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DISer chapter of NKOTB anonymous, part deux... we don't want an intervention!!!

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by hmdavid, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. Brae's Mom

    Brae's Mom In need of a Disney Fix.......NOW!!!!!!

    Just sent you a pm
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  3. michael's mom

    michael's mom New Member

    I think I found you!
  4. hmdavid

    hmdavid New Member

    OK, Angey... you definitely should have gone to Biloxi. I was just reading the reviews on nkotb and they said that the venue only holds 1400 people!!! They said the guys were on stage for 2 1/2 hours and were out in the audience dancing! Wow! Des Moines is not a small venue but ticket sales have been horrible, so maybe we will get the same at that one. I can dream!!!
  5. michael's mom

    michael's mom New Member

    have a great night ladies! Thanks Crystal for the fb friending!
  6. eh24fan

    eh24fan <font color=blue>I was such a NKOTB nerd<br><font

    I'm sad that ticket sales are awful for them!! What if that means they won't do a summer tour????????? ACK!

    Both of my kids woke up sick today...and of all days, I have to go pick up an older lady from some medical tests this morning. She is 81 or 83 (can't EVER remember) and doesn't drive. Her husband is in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins recovering from open heart surgery, so I volunteered to go get her when her testing is over at the hospital. I love her and can't wait to see her, but I didn't intend on 2 kids, much less 2 sick ones!!! Wyatt has the barking seal croup cough and Carson has snot everywhere. <sigh>

    Is it Thursday yet??? :)
  7. Brae's Mom

    Brae's Mom In need of a Disney Fix.......NOW!!!!!!

    It seems tickets sales in these small venues have not been good. But I wonder if it is because people were tapped out (of money that is) from the fall tour and the sale of the cruise. I'm hoping this doesn't mean that they won't do a summer toug. We won't get to have our mini dis/nkotb meet and that would make me sad.

    Hope your kids get better soon. This winter has just been awful around here for colds. It seems like my daughter just gets over one and gets another and we just pass it around for months on end.

    Thursday is right around the corner. I just know you'll all have a blast.

    Try to have a good day and I hope those kiddo's feel better really soon.
  8. N&B'smom

    N&B'smom <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/photopost

    Heather - travel safely! See you on Thursday!! :banana:

    Erin - I hope the kiddies get better asap. You just stay healthy, sister!!

    I do think it was a difficult time for tickets to be on sale, right after the holidays in a poor economy. Somehow I think they'll still do a summer tour. As long as they're making money, they'll be back!! :)
  9. angey77

    angey77 New Member

    Heather, don't tell me that about Biloxi! Oh man! And here in Houston, it's been rainy and cold and gross! Dang, DANNNNGG!!!

    Anyone else looking for Facebook, did you get in? I haven't checked the group yet. If not, send me a PM with your email address and I'll "friend" you and then send you an invite.
  10. hmdavid

    hmdavid New Member

    I think that the problem with ticket sales involves two things...1) I have read over and over again on the other boards that people are waiting for the summer tour and a "new" show. Sure, they have said there is a summer tour, but there is no guarantee that will happen. And no one has said it would be a new show. I don't want to miss out on any opportunities! 2) The venue's they are playing are so close together. Last week Fort Myers and Orlando, this week somewhere in VA and Baltimore. When they come to Iowa they will have just been in Moline, IL which is only about a 2 hour drive from Des MOines. 3 PA dates this week. It is hard to sell out venues when they are so close together.

    That said, I do worry that the ticket sales will affect the decision of a summer tour. I am so not ready for this to be over! I even posted about it on the crazy boards and was attacked by countless people telling me that "Donnie said there will be a summer tour". Cause I guess everything he says is gold! I finally deleted the thread because people get a little crazy!

    I am finishing my packing this morning. Having a birthday lunch with my cousin and her daughter, dropping the dog off, the kids and the cat off and then driving to Minneapolis to spend the night. My flight leaves super early in the morning and I didn't feel like leaving home at 3 am! I hate not living close to a major airport! I will probably check back in before I leave, but in case I don't... have a great week and I will see some of you in Baltimore!!!
  11. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    I do too! But I'm glad you found somebody to take it! I'm sure they won't be as cool as me! :rotfl:

    I think it may also be that a lot of the places they are playing this time around aren't big market places. I mean look at the last tour - NYC, Las Vegas, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Philly, etc - all major cities where people from all over could go. I think people may just be waiting until they come around to the big cities again. I'll go see them wherever but I gotta be honest, I was much more excited to see them in Madison Square Garden then I am at Hershey. That building just has a different feel to it.
  12. hmdavid

    hmdavid New Member

    I know I said I was leaving... but I need your help!!! Our local radio station is having a contest to win a pair of 5* tickets for teh Des Moines show! :yay: You have to tell them the craziest thing you would do for the tix, I.E. shave your eyebrows, sing NK songs for the whole morning show. I need ideas! Sadie and I will do about anything! Start thinking ladies!!!
  13. angey77

    angey77 New Member

    Get a NKOTB tat on your face! OK, that is not realistic.
    Shave eyebrows ... omg.
    You need to do something shocking. The question is, how far will you go?
  14. mantysk8coach

    mantysk8coach Proud member of the DIS chapter of NKOTB Anonymous

    Double post...sorry! Read below...
  15. mantysk8coach

    mantysk8coach Proud member of the DIS chapter of NKOTB Anonymous

    Ditto to everything Heather said! I think the summer tour is slow because lots of people blew their money on the cruise versus doing several concerts, and because they are banking on a summer tour. And it almost seems like the guys (or their management or whatever) are waiting to see how the spring tour does, before setting dates for summer. It just seems like the summer dates should have been out by now.

    LOL too about posting that on the crazy boards. I hardly even read there anymore, I get all my NKOTB news from this thread, without the drama! I really can't stand it over there!!!
  16. Marshmelo

    Marshmelo New Member

    Ok, Heather, here are my ideas:

    1) You will drive around to all the local fast food places and go through the drive-thru, but when they ask to take your order, you will sing a NKOTB song at the top of your lungs. You will go around doing this until you can get someone to sing along with you over the speaker. A friend will ride with you and video your efforts. (this is my personal favorite!)

    2) You will stand on a busy street corner with a sign reading "Please help...I need $ to go to a NKOTB concert" or "Will work for $ for NKOTB tickets"

    3) You will make "marketing" phone calls trying to raise money for a "good cause" of attending a NKOTB concert.

    Now, if you win with any of my ideas, you have to take me!
  17. jenny105

    jenny105 New Member

    :thumbsup2 This is a good one! :lmao:
  18. Brae's Mom

    Brae's Mom In need of a Disney Fix.......NOW!!!!!!

    Melody is on to something!!! This is my favorite idea too!! Oh and I would love to see you actually doing it. Call woman call....this is an awesome idea!!!

    And if I don't get to talk to you again have a great time at the show in Baltimore.
  19. cruiserkaren

    cruiserkaren <font color=teal>Who Dey!<br><font color=darkorchi

    Gosh girls! Ya'll have been busy.


    Have a safe trip Heather. I like Melody's idea about the drive thrus. :laughing: I hope I get a chance to do 5* this summer! It does seem like maybe they flooded the market? Yikes. (How can I say that? There is no such thing as too much NKOTB, right?)
  20. hmdavid

    hmdavid New Member

    Great ideas! One of Sadie's friends gave her a similar idea for the fast food one! I will let you know hwat happens. Keep the ideas coming!!!
  21. N&B'smom

    N&B'smom <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/photopost

    I can just picture you doing that at a fast food restaurant! :lmao: OMG that is a RIOT!!! I'm cracking up just thinking about it!!

    How about you agree to get the underneath back part of your hair cut VERY short so they can shave the letters NKOTB in it!?!??!

    I agree the people on the crazy board act like Donnie is a god. I remember someone had some sort of issue at the concert and I heard them say, I'll definitely tell Donnie about this, he'll straighten it out. Yeah, because Donnie REALLY cares about everyone's ILAA complaints. :rolleyes:

    I think summer dates will come out right around the time of the cruise. We shall see!
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