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Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by TarzansKat, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008
    Do you ever have one of those posts where you don't even know where to begin? Fortunately for all of you, that means that I have a lot to say, I know how much you all love that.

    Right? :lmao:

    So without further adieu, let's plunge right in shall we?

    The trip sandal anxiety continues. My temporary fix is to order a pair of the Teva Flip Flops I already own, but since I can't find them in black, I ordered what I could find. A color called Dusty Rose. If I end up keeping them, I'll post a picture. They look neutral enough to go with most of my outfits, and different enough that I just have to find some new tank tops. ;) We all know how that works. But honestly, the whole shoe thing is a whole other chapter and I'm still in the process of ordering and returning, so I'm going to hold off and just let you know what the final decisions are.

    In the line of clothing, I do have something sort of dorky to admit to. Well, basically, DH and DS get all the fun. They get cool matching clothes, you know? Transformers tees, Pirates, Star Wars, etc. Well, they both happen to have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirts. They're not exactly the same, but I love it when they wear similar clothes. It's like we're themed without being too matchy. And it's adorable.

    So imagine my suprise when I found this.


    I know. It's perfect, right?

    I put this on last night and I looked in the mirror and I thought, honey? How old do you think you are? :lmao:

    I think that my brain is in serious denial of my upcoming age. Well, quite frankly, I'm just not acknowledging the actual number. I know I'm having a birthday, and hitting a milestone, and that's all well and good, but for some reason, I've been feeling insanely youthful lately.

    Speaking of which, I got such a high compliment in that regard. You see, Mom and I had a little girl time yesterday. Our plan was to go to Putney, VT, and have lunch at the Putney Inn. It's very nice. Unfortunately, because of the time I got out of work, we wouldn't have made it. They stopped serving lunch and closed down between lunch and dinner. And they're just wasn't enough to do to make us want to wait for dinner, and quite frankly, when I get out of work on Saturday, I'm starving.

    So spur of the moment, spontaneous decision we decide to go to the Publick House instead. For those of you who don't know, that's in Sturbridge, MA. Well, Mom and I had a lovely meal there. As we were sitting down and getting settled, we decided to order a bottle of champagne.

    Our server asked if we were celebrating anything, looked at me, and said, like a graduation? I looked at her, and said, Oh god bless you! I couldn't believe she thought I was young looking enough to be graduation from something, high school, college, I'll take it! I said, no, I'm turning thirty this year, I'm far from graduation.

    But in a sense, turning thirty is like a graduation. It's the commencement of your thirties, and the end of your twenties. And quite frankly, although I'm enjoying my insane attachment to youthfulness lately...

    remember this?


    So I'm sad to end the twenties, but excited to begin the thirties. I feel more right with myself. More living in my own skin and being happy where that is. It's a long story, but I'm making some life changes that have really been about what's best for me, and what's best for my family, and that in and of itself has been extremely empowering.

    So Mom and I had our champagne, and a nice long lunch, and while I had her captive audience, we decided to do a little Disney brainstorming.

    As soon as we started, I knew it would be a chapter. See, one of the biggest problems we've ever had on our trips, especially with a large group is, where do you want to go? I don't know, where do you want to go? Well, what do you want to do? I don't care, what do you want to do?

    UGH. Somebody make a decision!!!! :lmao:

    We're not doing that on this trip. I refuse. Now that doesn't mean that we'll have a plan that we have to follow to the letter. But it does mean that I need an idea of what everyone (ie, Mom, and Nana) expects to do on this trip. And then I need an idea of what my family expects to do, and that my friends, is how we came up with the lists.

    The 2009 Must Do's, if you will.

    And yes. I am going to ignore the blatantly obvious Jack Sparrow joke. ;) pirate:

    So Mom and I came up with a list of our must do's for each park. Separated into the following categories: rides/attractions, meet n greets, food, and shopping. Today I went over the list with my husband, and he brought to my attention a few things that I'd missed, so that was great.

    I know how you all love lists, so without further ado, here they are.

    Magic Kingdom 2009 Must Do's

    Rides / Attractions -

    Tommorrowland - Buzz, TTA, Speedway
    Toontown - The Barnstormer (if DS wants to), The Train
    Fantasyland - IASW, Peter Pan, Snow White, Dumbo, Philharmagic, Carousel, Teacups, Story Time with Belle
    Liberty Square - The Haunted Mansion, The Hall of Presidents
    Frontierland - Splash Mountain (is everyone really getting me on this???? :scared1:), BTMRR
    Adventureland - Pirates, Pirate Tutorial

    Meet n Greets - if DS is willing, Princesses & Tink

    Food - Casey's, Dole Whips, Popcorn, Slushy Coke

    Shopping - Main Street, WTP shop, Buzz Kiosk, Pirates​


    Rides / Attractions - Spaceship Earth, Figment, The Seas, Test Track, Soarin', Mexico
    Kim Possible Adventures, Innoventions

    Meet n Greets - Disney Visa, WTP in England, others around WS

    Food - Norway Bakery, Pretzel in Germany, Champagne in France, Magarita in Mexico, Food & Wine Festival

    Shopping - Art Store, Test Track, the Countries​

    Do I have to call it DHS?

    Rides / Attractions - Toy Story Mania, TGMR, The Little Mermaid, Star Tours, RnRC, ToT, Lights Motors Action, Backlot Tour, HISTK playground, Indiana Jones Stunt Show

    Meet n Greets - Buzz / Woody
    Sorcerer Mickey (where did they move him to?)

    Food - Pretzel, Junky Apple

    Shopping - Clothiers on Main Drag, Villain Candy Shop, Pizza Planet Arcade (can you say claw machine?)​

    Animal Kingdom

    Rides / Attractions -
    Safari, Lion King Show, Nemo Show, Expedition Everest, Rapids, Walking Trails, The Boneyard, Triceratops Spin (is that what it's called?)

    Meet n Greets - Safari Characters at Camp Minnie Mickey

    Food - Slushy tea​

    Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

    Rides -
    The Haunted Mansion
    Buzz (for Mom)

    Attractions / Events -
    The Headless Horseman
    Boo to You Parade
    Trick or Treating

    Meet n Greets - AS MANY AS I CAN!!!! :lmao:

    Shopping - Special Halloween Merch., Cotton Candy​

    Bless, you my children, if you read through that whole list.

    Now I know what you're thinking. TK! That's a lot of stuff. And to that I say, it sure is. Remember, this is a must do list, but some of it is quite negotiable. And we know in our hearts what's more negotiable than others, and I'm sure we'll plan accordingly. But having these lists, which I am seriously debating carrying with me into the parks, is going to prevent the whole what do you want to do now debacle. I feel a lot of times on these big family trips, everyone is okay with my having planned everything...until we actually get there. And I go through it every year. And I'm sure we'll have some ruffled feathers at some point, and someone (maybe even me) will channel their inner Donald.

    I'm just doing the best that I can to prevent that from happening. And that's all you can do. When you have that many people, you can't make them all happy. You just can't.

    And I'm okay with that. Moreso I think because I took the nice weekend trip with Tink in May. I got to do what I wanted, when I wanted in the World and it was dang nice. I'm ready to go with my family, I'm excited to go with them, actually.

    Can you imagine? ;)

    Now, I know what else you're thinking. TK, once you make all those wonderful lists, where do you put them?

    Well, I'll tell you.

    In this!!!


    Indeed, there she is. My purdy, girlie, pretty in pink trip binder. In case it's hard to read, the title there is "Turning Thirty, and Never Growing Up" This is a page from my son's Peter Pan book. I just couldn't resist it. It reads, "...for Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and the Lost Boys (who weren't quite ready to grow up yet) were off on another wonderful Never Land adventure." That's so true.

    Not quite ready to grow up yet.

    And don't plan on it any time soon. Underneath the picture of Peter and Tink, I have the dates of our trip. Simple, and to the point. That's my lovely trip binder.


    That zippered case is just begging to be filled with MNSSHP tickets. Which, by the by, Mom did order. So those are en route! It's official!

    Which brings me to costumes.

    Which, at this point, should probably be a whole other post. :lmao:

    And if you're still reading, I thank you.

    See, I was waffling on the whole Peter Pan thing. There are so many things that I would rather do / be in regards to having fun with my costume, but a lot of what I like isn't conducive to a big group. And Peter Pan really is.

    Does anyone remember that Mom and I were having lunch in Sturbridge, MA? The reason that's important is because we were about a mile from Old Sturbridge Village, and Mom had the brilliant idea to go shopping after our meal. Because we were on a quest.

    A quest, that, if fufilled, would speak to certain costumes for our group.

    And then, we found it. With all the colonial garb.



    That, my friends, is Nana's bonnet!

    Now we have to be characters from Peter Pan! Best part is, that sweet little gem only cost me $7.99. And voila! Nana's costume is done. Nana is...Nana! I mean, honestly, how much easier than that can you get.

    How lucky was it that we ended up in Sturbridge, MA instead of Putney, VT? I took as a sign from the MNSSHP gods, my friends. A sign. :worship:

    So we are sticking with the original plan. After learning a few DISers were attending the same party as the TK clan, I thought, gosh, how can I not have DH dress as Jack Sparrow.

    And although it pains me to say this...because I LOVE him in that costume...this year is about the family. And I think as a group, we'll look adorable. And you just never know how long you'll have that big family to do this kind of stuff with, you know? So, maybe I'll just have to carry a picture of my Jack Sparrow in my wallet.

    Then you can all see what I'm talking about when we meet. :cloud9::love:

    Of course, he will be Captain Hook, in his own dastardly way. Now I'm not going to go into the devil of a time I'm having procuring our customes as Peter, Wendy, and the Hook.

    I think that's quite enough for this evening.

    Hope you enjoyed! ;)
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  3. 2xcited2sleep

    2xcited2sleep DIS Veteran

    Jan 5, 2008
    Oh, I did enjoy! Oh so very much. It took away a bit of my Sunday night dread- at least for a little bit!

    I am giggling over your Ninja turtles tank. Good for you! I think you three will look so cute. Didn't there used to be a turtles meet and greet at the studios? Is there still? :confused3

    Love your must do lists! Funny, Hall of Presidents is on mine for the very first time. I totally missed it last year (because I didn't carry lists with me so I highly recommend taking your lists :thumbsup2) and am looking forward to seeing the new Obama animatronic!

    Where are there slushie cokes in the Magic Kingdom?

    Love seeing champagne and the Kim Possible game on your Epcot list. I cannot wait to play! :yay:

    You have Everest on your list but are worried about Splash? I've been on Splash... trust me... if I can do it ANYONE can. ::yes:: I still get scared in Snow White. :sad2:

    LOVE your binder. She's very purdy. I've never had a binder. I feel perhaps I need one. Do you take it on the trip with you? Do you take it into the parks with you?

    Costumes - I think you all will look perfect as the Peter Pan clan. I will enjoy meeting your hubby no matter who he looks like!

    Thanks for the BIG update! :)
  4. LegoMom3

    LegoMom3 I have just met you and I love you.

    Aug 27, 2004

    Dude!!.....that means I get a lot to read!:woohoo:

    How cool is that?!! I can so picture you in that, you know...:rolleyes:

    Honey, when you're at Disney, the number does not matter!!:thumbsup2

    I loved my 30s. I actually feel like mentally I "stopped" at 30. I mean, you definitely gain wisdom as you age, but I don't "feel" like I'm in my *cough*sputter*forties*sniff*....:rolleyes:. I was still trying to figure myself out in my 20s, and it kind of all came together in the 30s. You'll love it!

    Can't even imagine.....I have a hard enough time trying to organize 5 people!!:eek:

    I did, and I love it! SO want to plan a trip....A real one.

    Again, how cool is that!! That came out great TK! Nice job.

    And so I ask, on a need-to-know basis.....what night are you doing this??!!!:worship:

    Well I could keep reading but yes, I most certainly enjoyed this! Living vicariously, don'tcha know....:thumbsup2

  5. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008

    I know there isn't now, but did there ever used to be one? Wow, I have no idea! :scratchin

    Oddly enough, I don't know if I'll do this one, but Mom informed me Nana really likes it, so it went on the list.

    At the Launching Pad in Tomorrowland, right across from Buzz.

    Oh, my dear. I have mislead you. :lmao:

    I will most certainly NOT be going on Everest. That's on the list for my husband! :lmao:

    I take it on the trip with me, and take pieces into the parks, not the whole thing. I found it particularly useful last year when there were things about the resort (WL) I couldn't remember (where the laundry room was, or what time the electrical water parade went by) and it was in my handy resort info section. :thumbsup2

    I also keep park hours, adr info, and a whole bunch of other useful info in there, so I really love it. I never had one until I started on these boards, and I feel it helps. :thumbsup2

    I'll be happy to tell him you said that. ;)

    You're welcome! It was rather cathartic.
  6. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008
    HA! Good to know. :lmao:

    As you've seen, I do have a tendency to let my inner five year old run free.

    That's pretty much how I feel about it. I think that I'll be less uncertain in my thirties, or at least better equipped to handle things, whereas the twenties where a lot of change for me.

    Thursday, October 1st. You SO need to be there. :thumbsup2

    Vicarious living is happily permitted on this trip. ;)
  7. maroo

    maroo DIS Veteran

    Aug 3, 2008

    Where to start, where to start!

    I like the turtle tops and skirt! :goodvibes really gonna ride Splash Mountain? :scared1:

    I love your must do lists!! And I am going to have to bookmark this page so that I can look up these food hints, too!! Yum!

    Love the binder!!

    OH MY GOSH!!! The Nana bonnet.... :cloud9: How totally cool is THAT?!

    Oh...I am so jealous of the people that get to see you guys all dressed up as Peter Pan's clan! You just have to figure out a way to see if you can meet Peter Pan while you guys are all dressed cool would that be?

    Loved the update! And yes, I read the whole thing! I love long updates! Especially long TK updates...always chock full of good stuff! :goodvibes
  8. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 28, 2008
    Great update! By the way, you don't ever have to grow up even when you are in your thirties! I have decided that! :laughing:

    Binder looks great! :thumbsup2

    Hurray for finding Nana's bonnet!

    Having must-dos will make the trip run smoother -- hopefully! :goodvibes
  9. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008
    Anything is possible. :rolleyes1

    I'll actually be going more in depth into my must do lists in the next chapter, just so you know. More explanation of what we're doing and who it's for.:thumbsup2

    I'd love to meet Peter and Wendy, but even more so, I'd love to meet Captain Hook and Smee. Just for the simple fact of I would love to see Captain Hook's reaction to another Captain Hook. :lmao:

    Thank you!

    Well, dang, if CP says it, it must be so! :hug:

    This is something Tink and I did for our May trip. In advance, we talked about our must dos for each portion of our trip. Granted, our lists were very short, but we still had an idea of what the other wanted to do, and I think it really helps to go in with that loose game plan. :thumbsup2

    MRYPPNS Practically Prefect in Every Way

    Jan 7, 2007
    Your Nana is going to look so dang cute as Nana! Loves it!
  11. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Sep 16, 2008
    :worship::worship: I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED :worship::worship:

    Okay I don't know if it was the lists or the binder or probably both but you have lit a fire under me...I'm in full out planning mode (of course the bug bites when I'm in a location where I can't do anything about it LOL) but when I get home a new binder will be made...well almost I'll use the materials but I'm going to find a catching title ( I LOVE YOURS btw) and away I will go LOL!

    How awesome is that is definitely a sign that is most definitely a Nana hat and I can't wait to see your costumes in person ( that is if you don't mind...LOL I'll be the third musketeer with Christine and Paula at MNSSHP LOL)!

    You guys have a plan and as a fellow Libra I'm in have a plan and have agreed to be flexible that is awesome!! Yay for girl time with your mom!!

    Can't wait to hear more details about your lists!!

    Once again what a great update and I look forward to more!
  12. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008
    Thanks! :goodvibes

    Oh, I was seriously inspired yesterday. Today, not so much. :lmao:

    Good for you! I just figured it's almost time for me to make my ressies, I really need to get everything else in order.

    Of course I would love to meet you, you silly nut! :lmao: I'd love to meet all three of you actually, and if you'd like to meet me and my crazy family, bless you. :rotfl2:

    Of course, I'll probably waffle, but I'm sticking with the costume decision.

    For now.

    Okay, for always, because I really can't do any of my other ideas and have it be conducive to the group thing. Plus, we'll always have a solo family trip in 2010 to do whatever we want. :lmao:

  13. All7OfUs

    All7OfUs <font color=darkorchid>We too are so very NOT into

    Dec 12, 2007
    Love the suit, it's very cute!

    Also, I think the Peter Pan idea is so clever! That little bonnet is so sweet, and I know Nana is going to be a perfect, well, Nana!

    Yes, I read the ENTIRE list of to-dos as well, and think it looks fab. In fact, it would be almost identical to mine, except mine would have fewer meet and greets. Just not my thang.

    So much to share this time- great update!
  14. If U Had Wings

    If U Had Wings DIS Veteran

    May 24, 2007
    I don't know how I managed to miss your update. :headache: The boards seem to be doing that alot to me lately. I missed LL's last week too.

    I love the binder. Very cute! All the Peter Pan themeing is adorable. I think it's perfect for MNSSHP. Just think of how comfortable your going to be as Wendy. A nightgown and nice flat shoes this year. No heels! Hopefully those characters will be out that night for pictures. The whole family would make a great photo op!
  15. MegansMom

    MegansMom Always Ready to Go Back with my "Minnie" Megan Mou

    Mar 27, 2006
    Loved the update---especially the binder was my favorite part!!!! You guys are going to look SO cute....I wish there could be a way that you could post a picture of you all...without faces maybe?!?!?!?! I want to see that so badly!!! :(
  16. jmamom

    jmamom Mouseketeer

    Oct 18, 2008
    I've been lurking on your PTR for a while now and I just realized that my trip is the same week as yours! We're planning to do MNSSHP on Tuesday the 29th, though, so we won't get to see the Peter Pan gang in person (or with heads). Love the binder, good luck with the ADR's. Are you going to try to do it online? I hear good things about it so far.
  17. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008
    I can't wait to give it to her. I'll have to take pictures of her face when she opens it! :lmao:

    You know, I wasn't always all about the meet and greets, but I really love it. For myself and my son. You never know what kind of experience you'll have, and it's exciting!

    No worries, mate. I have a hard time getting on the boards in general during my work week, so no problems. :thumbsup2

    I KNOW! I didn't even mention that in my post, but it's going to be so AWESOME to go in flat shoes!!!!!!!! I'm mega excited about that. Maybe I'll last longer into the night. :lmao:

    I'm sure I'll figure out a way to post a picture. :thumbsup2

    :welcome: And thank you for coming out of lurkdom! I'm happy to have you here. Who knows, maybe we'll run into each other. :goodvibes
  18. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008
    I promise that this update will eventually be about my trip.

    Unfortunately, much as we would like to lose ourselves...well, heck, I would like to lose myself in the world of trip the World, life sort of gets in the way. But in a good way.

    And I guess I'm looking for a little support from my dear DIS friends. And it's not just of the sandal variety. That's a whole other issue.

    Basically, this week has been weird for me. Weird, in a good way. I've had a lot of angst over the whole trip sandal thing and it's made me cranky. Which made me realize that my desire to be able to control the sandal situation wasn't really about the sandals at all but about life.

    It's amazing how footwear can be a metaphor for what's lacking.

    Oh, Tink. Is that crazy or what? Anyway :rolleyes1, moving on.

    I basically had a realization. The more I think about this trip, the closer we get to me turning thirty. And the closer we get to me turning thirty, the more I think about the things I haven't done. And in the past, it was more along the lines of, I haven't bought a house...I haven't had another baby...I haven't done this, I haven't done that.

    And now, it's something entirely different. Not so much focused on what I don't have, but focused on what I CAN do. And what I can do, and what I'd like to do. And it's amazing, for me, as a wife and a mother, to finally turn the tables back on myself, and say, wait a minute. Wait, wait.

    Where did I get lost in this wonderful life here? Where did we lose TK?

    What happened to the girl who was so determined?

    How did I end up as a bank teller? That is the million dollar question, isn't it? Well, I can tell you how. After I gave birth to DS, I was layed off. I chose to stay home for a year, and right before DS' birthday, my husband was layed off. It was then a mad dash of who could find a job first, and who could find a job with health insurance. Enter the bank. I originally started part time working 20 hours a week, and I was able to carry our insurance. My husband found a job right around the same time, but no insurance for the whole family, just him. So basically, I needed to work.

    It wasn't a choice, it wasn't an option, I needed to. But I aslo needed to for me. Because I had an almost one year old, and I didn't get out a lot. We had little playgroups and things here and there, but there wasn't a lot of adult conversation in my world. And so I was looking forward to that. It was filling a void I didn't even realize was there.

    Fast forward to now. I've been with the bank for three years. My son is four. He's more independent. We're all more independent, and yet closer than we've ever been as a family. Instead of having him with my parents all the time (which has been hard some days), he'll be starting preschool (full days) two days a week. We're easing into it during the summer, and if it goes well, he'll go to three days for the school year.

    It'll give me more freedom, and him the structure and time with children that he so desperately needs. It will also allow me to really enjoy him on my days off, and have some time with him before he goes to kindergarten. (We've got one more full year of preschool.)

    I guess the point here is, I don't have a baby anymore. I have a very beautiful little boy who is quickly turning into a big boy. Almost overnight, it seems. And that stay at home mom who needed to get out of the house and have some adult interaction...well...she's not the same mom anymore.

    And I mean that in an entirely good way.

    This job did what it was meant to do. But I never meant for it to be a career. I never meant to spend the rest of my life there. I happen to be very good at what I do. I say that not out of arrogance but out of high praise and annual reviews. The thing is, I can be good at a lot of things, because in my family we believe if you put your mind to it, you do it, and you do it all out. And that's the way we are. Workaholics, hard core, to the very core.

    And you know what I discovered? I'm going to be thirty and I don't want to spend the rest of my life at the bank.

    I don't want to be that far from where I started. As an artist, with a BFA in painting. Someone who loves children and always has. Someone who loves to read, loves to write, loves to talk, loves to listen.

    Loves new ideas and thinking and learning.

    Can you see where this is going?

    It's something I've always thought about, but I never had the confidence in myself, never the push to do something until now.

    Right now. This week.

    I started looking up information about going back to school. So I can teach.

    There. I said it. I want to be a teacher. My grandfather, I'm sure, is smiling on me from heaven.

    Granddad was a teacher. Nana is a teacher. My mother also has a degree in education. I guess when they say apples don't fall far from the tree, it's true.

    But just to throw a little wrench in the works, I have no desire to teach art. Which is unfortunate, because that's what my degree is in. No, no, I want to be difficult and teach something else.

    Something I love, and something I'm good at, and something that I can be passionate about.

    English. Literature, reading, writing, whatever you want to call it, that's what I want to do. CP, have you fallen out of your chair yet? I so need to send you an e-mail.

    The fact of the matter is that I've finally realized that no matter what I do there will always be drama. There will always be stress.

    But what I do right now? What I do for work? There's no reward in it. I hate to be so demeaning, but anyone can do my job. Anyone can be taught how to use that computer and how to hand out money for a living. Anyone can be taught how to sell a product. There's no ultimate satisfaction in it, no thrill in knowing that you've made someone's life better, that maybe you've enriched them in a way they won't even realize until they've been out of high school 10+ years.

    I can remember all my high school English teachers. Their lectures, the Shakesperean plays we studied, everything. Everything. It has such meaning to me, even now. I want to do that. Even if I can touch one life, isn't that better than sitting at the same station, day after day, doling out cash, waiting for the weekend to come so you can be with your family again?

    Don't get me wrong. I have fun at the bank. I'm a have lemons make lemonade kind of gal. But I have tears in my eyes talking about this. It makes me sad to think that what I do has such a small impact. And I'm not one of those kind of people who can just look at a job as a job. I want it to mean something, I want it to be more. I want to be satisfied when I come home, even if it was stressful, because I want to do something I love.

    I don't love what I do. I love my family. I love "the boys." I love being a wife, a mother, sister, daughter, niece, auntie, you name it. I love my big crazy family.

    But loving my family doesn't mean that I have to be unhappy. It doesn't mean that I need to keep searching for ways to get around this birthday, to ignore what it really is. A sign. The end of the twenties and the beginning of something new.

    Maybe even the year I go back to school and get certified to do something else. I don't deny it will be hard, I don't deny it will be rough.

    But the end result?

    A piece of the happiness pie? How can you put a price on it?

    Continued in next post....
  19. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008
    Okay, I did not expect that to take up a whole post. Forgive me! :lmao:

    Let's indulge in a little shallowness here and talk about my misplaced trip sandal anger. So Fruedian. Anyway, what I don't want to discuss is how many different sandals have made their way through these doors and gone right back out again.

    Where my husband works, they have a UPS pick up each day, and his co-workers now call him, "the shoe guy."

    It's that bad.

    That's how many returns I make him bring to work for me. For shame, TK. For shame. :rolleyes1 :lmao:

    God bless him. I should really thank him. Perhaps for Father's Day! :thumbsup2

    Anyway, right now, I'm wearing these around the house.


    They seem to be comfortable. I say seem to be because I find it almost impossible to figure out how comfortable shoes are while wearing them on carpeted indoor environments. You need a good outside walk to really get the idea, but unfortunately for returning capabilites that's a big no no. So inside it is. These are Keens, Venice H2 in black.

    And yes, those are my pasty white legs. The blessings of being Irish without the benefit of my son's beautiful auburn red hair. Ah well. Now you know why I burn so easily. :lmao: And no, my toenails are not green. That tiny bit of green is a little Spongebob bandaid because some pair of cute little kitten heels I thought would be fun to wear to work gave me a fun little blister. :::sigh::: I have shoe angst.

    When I say that they seem to be comfortable I mean in comparison to the plethora of other shoes I've tried on. What really is putting a bee in my bonnett is that the black Teva flip flops I love seem to be discontinued, and I'm not sure if I mentioned this already, but I can only find this color:


    Okay. I'm not a pink and tan kind of girl. Pink and chocolate brown, maybe. Pink? Hmm...not so much. Unless we're talking pirate princess pink, but that's usually pink and black. What I mean to say is, I love my black flip flops. They go with everything. Much like those black Keens would probably go with everything. However, do I love them enough to have shelled out around $64 for them? I don't know. They seem nice. Now, I did go ahead and order the pink and tan...or as they call it "Dusty Rose" Teva flips, because quite frankly, that's the best flip flop bar none. Ever. So there. Now those pretty puppies ran me about $25. Which is AWESOME.

    So we have a couple of problems here. Either we can run with the whole Keen thing and see how these work and they'll match my current wardrobe, or we can just know that we'll bring the black Teva flips, most likely have to use the dusty rose Teva flips, and quite frankly, TK will need a new wardrobe.

    Honestly. I just don't think that pink/tan combo goes with jeans and a black tank top. Am I too picky? Someone tell me I'm too picky. God, why do I care? :lmao:

    Well, I care, because 15 years from now, I'm going to have to look at the photos from vacation, that's why!!! :rotfl2:

    So to sum up:

    I love the black Teva flips and can't find a replacement pair anywhere on the net. I've even tried Ebay.

    I don't love the color of the dusty rose flips, but I'm willing to settle for them given the price and the fact that I know they're the most comfortable flips ever. This also gives me the possibility of buying some new tanks, or maybe even using the DISigns board and making some fun tanks. More on that later.

    I'm wearing the Keens around the house to try to get a feel for them and I'll keep you posted.

    I guess for this trip, I'm going to have to learn how to rotate shoes, and hope that serves me well. I just really don't like having to pack a lot. I love being able to have one pair of sandals that suits the whole trip. Ah well.

    Now on to the whole fun tanks thing. I'm definitely thinking about making my own this year and doing some iron on transfers. DS has plenty of shirts, and I know I can't really get the whole family in tees they'd like. So I've focused on myself with this one. One I know I'd really like to make is for our DHS day. I already happen to have a navy tank that I'd love to put a Sorceror Mickey on. I love Mickey in his sorceror costume. It's so dang cute. I have a few other ideas, but I'll leave those for if I actually make them.

    That doesn't mean, however, despite all my trip agnst and tank pondering that I haven't made a few little trip purchases along the way.

    Without further ado, here they are...


    DS needs a new bathing suit. Not necessarily because he is a 6/7, but because he's really not a 4/5 anymore. I swear, they should make an in between size. :lmao: After much ado trying to purchase various character swimsuits for him, I discovered something. My son doesn't want characters on his swimsuits. Tees, tanks, yes. Swimsuits, not so mcuh. So he is quite pleased with this pair of trunks, and I am too. Walmart, $6. You can't go wrong.

    The big pens with Finding Nemo! I've always read on the boards that the big pens are easier for characters to grip and I found these in the Target Dollar Spot. Quite frankly, they're just cute, and I think they'd be fun to carry.

    And the purse. Because I need a new purse like I need a hole in the head.

    But wait. Wait until you hear how much that cutie patootie Mickey purse was.



    Gotta love it. Couldn't resist. Called my name, as a matter of fact.

    So there you have it, folks. A whole bunch of wardrobe, and cute pens. Hopefully in the next post I can get back to the to do list and revisit the discussion of ADRs, since I'm fairly certain my calling date is July 1st.

    That's not too far away! :yay:
  20. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Sep 16, 2008
    Awwww...TK from one teacher to a future one I wish you all the luck in the world. Being in teacher not only takes your mind but it takes your heart and I know you will fulfill that role completely. If you would ever like to pick my brain feel free. I love my students and I love what I do, sometimes the beaucracy can be a bit much but at the end of the day its about those children in my room and that keeps me going!! Good Luck and like I said its not about reinventing the wheel so don't hesitate to ask anything!

    As far as the sandals...awww I'm still inspired I really need to get on with this shoe business its only 3 months away I need to stop slacking LOL!
  21. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008
    Thank you so much, Jen! I will probably PM you as I think of questions I may have. Right now I'm researching what it would take to get certified in my state and if there are any accelerated programs I can take. Most of them tend to be all day Saturdays, and because I work at the bank (and have to, to carry our insurance), that's a no go. I'm hoping someone offers night courses or something so that I can make this happen!

    And I get you on the bureaucracy. Basically, I deal with that now, so quite frankly, it can't be worse. And I've worked for lots of different parts of corporate America, so I'm fully aware of what political nonsense I may be jumping in to. :thumbsup2

    Now, hon, remind me, who are you going with in September?

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