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FP+ is Live! Magic Bands in the park!

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by PrettyFlower2, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. joshsmom

    joshsmom <font color=009933>I baked a cake, put on respecta

    It seems like we're all in the same boat there!!!!
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  3. mesaboy2

    mesaboy2 Using a certain word brings out a special kind of

    I think most of us are torn on what to think about the impending FP+. I feel your pain.
  4. TheSilverTherapist

    TheSilverTherapist The Geekiest Guy You've Ever Met

    Wait, so there will be FastPass machines that you can wave your bracelet by to get a ticket similar to the old way when you stick your card in the slot?

    If that ends up being the case, then you're right, you should be able to do both (pending availability, of course). The T&C, though, seem to indicate you need the old-fashioned mag-strip tickets to get a regular FastPass and once you get the new ticket... things... you have no way of getting the regular passes anymore.

    It's possible the T&C will change, or that they apply to the testing for the FP+ and not for the system once everything's official.

    But mostly, I'm just confused.
  5. mesaboy2

    mesaboy2 Using a certain word brings out a special kind of

    That pretty much sums it up for all of us.

    We don't know many of the specifics like TDC Nala mentioned, so we're all pretty confused. We just answer questions as best we can. :goodvibes
  6. TheSilverTherapist

    TheSilverTherapist The Geekiest Guy You've Ever Met

    I really hope the CM online was correct, but it almost seems too good to be true. It fits a little too well into mine and a lot of other smart people's strategies.
  7. mesaboy2

    mesaboy2 Using a certain word brings out a special kind of

  8. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    I would think you would not get a paper Fastpass ticket. It would be electronic and stored on your account that you access with the RFID bracelet/card, and there would be no more paper involved. That would all be in the future, at some point where everyone has only RFID/compatible ticket media, be it a card or a bracelet. They won't be doing it now, or possibly anytime soon. Or maybe never. There's no way to know yet.
  9. BebopBaloo

    BebopBaloo New Member

    Just hypothesizing along w/ you. If all we had to do to get a FastPass w/ FastPass+ was to wave our magic band in front of a reader...how would we be able to look up the time for the FastPass after we walked away from the reader?
    I know there is the app for smart phones, so techincally once it is loaded 'in your band' it would then be 'in your app'.. potentially...maybe.. and if you don't have the app can you still get a band? If so, what happens then once you load your FastPass?:rotfl:
  10. TheSilverTherapist

    TheSilverTherapist The Geekiest Guy You've Ever Met

  11. Magpie

    Magpie <font color=purple> I guess there's not much else

    We fear change. ;)
  12. DisneyDoc5

    DisneyDoc5 Disney, Dogs, Chocolate

    Mesaboy (always appreciate your input!:thumbsup2) or anyone else - so, my question is, for those people that do NOT have a smart phone, I understand they will have kiosks throughout the park - but are they supposed to 'remember' their fastpass times throughout the day - without that traditional paper FP and no smart phone - how is that possible? Of course my DH and I have them, but my 14 year old doesn't, what if he is doing something on his own as he gets older and needs to check or change a time - how inconvenient is that. I guess I think it's pretty presumptuous of Disney to assume that everyone will have the technology to use this system (kiosks aside, that is what they are assuming). I realize it's hard for people with smart phones to realize, but there is a huge chunk of our population that still do not use them - and then they have to use the kiosks, won't there be lines there as well? I don't see how those without the tecknology will be able to use this. Does anyone else think this is an issue?

    Last beef - I am confident Disney monitors these boards and other sights - I cannot believe the continue to allow all of this speculation to occur without some damage control from a PR stand point - it makes me think they are up a creek without a paddle. Let's just say I deal with Disney on a regular basis for business, and I have heard multiple different accounts of what, when, how this will work - why are they allowing their staff to misinform? Bad business. Bottom line - we have little to no idea what the final outcome is going to be and when it will occur - just trying to remain positive is getting old!

    ...cautiously optimistic:confused:
  13. TheSilverTherapist

    TheSilverTherapist The Geekiest Guy You've Ever Met

    If what I heard is wrong, it would definitely be bothersome that their online CMs would so confidently give you incorrect information.

    In the end it's not a big deal, just... bothersome.
  14. DisneyDoc5

    DisneyDoc5 Disney, Dogs, Chocolate

    I totally agree with you - like I said, bad business for so many to be giving different versions of what is happening. Big picture for all of us, we are talking about fast passes at a theme park, so this shouldn't ruin any of our lives or vacations, it's just a bummer to have it be such a mystery!
  15. geraghty

    geraghty New Member

    I understood that those staying offsite could only get access to fastpass once they entered the park. If that's true, than they will not have access to the 60 day booking window. Those with room reservations and annual passes are the only ones with the 60 day advantage. But what about those that bought annual passes and don't plan on activating them until they go to the park for the first time?
  16. ArwenMarie

    ArwenMarie New Member

    This is what I think. Same-day FP will really be the same as FP+, just not in advance. So using the same app, kiosk, bracelets, whatever, but not paper.
  17. livibug

    livibug New Member

    well if the pictures of the carousel of progress are "accurate".. fp + for it is the way to go :rotfl: Its kind of like convincing the new guy playing fantasy football to take a kicker first! Tell new folks that the carousel of progress is a must do fp + attraction.

  18. siskaren

    siskaren New Member

    Seriously. I bet a lot of people reacted similarly when FP first rolled out. (Not me; I loved it. ;))
  19. ArwenMarie

    ArwenMarie New Member

    I think the new system is going to be good. I think the current system kind of stinks personally, so I am looking forward to the new one. If I don't have to get up at dark o'clock in the morning for rope drop anymore, I will be a happy camper. :yay:
  20. DisneyDoc5

    DisneyDoc5 Disney, Dogs, Chocolate

    I agree - it's kind of 'fun' to speculate, and I realize that is all it is. It's still talking about Disney! I know some people are REALLY upset:scared1:, but I just see these threads as a discussion on something that interests many of us.;)
  21. mesaboy2

    mesaboy2 Using a certain word brings out a special kind of


    I agree. :goodvibes

    A very few others see these threads as an opportunity to argue.

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