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Port Orleans French Quarter Q&A Thread, New for 2012 (thread now FULL and CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Kathy Z

    Kathy Z Counting my Blessings

    Andre, what you can accomplish in 3 hours would take me at least 12! Thanks for all of your incredible attention to details that keep us easily informed both here and on portorleans.org. :thumbsup2
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  3. pinkfairyy2180

    pinkfairyy2180 New Member

    Thanks sooo much Andre 😉
  4. delilah18

    delilah18 New Member

    Quick question would a double/ full air matress fit or would I better off with a single air matress for the room and where do most people put them?

  5. mom2taylorandemily

    mom2taylorandemily Not so patiently waiting our next trip to Disney..

    Ok, I hate to bring up a the Refrigerator debacle, but I have a question and Andre, you seem to be the Answer Guy for POFQ and POR. I have a DH and DD with a few medical related issues and I called Reservations yesterday as soon as the news broke about having a refrigerator available for me if possible. DD has struggles with Epilepsy (gran mal seizures) and blood sugar issues, so it is imperative that I be able to keep a refrigerator with cheese, crackers, peanut butter, fresh fruit and a few other items so her sugar doesn't drop too low and then she have a seizure. When I called the young lady I spoke to said if it was available, it would be a beverage cooler type refrig. But now I'm reading on so many threads how it is a small medical cooler type thing that is used to house injectable medication. If this is the case, this just isn't going to do. Do I need to go on and rent a small dorm type refrigerator to have brought in or should I see what happens. We will only be there for 7 nights, but I just don't want to run into any issues especially with her walking in the parks all day long and trying to adjust her sugar. Does anyone have any advice? I just don't know what to do, I've been back and forth on this all day, and DH says just wait and see what happens. But I'm a planner and I like to have all my ducks in a row, KWIM. Help.....anyone.
  6. siskaren

    siskaren New Member

    I really can't imagine being able to fit a full-sized one. The only place I would think you could put an air mattress is between the door and the bed closest to the door.
  7. taylor3297

    taylor3297 New Member

    Tell them exactly what you need the refrigerator for and be specific. Besides medicine from what you have listed only the cheese would need to be kept cool. Also, I would fax the request a few days before you arrive.
  8. Dotsie

    Dotsie New Member

    This is our first vacation at POR and we're staying at FQ pool view. I am BEYOND excited at how pretty the resort looks. I adore New Orleans and by looking at the pics of the resort and reading the reviews, I think I'm going to LOVE this resort. So excited :cool1::cool1::cool1:
  9. mom2taylorandemily

    mom2taylorandemily Not so patiently waiting our next trip to Disney..

    I did that already, but fax as well? Ok, I can do that, but what do I do per say I get there and there isn't a frig available? Do I have a rental on stand-by? I am so worried about this. I know that they couldn't predict that this would happen, but this is really putting a kink into my worries that I thought I wouldn't have to worry about. This is why we have always stayed in the Mod's instead of Values because for the longest time frig's weren't available there. I feel like this is just another hurdle for me to try and get over. We are on DME and will have no rental car to get a cooler somewhere either. Oy Vey!!!
  10. TinkPirateMom

    TinkPirateMom New Member

    Thank you Helsie! I hope the rest of your trip is magical!

    Thank you Andre for posting pics of the lobby. It looks very nice to me! Thank you also for all the work you have put into your site and this thread.
  11. ilovedisney99

    ilovedisney99 New Member

    Just booked our package for March 22 to 28. Staying in an accessible room at PoFQ. So excited.
  12. kddisney502

    kddisney502 <font color=blue>P: What's the problem with Goofy?

    Please try not to worry :) (this is coming from someone who knows anxiety/worrying well). Andre said in a previous post that only about 50% of the room fridges are affected (at both POR & POFQ). So there should be plenty of refrigerators to go around, especially for those with a medical need (like your family). I can't speak for faxing the request (I'm guilty of not doing this). But I would suggest reminding the front desk when you check in that you must have a fridge for medical reasons. If in the rare event that they didn't save one for you, I truly believe they would find one for you as quickly as possible. In the meantime they can store your meds in the fridges in the storage room or another backstage area.
  13. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    You're welcome. I was going a bit number-blind by the end of it though! I had to load each individual room category for both resorts as separate calendars, and then check through every date of the year for each of them. If anyone wants to double-check me in case I made any mistakes, please feel free...

    Probably not, I'd stick with a single sized mattress, which fits nicely beside the beds.

    I would either contact the resort directly by phone or fax, or call the WDW Special Assistance line. If you do call the resort, your call will be answered initially by a central WDW call center, so you need to ask them to transfer you directly to the room assignment team at the resort. Whichever, make sure they are aware of your situation in advance of your arrival.

    There are still some rooms with normal fridges available anyway, and they will have a list of those - plus they have a small emergency stock which they can use for situations such as yours. Medical needs will be given priority over general requests.

    The 50% figure was for Riverside. Rather more rooms than that are affected at French Quarter I'm afraid, but still not all rooms.

  14. cmjensen

    cmjensen New Member

    Hey Andre,

    I absolutely love your website and appreciate all the hard work you put into it. I have found so much valuable information and without it I would be so lost for my first trip to POFQ. I do have a question though. Do you have somewhere on each of your pages that shows the last time you updated the info? If so, I can't find it. If not, it might be helpful for people to know how up to date the info is.

    Thanks again for all you do.
  15. kddisney502

    kddisney502 <font color=blue>P: What's the problem with Goofy?

    Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying. Still good news that it's not as bad as many originally thought. :)

    On another note, I really love the new lobby! It looks more comfortable and classy. I wasn't a fan of the original design, so definitely an upgrade.
  16. Martyap

    Martyap New Member

    We arrive at PORFQ on 7/28. We have three rooms.
    Have only skimmed this great board so I'm happy to hear the new lobby is up and running. I'm a little confused about refrigerators....I thought every room had a fridge.....not true???????

  17. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    I do on pricing/menu/etc pages, but not on the general info pages as they don't tend to change much.

  18. pwdebbie

    pwdebbie New Member

    Andre, I looked for the music notes in April and did not see them. They may have already been gone. I was going to challenge my dh to figure out the song but the notes weren't there.
  19. pwdebbie

    pwdebbie New Member

  20. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

  21. kiddisney

    kiddisney New Member

    hi - got back from pofq last sunday - and we actually had a new fridge in the room - tape still on the shelves - i'm thinking that this is not a new issue and that disney started replacing them and now that they're doing it on a larger scale it got to the press - it's such a quick switch - just a supply problem
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