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Recieved Free Dining PIN code for rest of year!!

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by saskdw, May 9, 2013.

  1. mxkris

    mxkris New Member

    Whats that best number to call to check for a pin? Dont want to get passed around to a bunch of different people!
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  3. smitch425

    smitch425 New Member

    I always call 1 (407) W-DISNEY. Good luck! :goodvibes
  4. prettypatchesmsu

    prettypatchesmsu New Member

    This also gives me hope. I've been doing everything possible to get a PIN since we started planning an Oct trip back in January and all I've gotten are the rack rate ones. One snail mail and two email. I call on Wednesdays and nothing for me or DH. I've been stalking the mailman, but had started to wonder if them telling me none when I called meant no snail mail. So at least there is a little hope.

    But it looks like we will be waiting on the public offer if it comes. :(
  5. mxkris

    mxkris New Member

    Thanks Smitch! Just called anddddddd.... NOTHIN. :headache: looks like i'll be trying tomorrow! ;)
  6. MagicMomma

    MagicMomma New Member

    Pins are still coming... We've been talking about going after Thanksgiving if we could get FD, DH said ONLY if we could get it. Got the mail today, saw the yellow envelope and started freaking out... until I saw that it was addressed to my mother! :sad2: Hopefully it becomes public. I REALLY wanna go!
  7. I have never gotten a PIN code before. About a month ago I got the fall PIN in my email. Then a couple weeks later I got the same PIN offer in my other email account. Today I got the fall PIN mail offer. Lucky for us it looks like we're going to be able to use it.
  8. CaraMiaBelle

    CaraMiaBelle New Member

    That's awesome! I don't know if I'm more jealous of your pin code though, or your kid-free trip! Lol
  9. CaraMiaBelle

    CaraMiaBelle New Member

    Hey, I'm still waiting too!
    And I do so love quoting Dory. Repeating that line over and over has gotten me through many a day with my kids. : )
  10. CaraMiaBelle

    CaraMiaBelle New Member

    Now, really, did you have to be greedy and have 3 when some of us are still waiting for one!
    Sorry, just had to give you a hard time. : )
  11. momto3boys+aprincess

    momto3boys+aprincess 2014 Family Time Resolutions Sweepstake Winner!

    Just got ours yesterday, I was not home and my husband called and said that I had gotten something from Disney Destinations. I was surprised it was in an envelope! Not sure if we are going to be able to use it or not. :confused3
    Sure hope we can work something out!
  12. Mike&AllisMom

    Mike&AllisMom New Member

    Hope you get to use it :cool1:
  13. peel

    peel New Member

    I came home yesterday to a yellow envelope :cool1: ......... from Comcast. :sad:

    At least I had 3 seconds of joy.
  14. dcolleenkelly

    dcolleenkelly New Member

    Sorry, Cara!! I didn't forget about you - there's still hope for you, too!

    I feel like calling their marketing office, or their direct mail division, to find out what kind of analysis they use to send out the PINs. There MUST be a rhyme to their reason.
    (Clearly it's not how many times a person calls and asks for a PIN! If that were the case, we'd ALL have one! Haha)
  15. Pirate princess 2

    Pirate princess 2 New Member

    So does anyone know how these pin code waves work as far as timing? It seems the emails went out first, then 3 weeks later a few more emails and snail mail went out. So it's been about 1 week since that happened. Do we think that it could be another 2 weeks until more go out? Or are they just sent out whenever at this point? Based on what I've been hearing people have been getting the snail mail every day this week, but they all could have been mailed out on the same day. Ugh! I hate sales that are not meant for everyone.
  16. peel

    peel New Member

    Not a personalized PIN code, but you still usually need a 3 digit code, so I assumed that's what the CM was talking about.
  17. smitch425

    smitch425 New Member

    A guest wouldn't need to have that information to book. The CM just uses whichever code they need. The 3 digit codes will all be varied depending on what you book, and with a dining plan, the codes will vary even more if you book a resort level that comes with one plan but you upgrade it to another. Those codes are not really publicized. It is all done on the CM's end. You just have to tell the CM what you want your package to include. No codes required. :goodvibes
  18. scard192

    scard192 New Member

    If the rumored June release is true Danny should be posting soon, right? pixiedust: for everyone waiting for Free Dining.
  19. Crystal Brewer

    Crystal Brewer New Member

    Confirm!! I was clueless as this is out first WDW trip and here at DIS I received great info on discounts tho didnt know ALL ins&outs the CM on phone was very helpful! I was honest with what I did know about a few offers then gave my choices and she worked MAGIC :-) Be sure to have a few options in your choices dept as discounts can vary by choice. Best Wishes :-)
  20. HBGdancermom

    HBGdancermom New Member

    That's what I was thinking!!:cool1::cool1:

  21. peel

    peel New Member

    That's good to know, but I've been asked for the public Free Dining code before. It's always smart to be armed with the info before you call. Good thing it would be everywhere you turned on the DIS if it came out! :thumbsup2

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