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For those who think only DISers hate FP+, check their Facebook page

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by rastuso, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. rastuso

    rastuso New Member

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  3. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

  4. AmyB2006

    AmyB2006 I'd rather be in Disney!

    I don't think anyone ever said only DISers don't like FP+. That would just be silly.

    But I'm glad that Disney is paying attention.
  5. rastuso

    rastuso New Member

    Plenty on here keep saying only the small group of recovering FP abusers here on the DiS will care about the loss of fun. It's pretty clear from the comments that there are lots of upset folks. And most of the folks who loved it didn't use the final form.

  6. ktlm

    ktlm New Member

    That commercial is awful!

    I think at the end when they were showing the kids each picking an attraction the Dad should have said- No, you can't both have the one you want because they are tiered so we can only pick one of those for the family to ride, and then it could have shown the kids start yelling at each other. Or even better have the siblings be about age 4 and 6, so that instead of just yelling at each other, they can both start crying and throwing fits that only one of them can do their favorite. That sounds much more like the reality of what happens when families are selecting their FP+ to me!

    I have to say, I'm glad to see that the multitude of responses are mostly negative. We did not care for MDE/FP+ when we used it on our last trip, and for the first time in 7 years haven't booked a trip this year due to the current status of FP+ and the loss of regular FP(and we are onsite people- can't imagine how the offsite feel right now).

    But..whose to say that all those FB posters aren't Disers. ;)
  7. AmyB2006

    AmyB2006 I'd rather be in Disney!

    No one has used the final form yet, since it's not in it's final form. So not sure what you're trying to say there.

    Maybe it's how you interpret things, but from what I'm seeing, people are saying that the "super-users" or whatever term you want to apply here, are the ones that are upset. Not necessarily only super-users on the DIS. But to each their own interpretation I guess.

    ETA... Myself, I think it's more than just super users. I myself am not happy about the limit of 3 and the tiers. But overall, I like the concept.
  8. lugnut33

    lugnut33 New Member

    Surprised at the negative feedback they are allowing to be posted.
  9. AmyB2006

    AmyB2006 I'd rather be in Disney!

    LOL, I don't think they can keep up with it. Remember the last update they posted? Pages and pages of negative comments.
  10. MonorailCentral

    MonorailCentral Dreamer

    As DIS is not the center of the Disney universe, I don't think anybody is under the impression that only DISers dislike FP+. Plenty of people dislike it all over. I'm not a fan, but I think people saying the kids can ride only one of their favorites are overdramatizing things. You can only pick one for FP+ (as far as some of the tiered headliners go), but there are opportunities to hit rides without long lines. Sometimes, one might have to wait a bit. We never used FP to a great extent, and I rarely waited more than 20 minutes for anything. The idea that without FP, you won't be able to ride favorites at all is a bit dramatic. That said, I'm not a fan of it, many people aren't, and the whole thing is being tinkered with all the time.
  11. ktlm

    ktlm New Member

    I will give you that-- they CAN ride it- so maybe I was a little overdramatic in that regard. But I wouldn't say it is just waiting "a bit". For example, it is 11:00 a.m. right now at WDW on a day that is supposedly a 4 crowd level. Soarin is currently an 80 minute wait and Test Track is currently a 60 minute wait.

    At Hollywood Studios, TSM is currently a 90 minute wait and RNRC is a 60 minute wait.

    If that is the case on a low crowd day, I sure don't want to have to be riding any of those on standby.
  12. Momtomouselover

    Momtomouselover New Member

    I really love going to Disney but these new limits have me unable to pull the trigger on a new trip. I just keep thinking it might be worth it f I stay at a value or offsite but then I realize that I might dislike the waits and just spend more time at the resort so I should stay deluxe but deluxe is just too expensive for the current experience/state. Frustrating and undecided! My DH is now talking about spending spring break in the mountains, hiking, fishing, rafting..we will see. Might have to postpone until summer and see where things lie then.

    Off to look at the FB page. Thanks for sharing.
  13. KatieCharlotte

    KatieCharlotte New Member

    Or an older kid yelling that he wants the three mountains while little sister cries that she wants to meet all the princesses, and mom and dad decided to spend the day with the family split in half. Yay family vacations.

    Many of the positive comments seem to say that it will be great, once Disney changes all the restrictions, or it was great when they were able to get FP+ for Soarin and TT or use both systems.

    Note that Disney has also just posted "Learn how to be part of our FastPass+ test by staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel" (the linked page says eventually all will be able to use FP+ but does not say all will be able to pre-book) and "Move over Mickey, the Disney Resort hotels have taken over our Facebook Page! Stay tuned all week as we showcase the magic of staying at Disney!"
  14. JanaDee

    JanaDee New Member

    They eventually just deleted that status update due to all the negative comments. ;)

    I'm assuming this one will end up the same.
  15. Momtomouselover

    Momtomouselover New Member

    I wonder if that page is getting hit pretty hard. Every time I try to watch the commercial my ipad locks up or it closes out.
  16. JaimeA

    JaimeA New Member

    This is my favorite response on the facebook post

    "Can I "lock in" something of actual essence to be built in WDW within the next ten years?"
  17. Son of Gadsden

    Son of Gadsden Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the

    Well, I am one that likes MyMagic+, not just FP+, and I do think the majority of people like the new changes. I have never been to their facebook page. If I would have had a bad trip, i might have posted a bad review.

    The evidence shows I'm not in the minority. You might as well rename most "review" forums as the "complaint box". Most don't use it unless they are mad.

    So, not to say that everyone loves MyMagic+, or that a lot of people don't dislike it...but statistics are something I take with a grain of salt...as does most everyone who knows much about statistics.

    Disney, on the other hand, should be paying attention to the issues being complained about, and I assume they are.
  18. Momtomouselover

    Momtomouselover New Member

    I wonder if Disney has someone actively reading their FB page. The comments are rolling in and I woud say negative to positive is winning out. Of course a fe are just woefully misinformed.
  19. ArwenMarie

    ArwenMarie New Member

    That is the worst commercial ever. Even if you were forced to come up with positives for FP+, "locked in" isn't one of them. They are confusing what is a benefit for them as a business with what is a benefit as a consumer.

    If anything, you would want to say how it can help make a vacation more leisurely or something.
  20. WillAustin

    WillAustin Can I be the mayor of Bitter Town?

    As I've said before, we don't pay thousands of dollars to spend several hours in lines.
  21. sethschroeder

    sethschroeder New Member

    Most of the comments on that thread have no clue..... "All this scheduling... When I was a kid we just picked a direction and went"

    Well you can still fly by the seat of your pants if you want. They are not slowing down rides, they are not removing rides, they are not saying without FP+ you can't ride a ride....

    What is acceptable FP+ for top tier rides? Can you get 1 time for all? 2 times 3 times??? They only have so many seats on rides so they need to allow everyone a chance. Personally I hope a lot of people do cancel their trip in September so there is even less crowd.

    In the end everyone thinks me me me me me, but they forget if they got 3 FP+ for TSM that's 2 other people who can't even get 1 pass!

    Also what about those of us who want to relax on vacation and sleep in. I think you should get 1 per ride but this whole I got 3 FP in the past stuff needs to quite down.

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