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Sept. 2, 2012 Dream cruise

Discussion in 'Dis Meets' started by disneymomma2, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy Mouseketeer

    Not on the FB page so I appreciate it, got it:thumbsup2
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  3. slm1221

    slm1221 Earning My Ears

    Hi there! We are coming onboard for our first Disney cruise and we cannot wait! I am just now learning of the FE and am wondering if I can still join? It's just me, my DD and my DH. If we can, do we just add our name to the spreadsheet?
  4. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy Mouseketeer

    WELCOME, I know they set a cut off date for 8/2 but I think at least 1 has added their name. I dont mind,Schafffamily is who organized it so they could probably tell you. WE GOT OUR CRUISE DOCUMENTS TODAY! :cool1:
  5. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily Earning My Ears

    Technically, we had an official cutoff date of Aug 2nd, just meaning that anyone who signs up after, it's up to each cabin as to whether or not they would like to include any latecomers. I anticipated a few and have extra FE gifts just in case, but it might not be feasible for some...so just be forewarned that if some folks planned on 16 and they don't have enough for 17.....

    Regardless, GLAD to have you and welcome! =)

    Oooh I just saw on the spreadsheet that this is your first cruise! Congratulations! You will not be disappointed, it's amazing! This is our 2nd cruise, we all fell in love spring break 2011 and we're bringing my mom along this time. Kids are excited to show "Gma" everything! This is her first time to WDW also. See you soon!!!
  6. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily Earning My Ears

    The lady that we had ordered our Fish Extenders (and some gifts) through on Etsy just canceled our purchase THIS MORNING! :mad: We placed the order about six weeks ago and gave her a deadline of Aug 15th (because she asked for one). Unfortunately we had some really fun FE gifts ordered from her as well. Now we leave in just over a week and she JUST NOW canceled our order and refunded it!!!!!!

    Does anyone have any connections, know anyone that makes Fish Extenders?

    We are all so sad! We have our FE from the Mexican Riviera that we could use, but my mom had ordered one for herself as well and she's never been, so she is FE-less! So bummed I'd like to just order one from someone....ugh.... :sad:
  7. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy Mouseketeer

    We have always used Gradysmommy she is making one last minute for my bff. just send her a note telling her when you need it by. If you want it sent to my house so you have a little extra time you are welcome to, I know you are leaving soon, PM me and I can send you the info. I can get it to you at the meet or just take it to your cabin when we board. We won't be leaving til the day before the cruise.
  8. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily Earning My Ears

    Thank you that might work! Funny, that's who we used last year (our first FE) and we loved it. I looked for her again on eBay but didn't find her. After the gal canceled on us, I searched etsy for another seller and found Gradysmommy again! I've already contacted her! If it looks like it might work out, I'll message you. THANKS AGAIN!!! =)
  9. janeecjane

    janeecjane Earning My Ears

    hi and welcome - your first disney cruise, you will love it. We first sailed in nov 2010, loved it that much we are coming back again all the way from England. i'm sure you will enjoy :yay:
  10. slm1221

    slm1221 Earning My Ears

    OH NO! I ordered mine from StitchesNBows. She's doing it as a rush, but I had 3 weeks since I live in the area. Not sure if she can help you or not, but look her up and see. She responded within hours of my initial request.
  11. kittymarcy

    kittymarcy Member

    Try tammyjourdan on Etsy. I just ordered mine and she Mentioned she wasn't super busy right now so she waved the rush fee. Her stuff looks super cute too! :scratchin
  12. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily Earning My Ears

    Thanks to all!!! The seller sent me what she had made thus far, I have a friend that is willing to put it together.....so we're just going to wing it and call it good. It'll all be good. Thanks again for your suggestions!

    We're only 8 days away from the start of our vacation! :banana:
  13. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy Mouseketeer

    Glad you got it worked out, we will see you soon:banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
  14. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily Earning My Ears

    TigBaby and queenreen we don't have your cabin numbers yet on the spreadsheet. If you have them, can you add them please?

    Also, slm1221, since you are GTY that means you won't have your number till we all check in, right?

    I guess just make sure to meet at 3:30 the day we board to make any changes for everyone! (And to meet everyone!!!)

    AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! It's all happening so fast! Our flight is just around the corner!!!:eek:
  15. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily Earning My Ears

    And thanks again doombuggy for your very kind offer to help! It's going to be sort of funny, how our FE turns out, but it'll be just fine. And hopefully folks will have a laugh as we have!!! (If you look at our FE, you'll see what I mean lol.)
  16. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy Mouseketeer

    14 days til we are on the DREAM:cool1::cool1::cool1::cool1:..........where is everyone:confused3, packing ?:lmao:
  17. Mean Queen

    Mean Queen <font color=blue><marquee> If only life were like

    Our family found a navigator from our last cruise and we keep looking at it acting like we are planning our day out. I can't wait until we're doing that for real. Though I'm not looking forward to packing again.
  18. slm1221

    slm1221 Earning My Ears

    So excited to have our room number, finally! We're in 10526 for all those in the FE group.

    I'm still frantically working on mine-thank goodness I only live 45 minutes from the port and I get to pack and work up to the last minute. We are soooooo excited for our first DCL experience, but I'm definitely frenzied trying to pick up everything I "need" for the cruise...
  19. TigBaby

    TigBaby New to DVC

    Hi! Sorry I didn't put my cabin number in before now. Thanks for the reminder and see you all less than 2 weeks!

    Anybody staying at Old Key West the night before? I'm getting into Orlando Saturday morning, and will spend the night there. Then taking DCL bus to Port on Sunday.

    I feel so spoiled....Was on The Dream back in February 2012, and was on one of the first cruises on The Dream in January 2011. Just can't wait for Sept 2nd!
  20. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily Earning My Ears

    It's chaotic here too lol. We leave in three days for Disney World and have to have DW, DCL and the first day of school things all taken care of before we go! YIKES!!!

    Glad you have your cabin number, now we only have queenreen left without a room number!

    Congrats again on your first DCL experience....you will LOVE it!!!
  21. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily Earning My Ears

    That's so exciting!!! We are staying at the Art of Animation then Pop Century before the cruise. We're a party of 6, so we opted to go a more economical route than the DCL bus. Hoping that is an okay choice lol but it was about half the price....

    See you soon!!!

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