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Sept. 2, 2012 Dream cruise

Discussion in 'Dis Meets' started by disneymomma2, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. AbsyBabsy

    AbsyBabsy Disney Diva

    Thank you! I sent a request to join.

    The Fantasy does have a $999 cruise rate - I don't remember which dates but I saw it today.
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  3. ScottakaMickey

    ScottakaMickey New Member

    I checked on Tuesday as soon as we were in the system and they were all sold out. We got a Palo that we wanted and Main Seating, so all is good.
  4. Mean Queen

    Mean Queen <font color=blue><marquee> If only life were like

    We got Palo's for brunch and dinner. I wanted to do Remy's too but DH prefers Palo's and doesn't want to risk missing Animator's. I'm looking forward to those pasta purses again!

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  5. gcardona77

    gcardona77 New Member

    I just made the hold on the reservation. I have to wait until tonight to confirm that my 15 y/o DD is going with me and my 7 y/o DD. Yeap, I need to convince her to go with her dad and younger sister... Go figure... Either way, I will be going...

    We have the season passes to Disney, so we will probably go to the parks on the Saturday before, and take the shuttle bus to the cruise on Sunday.

    Can't tell you how EXCITED I am... We are major Disney fans!

    Any other solo parents going?
  6. fldisfanatic

    fldisfanatic New Member

    This will be our first time to cruise without our kids. They are both adults now, so we're leaving them to fend for themselves. :cool1:

    We have done both main and late seatings on past cruises. There are pros and cons. I feel a bit rushed with the main seating, but I find myself hungry and needing a "mini meal" when we have late seating. That being said, we chose the late seating this time around. There's lots of food options, so why not have an extra meal or two?!? :thumbsup2
  7. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy New Member

    Welcome! There are several solo parents that I have seen so far.
    It is getting close, 29 days:cool1:
  8. KSandbergFL

    KSandbergFL Life is what happens to you, in between Disney cru

    that's a great question, and unfortunately - i have no answer. We just take a taxi to Cabbage beach, then walk down in front of the Sunrise Beach Club and hang out. They have a tiki bar on the beach, and massage cabanas... we have purchased rum drinks and massages several times. I'm sure you could walk-in to their restaurant for lunch if you were hungry. There are quite a few other vendors too, like for waverunners, umbrellas, beach chairs... but they are "independent", not affiliated with Sunrise.
  9. fldisfanatic

    fldisfanatic New Member

    This is our first "short" cruise - our other 3 cruises on the Magic were 7-day.

    Also our first time to stop at Nassau. Having visited many other islands on our eastern caribbean cruises, and because we have so few days to enjoy the Dream, we're leaning toward just staying on the ship on this port day.

    It sounds like there would be plenty to do on board...am I correct? Anyone have experience not leaving the ship on a port day?
  10. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy New Member

    We stayed on board the Dream last Feb, I love to do photography and this was a great time to explore and take pictures.It was like a ghost town but there is plenty to do other than shop, they have to close the shops while in port.
  11. Mean Queen

    Mean Queen <font color=blue><marquee> If only life were like

    We don't leave the ship any more on Nassau day. When we did the Dream last year, it was packed so we didn't get to do as much as we hoped. But I think we will be able to enjoy a lot of stuff on board. I know the kids were happy to be in the clubs rather than in the Bahamas again. I'm hoping that we'll get to enjoy the pool and the Aquaduck. If not, there was still plenty to do.
  12. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily New Member

    We've had limited cpu access the past week...only able to read and not able to post. =( But we're back now and so excited to see so many newcomers!!! Congrats to all on your fantastic rates and your quick decision to go on vacation!!!

    If you have signed up for the Fish Extender group, please make sure and add your room number as soon as you have it! I have sorted the spreadsheet by cabin number, so don't fret if you go to check it out and see it's been moved around. I think this will make it easier when we are delivering our FE gifts. I will update the sorting as cabin numbers are added.

    Remember, no serious rules or guidelines to this FE group...deliver your goodies whenever you'd like!

    We have only 18 days till we leave for vacation! So excited can't hardly stand it!!! :cheer2:
  13. gcardona77

    gcardona77 New Member

    We are planning on going to the WDW resort on Friday and Saturday before the cruise, and on Thursday and Friday after the cruise. Anyone else going?

    Also, any recommendations for shore excursion at Nassau? I am leaning towards going to Atlantis, or just staying at the beach...

    27 days and counting!!!!
  14. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy New Member

    We are staying at the port the night before and going to AKV through Sunday after the cruise. The sea lion encounter at blue lagoon was great, they are soooo cute.You can get pics with them too.

    So organized:woohoo: that will be great for delivering:banana: see ya real soon!
  15. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily New Member

    We're coming from the west coast, so we have to go for more than a couple days. Pretty sure it's a requirement if your flight is over four hours. ;) We'll be at Disney World from Aug 23rd till we leave for the cruise on the morning of the 2nd. My mom (G-ma) is coming with us, and she's never been to either! She'll definitely need the relaxation of the cruise after DW lol.

    Since this is a short cruise, we're thinking we'll probably stay onboard Nassau day.....not 100% certain though. 17 yo DD would love to at least take a quick stroll to say that she's been there, but I'm not sure that's feasible. Can we get off the ship and safely wander for a half an hour?
  16. janeecjane

    janeecjane New Member

    hi - yes that sounds like a great idea, especially for the kids maybe, i know my teen is rather shy, and will take a bit of coaxing to go to Edge. we are definately up for that !!! - 15 daysto our holidays - suitcases out of the loft, countdown has begun !!!!:cheer2::cheer2:
  17. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy New Member

    Yes you can get off the ship and just wonder around and come right back, I would def go with her though. They have a sign (hard to discribe but I will try:lmao:) as you go out towards the building you have to walk through which contains the straw market there is a cross beam it says Nassau Bahamas on it and is a great photo op, you can walk to the right in front of the ship and get a pic with the ship behind you depending on what order the Dream arrives. There may be another ship in front of it:sad2:.Be aware that the locals can be very aggressive when selling their goods. She can ignore them and just keep walking. Lot's of pirate history there and the water is beautiful! I totaly understand having to get off the ship just to look around and say you had been there, we did it too:cool1:
  18. gcardona77

    gcardona77 New Member

    I would second that!
  19. janeecjane

    janeecjane New Member

    hi guys, applied to join FB page this morning - better late than never !
    it would be great to have a quick pre-cruise meet, could one of the 'experienced dreamers', please suggest a suitable point - or maybe an area for the sail away ????
  20. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy New Member

    Last time we were on the Dream we did our meet at Bon Voyage in the atrium area. May be good to try and plan 2 meets, it is hard for some families to get everyone organized and in 1 place on the 1st day of a cruise. We only had 4 families show up that 1st day. It is a lot of fun meeting everyone, don't be nervous and chicken out:rotfl2: I am a very shy person and this has helped me brake out of my shell. My husband was leery ( he's a cop go figure:rotfl2:) at first but he loves it now. I have read on the boards that some people were doing it it on deck to so the kids could swim.
  21. Schafffamily

    Schafffamily New Member

    So it's been decided..... We will meet at 3:30pm, Sunday, at the District Lounge! There was a discussion on the Facebook page....I wanted to make sure everyone here knew as well! :thumbsup2

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