I am married to someone who does not love them, so we are flying out of Baltimore instead.

    I am so excited about this trip, and so is our six year old son. DH, not so much, but he's slowly warming to it!
  10. Angebee

    Angebee New Member

    PA people!! I didn't think there were any, and some are even on my side of the state! :hyper:

    We drove for the first 4/5 family trips from about an hour south of Lake Erie (still my location) when I was a kid. We'd take two days and stay a night around Statesville, North(?) Carolina, but my grandparents would drive straight through by leaving very early, packing food and using drive-thru windows, and switching drivers each had a chance to sleep and they'd arrive in Orlando within a day. I never asked how fast they drove.... We'll be flying for our trip at the end of February.
  11. Mickeymac5

    Mickeymac5 New Member

    I haven't personally been on the Autotrain but my parents have and they love it. Letbme know if you have any questions and I can ask them for you.
  12. Mickeymac5

    Mickeymac5 New Member

    We're from Bucks County
  13. tleager

    tleager New Member

    We live in Southern Lancaster County, not far from the Maryland line. My DH and I prefer to drive. We are headed down in June for a Busch Garden, Sea World, and WDW vacation, we'll be gone for 15 days:woohoo:[/COLOR]
  14. princesspat209

    princesspat209 New Member

    Live in Honesdale Pa. in the heart of the poconos. We will be doing a Disney cruise Feb. 9-16 then spending the 16-28 @ Disney,s OKW. Great way to avoid a cold or snowy time in the northeast. :cool1::yay:
  15. weaves18

    weaves18 New Member

    We are from Northern Lancaster:) Really close to the the TP exit (Leb/Lanc). I prefer driving but the DH likes flying...we are also going in June right when school lets out (for me at least, I am a teacher in Southern Lanc.) but are headed on our first cruise and then a week at the beach! Have fun on your long vacation, I am still trying to talk the DH into going a few days early to catch a day or 2 at Disney:)
  16. LBlovesM&WDW

    LBlovesM&WDW New Member

    We live in Lancaster County (Jersey girl at heart)and always drive. If we start after I get home from work, we drive as far as we can get without it being a ridiculous hour(usually VA). If we leave early in the morning, we drive to GA or so. We sometimes stop for a day in St. Augustine and then drive the 2 hours to WDW in the morning. We really like the drive, stop where we want to and feel it's part of the vacation.
  17. tcpm

    tcpm New Member

    Hey I live in Florida now but I grew up in Pennsylvania. I live in nepa. Near Wilkes Barre/ Scranton area. How is the weather been?
  18. Ds4angels

    Ds4angels New Member

    Another SEPA poster here. Joined just a little while ago. Trying to figure out our best plan of action for our Feb'13 trip.:thumbsup2
    We drive down. Leave very early 1st day and drive to GA. Then w/ all things being good, we'll be in Disney mid afternoon.
    We like driving so it works out well for us. We normally go w/ our camper but don't want to waste another day of vacation while hauling the camper south:hourglass
  19. GimmeMoreMagic

    GimmeMoreMagic New Member

    New here as well, from Pottstown Pa. Smack dab between philly and reading
  20. Amandas4

    Amandas4 A little Obsessed

    Stroudsburg area here. No way are we driving. If it was just DH and I maybe but not with 4 kids, one and 19 month old who hates to be in the car for more than 5 minutes.

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