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  1. DMGeurts

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    Feb 25, 2008
    Hahaha... Leave it to you to notice the details... I didn't even see that.

    That was the funniest picture ever - IMO. We talk to him all the time - but what's even funnier is that we talk FOR him... Hahaha... Poor guy - he has all sorts of adventures that he doesn't know about.

    Shoot... Well, I am counting it - because Suzi can vouch for me.

    Thanks! I really like it too... I am going to try to make a better version of it when our PP cd comes though - I think my scan of that picture turned out a bit blurry.

    I know... I was so miffed. And I was soooo nervous that we would miss Suzi. It was JUST as important for me to say Goodbye to her as it was for her to welcome us to WDW. I honestly would have been in tears if we would have missed them.

    Yah - it was super awesome. I am very glad we were able to meet up as much as we did. It really helped that she was so flexible.

    Hi Lois!

    Thanks! I do plan on keeping it, but I hope that the one that comes on my PP cd is a bit clearer than the photo I scanned - my avatar just looks a little blurry to me.

    I am glad you are enjoying my TR... I can't imagine making all those beads - I think it's too tedious for me, and I would lose my mind. Hahaha...

    I totally understand... I Just appreciate you stopping by. And thank you for all the compliments!

    I am so glad you are feeling better... However, I would much rather be sick after vacation than during, that's for sure!

    I hope she posts more soon... There is ONE picture in particular that I am waiting impatiently for her to post, but it's still on her memory card. Sigh...

    Thanks for saying that Lois... I am sure I will keep that bit of advice tucked away in the back of my brain until I need to dig it out and use it... I hope I can transition our relationship as well as you did.

    That is an excellent idea!!! I am thinking it will have to be 2015? I don't think I could do it as early as next year? But it's something I really want to do.

    Feel free to take up as much of my space as you'd like... I don't mind - you know that. I hope you have a wonderful day... And thanks for the advice about Dawn... I always use the green though (for dishes) - I wonder if the green would work the same?

    Yes! That would be awesome Chiara!!! We should plan something!

    Thank you!

    Thanks Lillian! It was a fantastic lunch... So, are foods like this pretty common where you live? Or is it just Disney's version of Norway? I have heard they are pretty accurate, so I am just curious.

    It's coming quick!!! I am happy to see that you are making a dent in some of your projects! That's awesome! I am curious to seet he Minnie Mouse Bag you are crocheting.

    Well, then it should be pretty easy for me to catch up. LOL

    This is just awful! I hope that you will be OK... I am sorry, I don't know much about blood clots... Are they still there? Do they go away on their own? Or is this something you will have to be cautious about for the rest of your life?

    Hahaha... I am not familliar with the song - but it sure sounds accurate to our situation. LOL

    Oh no Lynee... I hope you are able to still stop by once in a while.


    Anytime! They are a great group of people!

    I know - he isn't supposed to be up there... Sigh.

    It was very good!

    Thank you!

    Oooh - I hope they have a great trip - they will if they are staying at FQ. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

    That does sound rather nap inducing... LOL

    Yah - I find the girls and I have better character interaction with the face characters vs. the costumed characters that can't talk. I think it's because they are older now?

    It's pretty awesome!

    Ahhh... We never would have gone there either, if we wouldn't have stumbled in there to get some air. LOL

    I know... It really makes me NOT want to stay at a monorail resort...

    Thank you!

    Thanks Sarah!

    I just wonder if those problems are constant? The Monorails are getting older, and I am sure the maintenance issues are constant. I wonder if they will ever replace them with newer versions? Or if there are even newer versions to replace them with?

    V really liked them... They looked a little bland to me, but she likes her things really bland - so maybe they were? LOL

    Hahaha... NO!


    Thanks Kathy!

    I know - it is such a sad picture...

    Yah - I think we will start to be much more like you in that regard.

    Welcome!!! Yah - those beignets are WELL worth the trip to FQ, IMO... I could go for some right this moment... They are ahhhh-mazing with my morning coffee. :thumbsup2

    Awesome! I am glad you liked it! And thank you! Glad to have someone else following along. It keeps me motivated to have people who like to read what I write. LOL

    I can see where that would make sense...

    Hmmm... Interesting observation!

    Thanks Ruth! Well, that's probably because I am never sure of it. LOL My brain thinks one way sometimes, and my fabric thinks another way - and getting them to agree is sometimes tricky. LOL

    I know... I look out side and I really want to walk - and no matter which direction I go - it's hills... :rolleyes1

    Thanks Bob!!!

    Ha! So that's what it is? I am timing out? Well... I've learned my lesson after losing so many of my replies... Now, before I post, I highlight my entire post and copy it... So, if the Dis pulls anything on me, I can just paste it into a new post. It's happened more times than I can count. :sick:

    I don't... I just do it right here in a regular reply, but I do copy it before I hit post, so I don't lose it.

    I knew you were late, but I didn't realize that you didn't get to board THAT bus! Did you ever complain to Disney? I would send them off a nice LONG email about that one, because that is rediculous! On our March 2012 trip, we had almost the exact same thing happen to us - it was TERRIBLE trying to get through the airport and through security, then make it to our flight on time. I've decided that next time, I am going to ask if we can have an earlier ME time - I know that you can ask for it and there are no guarantees, but it would make me feel so much better if we could get to the airport a bit earlier.

    We should have waited around a little longer... but I was starting to get teary eyed, so it was probably best that we left, had I known though - we would have stuck around.

    Yes, it's an appetizer buffet... So meats/cheeses/breads/salads... Then you order your main dish and it's delivered to your table, and the dessert is served family style ~ahem~ = free refills... Who can pass up free refills on dessert? LOL

    Awesome! Yah - it was very good... I am pretty sure it's gone on to our "must do" list... Unfortunately - I think we are up to 18 day trips now, if we want to accomplish all of our must dos. LOL

    Yah - lesson learned, always allow more time if using the Monorail.

    That is awesome that you were able to coordinate a ride share like that!

    Hahaha... I know... I felt bad for her. I should have hopped up and offered to do a photo with her.

    It wasn't too bad...

    Thanks Brenda! It was a super fun bag to make!

    I woulnd't be surprised if they have a stash of them hidden under the seats though. LOL

    It wasn't bad... I didn't tell you all about the little girl sitting next to us, who threw her food at me. LOL I thought it was quite comical - but her family was terribly embarassed... She was only about 2, and I have a soft spot for kids - so it wasn't a big deal.


    Yesterday was a fun day! I always enjoy my shopping trips with BFF!

    Probably the best part, is that I carried my Donald bag... BFF hadn't seen it in person yet - and since it's a new pattern that I just drafted before I left on my trip, she wanted to check it out. Which she did... LOL I only had one comment on it all day - someone walked up to me and accused me of murdering a duck... :confused3 I think I threw her off guard when I told her "I did". LOL

    We started off our shopping adventure at JoAnn's... I needed ONE item... That's it. I walked out with 6! :rolleyes1 Shame. On. Me. I told BFF that from now on, I was sending her in with my list... I am not allowed to go in there anymore... For the record - BFF is doubtful it will work out. Hahaha!

    Then we went to Target... I purchased WAAAAY too much! In my defense... I didn't grocery shop the week we left on our trip. I did not grocery shop the week we came back. So, this is my first REAL grocery shopping trip in 6 weeks... It was time. My total at Target started at $187, after coupons, my Team Member discount, my Red Check Card discount and my Cartwheel, I paid $110. I was happy with that. Even though I didn't have a lot on my list - I had a TON of big ticket items like Toilet Paper and Paper Towels - which are expensive.

    After Target, we went to the grocery store... Again, I purchased way too much. My beginning balance was $148 and after Store coupons and Manufacturer coupons, I paid $90 and change. So, still pretty good. Unfortunately, my budget for groceries was $200 this time, so I was right on budget. But I did get a lot for my $$, so that's good.

    I also had to purchase the girls' yearbooks last night... Grrr... Now that's a hefty chunk of change that NEEDS to be in our budget from here forward. I order them at the beginning of the year, because then you can have their names embossed on the outside (after having Alli's first Middle School yearbook stolen on the last day of school in 6th grade... embossing the yearbooks with their names is a MUST DO)... So, if you order them early - you get a $10 discount. Total for 2 yearbooks (one for each of the girls) was $150! YIKES! And that's after the discount. Yup - next year, it will be in the budget.

    That's about all, for my boring life.

    I plan to work on my auction bag a little bit this weekend... I'd like to get it quilted and the applique started. I am really excited about this bag... I don't normally give out details - but let's see how many actually read what I write... It will have a holiday theme. :thumbsup2 However, I am not telling you which holiday it will be...

    Sorry - again - no outtakes from this portion of our trip...

    I hope you all have an amazing weekend...

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  3. DMGeurts

    DMGeurts Never open texts with the "Hand Sewn Button" attac

    Feb 25, 2008
    This was such a sad time in our trip... We so enjoyed having Suzi and clan in Disney with us, and we hated to see them go! But we were so happy to have the time with them that we did.

    We left you on the Monorail, headed back to MK and eventualy back to FQ. I don't know how long we were stranded on the Monorail - like I said - we didn't have anywhere to be, so we just waited it out.

    Eventually, we made it to MK, we exited the Monorail and went to the FQ bus line. We were still very hot and tired.


    We went back to FQ, we all showered and changed.

    At some point here, I sent a text to Tasha (Nurse Mommy4) and asked her if her and her dd were doing anything for dinner. My girls really enjoy spending time with Tasha, and we haven't been able to spend much time with her dd. She texted us back, saying that her dd had already eaten, but she would love to join us.


    So, we met her at her room and decided to take the boat to DTD and try WPE...


    Love this picture of us - we are such DORKS! ::yes::

    We love taking the boat to DTD... I really wish we could have spent more time doing that, it's so relaxing. But it just seems that the heat takes so much energy out of us, by the time we got back to the resort most nights, we could barely make it to the Food Court, muchless anywhere else.

    Seriously! Look at how cute these girls are! Clearly - I think my girls are cute - as every mom does. But Tasha is just adorable!!! I love everything about her - she has this amazing/fun attitude and she is just a joy to spend time with. I am so happy we were able to meet with her a few times, we all loved her so much! She really cheered us up after Suzi left. :lovestruc And I do have to add... I loved her dress too - LOL - I am sooooo gonna find one for myself for our next trip - it looked so cool and comfy.


    Since we had never eaten at WPE before - we leaned heavily on Tasha for her recommendations, and she did good!

    What did we order? I have no idea... LOL I think I ordered the margarita pizza, Alli ordered the pepperoni pizza, and V ordered a cheese pizza... This was also one of the very few times I'd ordered a soda with my meal. For those of you who don't know - I had completely cut soda out of my diet several months before our trip - and I love soda, so this was very hard for me to do. I also find that it's very addicting to me, so once I have it, it's so easy for me to go back to having it all the time. I was very careful about this during our trip - Dehydration was also another main reason we tried very hard to stick to mostly water. Anyways... Sorry about that little detour here.

    Here's all of us at WPE!


    Victoria's dessert... Not sure what it was? I just know it's her's from her nails. LOL


    When we finished at WPE, we went to Once Upon a Toy... A friend of mine wanted me to pick up some Mr. Potato Head parts for her dd... So we spent a lot of time in here gathering as many MPH parts as we could to stuff a box. I don't have a picture of the box, but I think we did very well.

    We also went into World of Disney... We love this store. But - OMGeeee - it was PACKED. Um - yah - it's Saturday night... Did you all know that DTD is CRAZY on the weekend evenings? I did not know this fact. We could barely MOVE in here, it was worse than being packed into MK's welcome area for the morning show! We lost eachother several times... And when we found one or two of us - we always had one other missing... Usually it was Victoria. LOL Finally - after about 45 minutes of searching, we all reunited... Now was the time to LEAVE while we still could. I will never go back to DTD on a weekend night. LOL

    So, we got in line for the boat back to FQ... Now this was interesting, as Tasha and Alli (I am sure) will agree with me... This CRAZY group of guys boarded the boat with us - which wasn't so bad. But with this crazy group of guys was a camera. Even that wasn't so bad. But attached to this camera was a FREAKING INSANE external flash... Now that was BAD. Literally - like nuclear bomb type flash - and this guy felt the need to take a bazillion and one photos of the boat trip and everything we passed. It was so horrible - every time he would take a picture, everyone on the boat was blinded for 10 seconds, then he would take another picture, and we were blinded... Again and again and again. I think everyone was getting very irritated, including the Captain. After about 5 minutes of this, I had to turn totally away from them, because I was seeing stars. This continued for the ENTIRE boat ride from DTD to FQ. And probably the worst part - they didn't speak English - so we coulnd't even tell them to stop. However, I have a feeling a few people (including myself) were ready to throw his camera in the water. Maybe he would have gotten the hint then?

    We finally got off the boat at our stop... And we watched the flashes continue as the boat passed us and headed up stream to POR... I have a feeling those guys were on board for a "round trip" and that Captain was about ready to throw them into the river!

    Tasha, the girls and I each went back to our respective rooms...

    The girls and I prepped our items for our BIGGEST day yet... And one the I had been looking forward to for a very long time.

    We were in bed and happily asleep by 10:30.

    Link to Day 6 Part A

  4. OregonMomToWDW

    OregonMomToWDW DIS Veteran

    Dec 16, 2012
    I know what you mean about dtd. We went Friday night of Labor Day weekend and it was really busy. If we go back, the kids would like to spend more time there.

    I am not sure about a trip report. Maybe. Things have been crazy with the kids' schedules.

    Today, Marissa signed us up to work the UO Duck football game in the concession stand. Not looking forward to that on my day off.
  5. cajunfan

    cajunfan Welcome to the DIS where wishes come true.

    Jun 25, 2003
    I just wanted to pop in and let you know I am here and reading along. But I have to tell you...I think I need to stop reading people's trip reports until they are totally done with them...'cause I am soooooo impatient and want to know the rest of the story NOW! LOL!:confused3:rotfl2:

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. SarahJN

    SarahJN Mouseketeer

    Jan 2, 2011
    As a photographer with an external flash, I can tell you that he was using it incorrectly - most especially if he was blinding people. You should have offered to take a picture of him with his camera and given him a taste of his own medicine.
  7. sewmess

    sewmess DIS Veteran

    Aug 29, 2011
    :sad: Suzie Goes. :goodvibes Tasha Comes!

    And I hope you're making a Halloween bag. Just sayin'.

    I've never really been a huge soda drinker and lately I've found that when I do have one I feel bloated and just yucky. Give me coffee and water and I'll do just fine, thank you. DH however gets his caffeine from sodas, but he waters them down so much they're practically flavored water.

    Still proud of y'all's sticking to the H2O!
  8. emmysmommy

    emmysmommy DIS Veteran

    Jan 30, 2010
    I love your fun group photo! You all have the BEST smiles!

    I'm a WPE fan but sadly although we made it to DTD, we didn't eat there. I love the four cheese pesto pizza. :)

    I can't wait to hear about your best day!

    I'm so impressed with your couponing. What an awesome positive impact that has. And I'm sure the cartwheel didn't hurt.
  9. Aurora1972

    Aurora1972 Getting my Disney on! Where's the poporn?

    Jun 24, 2012
    I am amazed by your extreme couponing! You managed to knock of a huge chunk of change off your totals. Do you find the coupons online?
  10. babynala

    babynala DIS Veteran

    Jun 27, 2007
    Do I get extra credit if I guess the correct holiday. I'm thinking about your Mickey cookie tray theme but for some reason I'm leaning towards Easter. But now that I know your recent Monster's Inc bag was for Chiara and her trip is coming up in October I am going with Halloween as my final answer. In any case I can't wait to see it.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
  11. cheekypoppins

    cheekypoppins DIS Veteran

    Aug 7, 2012
    Hi :wave2: I haven't yet read any of your reports this is the first ,but I am glad to have found one ! Loving the dis meet pics,something I have yet to do .Excited to hear what else is coming :)

    OOPsi-my little Nashatarian how cute are you in the dis meet pic!!! Love it!
  12. LadyBeBop

    LadyBeBop DIS Veteran

    Feb 28, 2009
    I'm fine. They're gone for now. They had to put me on high dosage of blood thinners to get the clots out. I have to take Warfarin, a blood thinner, daily until at least January. Then, I have to be checked out weekly to make sure my blood isn't too thin or not thin enough. Hopefully, these checkups will be monthly by the time I go to Disney. I dunno. Right now, my blood isn't thin enough, so I'm on a higher dosage. As long as I don't have to be checked out while at Disney.

    Here we go.

  13. Pixiedust530

    Pixiedust530 DIS Veteran

    May 9, 2010
    Your pictures from this trip are cracking me up. Loving the look on V's face in that first one. I'm surprised that Alli wasn't trying to make a silly face or hug on her! :rotfl2:

    And...this picture of all of you on the boat is priceless! Sometimes group selfies are the best! I love the look on everyone's faces...especially Alli.

    It sounds like you all enjoyed WPE. I really must try this some time. I guess I will add it to my ever growing list of things to see/do and places to eat! ;)
  14. Skycat

    Skycat Earning My Ears

    Aug 30, 2013
    My son is a soda addict. I make him cut it out on vacations that have any type of altitude. He is really sensitive to any increase of elevation - he's a desert rat. For some reason soda seems to intensify it. At least Florida shouldn't have that problem.

    The flash sounds awful!

    Little kids love to bounce in the booth behind me and stare at me, but no food throwing...yet. But they are kids what can you do - their cuteness does make up for it.

    I think any holiday bag you did would be amazing.
  15. rabbruzzetti

    rabbruzzetti Earning My Ears

    Jun 24, 2012
    I know what you mean about the soda! I quit it for a few months before our Disney trip too and then sadly got addicted again after our trip. Thankfully I seem to have it back under control but then again I leave for Disney in 58 days :worried:

    I can't wait to hear about your biggest day yet!!!:cool1:
  16. ladylyons

    ladylyons Wishing I was closer to Disneyland

    Feb 1, 2009
    Glad you were able to get everything you needed. Even yearbooks in elementary school is crazy!! Jeremy and Sarah's were $27 each!! DH didn't want to get them but that is one thing from my school years that I do cherish so we will be getting them for each of them every year.

    Nice you were able to meat up with Tasha! Sounds like you guys had a fun time in DTD! Ugh about the blinding flash!! I'd probably be one who'd want to throw the camera with him with it overboard!!

    Now I have to share some news! We may be going to WDW next summer!!! It would be in June though if we go. DH and I were talking tonight about our 10th anniversary (May) again since yesterday it had been 10 years since we first met and he said he was thinking about how it would be fun to take a couple weeks and drive cross country with the kids (make a stop here and there on the way and back) and go to WDW!!!! Yes the driving part scares me because the longest car rides we've done so far are just to Disneyland and Oregon both are between 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 hours depending ton traffic and how many stops we have to make. So if anyone has done the drive from California to Florida with young kids has any tips please let me know!!
  17. wbailey4

    wbailey4 Earning My Ears

    May 19, 2013
    but following!
  18. Skycat

    Skycat Earning My Ears

    Aug 30, 2013
    The extras are getting crazy expensive. A lot of my students are opting to only get their senior year yearbook, which is kind of sad to me. Many kids can't afford to go to Prom with tickets being near or over $100 not including the dress or tux and all the other things.

    My limit on driving has been about 8 hours too. I think a road trip would be fun.
  19. ladylyons

    ladylyons Wishing I was closer to Disneyland

    Feb 1, 2009
    I remember my senior ball tickets were about $70 a person and that was almost 15 years ago. It is sad that things are just getting way to expensive for the kids to be able to go and enjoy them with their friends.

    I love road trips!! When I was 15 my grandparent's took me, my sister (13 at the time) and our cousin (8 at the time) on a 3 month tour of the USA. We left from Northern California the day after school let out. Drove down to southern California, then across the southern States to Florida (stopping along the way in places like Las Vegas; Tombstone, AZ; 4 Corners (where the 4 states meet), spent 2 weeks in Florida doing everything imaginable (WDW, Gator Land, Universal Orlando, Sea World, etc.), headed up the East Coast to New York (stopping in Gettysburg; Hershey, PA; Washington DC, etc) and then headed back across the northern states (making stops in Rapid City, SD to see Mount Rushmore; Missouri to visit our Great Grandma; Washington to see my brother who at the time I hadn't seen in a couple years; etc.) Got home 3 days before school started. We traveled in a motor home and towed a car behind us so we had lots of freedom to do what we wanted. It's a summer I will never forget!!
  20. babynala

    babynala DIS Veteran

    Jun 27, 2007
    The cost of the yearbooks and other activities at the schools are just crazy. I bet there are lots of extra costs for seniors that you should put in the budget for Alli's senior year.

    Dinner with Tasha looked yummy. Glad you were able to meet up at DTD. Shopping there on a Saturday night sounds crazy. We were there in a Saturday night but it was in January and a slow time all around. Of course we were probably back to the hotel before most people were eating dinner. LOL.

    Ladylyons - your road trip as a child sounds amazing. You were so lucky to experience all those places. I am sure that your family will enjoy your road trip too. I think I have seen a book about road trips for kids by National Geographic that lists fun places to stop and other ideas for kids. I think a PTR is going to be required for that adventure!
  21. NiniMorris

    NiniMorris DIS Veteran

    Feb 10, 2008
    I was just going to say...after you get the budget for SENIOR year...double it and you will still be short! Of course with my middle two kids...they were back to back seniors, I thought I was going to have to get a second job just to pay for their 'stuff' and it started in earnest as a Junior!

    Come to think of it, neither one went ot their prom, and I STILL had trouble paying for it all! Senior year books were over $200 each...and that is without anything 'special' in it. Many Mom's paid upwards of $500 for the year books! I have three senior yearbooks sitting in boxes in the damp part of my basement... Good Luck!


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