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DIS Diva's **Old thread**

Discussion in 'Disneyland Community Board' started by mommaU4, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    Monday Monday.....why do you come so quickly? lol Or why am I so busy? LOL what a fun weekend! Fun but also a bit of frustration.........Friday night was the black light party at the bar, that was so much fun!! We had tons of people dressed in glowing colors and we had stencils and markers that glowed so we were writing on each other all night. lol We even had glowing cupcakes that my friend made! So fun!! Saturday I slept until 12:30......LOL I was clearly tired. rofl! That day was the bachelorette party do-over so we headed to Kati's at about 4, then off to the Melting Pot for the do over meal. This time it was amazing!! It was everything we expected it to be last time but it was not. We had a great time!! We did have free meals for all of us but we also had drinks and we upgraded our cooking sauces so we did have a balance to pay, here's where the frustration comes in, I ended up paying and extra $10, not that $10 is that much but I also drove the minivan, which gets 17 mpg and it was a 100 mile round trip and we had to pay bridge toll.......I was given $9 for bridge toll and gas.....so not only did I pay an extra $10 but I also got shafted on the gas and tolls. Soooooo frustrating because this same thing happened the first time. AND on top of that we were all supposed to go out after, well the only ones that did go out were myself and Amy, and Amy gave me $5 for gas and tolls. She could tell I was annoyed by this whole thing and she and I spend a lot of time together and we are always careful to share gas costs, or I buy her food or drink or something. So since this had happened before she told me she was going to give me $10 for gas and toll and I said no, that wasn't fair to her and if she did I would be mad at her. LOL So I can't decide exactly what to do, I feel like I got screwed out of $20!! I wasn't going to drive the van in the beginning but everyone was whining about not being together so I offered, I should have told them all to give me $3 for gas in the beginning and now I know I'll need to do that but man......so annoying to feel screwed over by people who are supposed to some of my best friends....I guess my main complaint is just that this continues to happen when I drive anywhere with that one group. This is the same group that left dinner early on my birthday to go get fro yo, then left the bar early on my birthday to go get food, and they expected me to leave early because again, they had ridden with me! (Micah drove because I was drinking) Amy isn't in that group but she was with me on these occasions so she knows my frustrations. I guess I'm just too nice but man......grrrrr Either way, dinner itself was AMAZING!!! And dancing after was fun as well. Then yesterday I went shopping for the rest of my costume stuff, got the tulle I need for my Mardi Gras skirt, now I need to make it, need to make my jewelry and need to get stuff to make a wand, maybe some lights for the skirt and gloves. Who knew how hard it would be find blue gloves? lol I did see some cute black ones with purple ribbon in them, I could change the ribbon but I'm not sure I want black gloves so I didn't get them yet. Then last night I had a lesson so was at the bar until about 11. Another busy but fun weekend. :) I have class tonight (Good Time) too, should be fun. UC is back in so there are a lot of new faces so I'll be teaching a lot of beginner dances for a while. :)

    Thanks for letting me whine about my rude friends.....haha ;)
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  3. DisneyStitch626

    DisneyStitch626 DIS Veteran

    Beth, so glad you had a nice trip! How nice of the girls to treat you to all those things! I'd love to stay at a Disneyland hotel, just once! Sorry about your foot and the heat though.

    Jen, good luck on the baby stuff!

    Mel, I forgot to mention I will take a hoodie! The zippered front one. :)
  4. grumpyvet

    grumpyvet Active Member

    I know your pain on the depression thing with no work. I had my hours cut again so have way too much free time. Cleaning the house does not excite me although that seems to be all I do. I suffur from zero motivation a lot of days. Luckily I am still working some, but cannot get an interview elsewhere, even with the follow through and all. Not looking for a 50 year old used veterinarian, I fear.

    Here to good luck for all of us!!!

    I am just 98 miles from DL and don't get there often enough. A visit to your storage shed sounds exciting. :) For a brief time with a month long return to living with my parents while I was between jobs, I had my stuff in storage. I would actually go visit it. Okay, I would need to get something, but then find myself hanging out for a bit in my favorite chair surrounded by my stuff.

    How exciting, a new house. I would like to move, but to a house, new city, new state. ;)

    99 degrees? Holy Moly that is not compatible with life. Glad I screwed around and missed the sign up date. Would not have enjoyed MA much in that heat. I always "compete" with my daughter, so we are far from competitive. Okay, I blame her, but maybe it is me. :dance3:

    Super de duper hot in San Diego. Other when I was swimming laps today, have been feeling like I am in an oven.

    Over the weekend bought the fabrics to make costumes for my DD12 and the Irish Wolfhound. I need to get started because 1) While I bought a pattern for a basic dog coat, I need to franken-pattern it since while it is for XL dogs, not nearly as XL as my Gryff is. And I need to come up with a way to wings for it since he is being a dragon.

    2). What was I thinking when I agreed to make the medieval thing for the kid? Obviously I did not look at the pattern too carefully since I need to put a zipper in costume satin and the sleeves have 9 button holes in each one!! I have done zippers before, but NOT button holes. Oh Noeesssssssssssss!!!!

    Mild panic, but procrastination will likely win out and I will be not sleeping the entire week before Halloween as I stay up cursing and sewing. Gosh dang button holes.

    Happy Monday.

  5. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    Hey Beth, glad you had fun. Sorry about your foot, Micah's got PF and it messes with him something fierce.
  6. yourMaire83

    yourMaire83 SPA MARIE

    This weekend my parents came to visit. Since I live right on the edge of WDW, and DH works there, we took them to the parks. They haven't been in about 12 years... It was so frustrating. They just don't get it. They seemed bored the whole time. I'd notice they weren't looking at anything when we were on Main Street, so I tried to get them to appreciate the Halloween/fall decorations for a minute. They were so unenthusiastic and just wanted to leave. :confused3 I made sure we got there when it was getting dark so it wasn't hot. We stayed only a couple hours...

    Today I had an interview at Casting to work at the Grand Floridian Spa when it reopens (I am a massage therapist and esthetician). Keep your fingers crossed for me! Afterward, I had lunch at Food & Wine and got a shirt for Epcot's 30th birthday :-) I would have liked to go to the rededication, but I had the old people with me, lol. We went for only a short time. It was hot... Can't wait for it to cool off here :crazy2:
  7. VintageDisneyRules

    VintageDisneyRules <font color=royalblue>Why does candy taste so much

    I'll check the site. Thanks.
    It was great to see you too!
    Oh too bad your parents didn't have a good time. Hopefully the next time they visit you can plan a different day for them.
  8. sahbushka

    sahbushka Active Member

    Helloooo! How is everyone? I am doing well. Just a quick check in to say hi and make sure you all remember me...I may not be able to go this year but am totally in for 2014! Also I am very excited about the zip up hoodie! Thanks for heading that up Mel!

    Take care everyone! And to all you new divas I have yet to meet..."Hi!"

    Oh, and for anyone who has not heard, there is a Divas sleepover/movie night at my place on November 17th...Lynden, WA. PM me for details! Kandace is helping with all the plans! It was an idea we dreamed up in Cancun one night after availing ourselves of the all inclusive benefits of our hotel! Gotta love all inclusive!

    Later ladies!

  9. wendypooh22

    wendypooh22 <font color=FF6666>Sometimes I'm a little Grumpy<b

    Ohhh, my silly iPad won't let me PM.... I would love info in the hoodie :)
  10. MrsPinup

    MrsPinup 3 cups. cups, cups, cups, cups, cups

    It really did! It sounds like you enjoyed the movie; I am hoping to see it soon.
    Thanks! :goodvibes

    Beth~ Glad you had a great trip - I hope your foot gets better soon :hug:

    Fingers crossed! What a great opportunity!
    Hello SarahMay! You really have to try to make it back this next trip :) And I wish I could make it up to Washington for sleepovers and rain...

    For those of you with Kindle's, my friend Megan wrote a book and it was released today. It is called "Traced" and is the first in a series. It's only $2.99. She has been saying it is similar to Hunger Games/Harry Potter. Megan became a photographer after she lost her dad to cancer and has been so successful with that - hopefully her writing takes off just as swimmingly. So, if you are looking for a new book to read, check it out :) I just started it today myself.
  11. pixidustmom

    pixidustmom Dreaming of the World

    That sucks they were in such a hurry to leave and not able to see all the beauty in it all. I wish someone would take me.lol
    Good luck with your interview. I would so love a fabulous massage.
  12. I would love more info on the sleepover. Maybe Katelyn and I could come up.

  13. mommaU4

    mommaU4 <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/hl1

    Why isn't it Friday yet?? :faint: This seems like it's going to be a long week. That's the one thing about vacations...playing catch up with reality when you get home!

    Anyway, Happy Tuesday, y'all! :)

    Thanks. I'm debating on going to the doctor or not. I'm not sure there's much they can do for me from what I'm reading online... :confused3

    It was nice of them! They are so sweet. And Theresa, who sadly ended up having to leave Saturday morning instead of Sunday morning, told me to just stay in the hotel the last night and invite my family, who'd been staying with Ruben's parents, to come sleep over and swim in the pool. So it was an extra special treat for them as well. :goodvibes

    Make it stop already. I am so tired of heat, heat and more heat. I was hoping to escape the Vegas heat in CA this past weekend, but instead, it was just as bad there.

    I feel your pain. My mom has zero interest in theme parks, especially Disney. She thinks they are crowded, and expensive. Which, okay, maybe they are, lol. But still. She just is not interested in the least.

    Good luck at the interview!!

    Aww, Sarah, my long time Disney friend! I'm gonna miss seeing you this time. Wish I lived closer, I'd totally go to the sleep over.

    Thanks, and good luck with the baby making! pixiedust:

    I think Sarah has an event page set up on FB. I know I saw it at one point.
  14. disney-super-mom

    disney-super-mom <font color=magenta>I make a mean pot of Jazz Kitc

    Can't wait! :cool1:

    "All inclusive benefits" can be very helpful when dreaming up ideas.
  15. Zoemakes5

    Zoemakes5 <font color=deeppink>Support me in my Disney mania

    Hi everyone....I'm on FB all the time, but I've had inconsistent ability to get on to the DIS. Can't wait to meet up with some of the newbies and see some of the veterans!
  16. MrsPinup

    MrsPinup 3 cups. cups, cups, cups, cups, cups

    :wave2: Hi Michelle!!!

    Beth~ I feel you on this week appearing to be a long one. I work till 5 tonight and will not make it to my crossfit class :sad: Friday brings my Fort Bragg family trip and that low-60-degree weather is taunting me.

    So I completed the Tough Mudder and the next big thing is the Spartan Race in April. I am joining my trainer to do it. It is 11-13 miles and you cannot skip obstacles. It should be fun!
  17. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    OMG will you be my friend? LOL ;) Good luck!!! How awesome would that be?

    Right?? I'm ready for the weekend! Hopefully a relaxing one. But not likely. LOL
    Micah went to the dr, they wouldn't do anything for him. Not even shoe inserts which can sometimes help. They told him he had to pay for them out of pocket and they are hundreds of dollars so he won't do it.

    Tonight we are going to A's game but last night we saw them win the game that definitely put them into the playoffs!!!!! Soooooooooooooooooo exciting!!!! We are pulling for them to win the next 2 games because that would clinch them as the number 1 team and we wouldn't have to go to a playoff for the wild card game. I hope they make it!!!!!!!! Super excited to go to the game though, it will be fun. We are going with Micah's parents. :)

    Tomorrow I need to clean, laundry, cook a good dinner, all that jazz. And I need to get my sewing machine ready because we are going to work on my friend Amy's Halloween costume soon. :)
  18. stacielee

    stacielee <font color=green>Why do I go to Disneyland? <font

    It was SO. HOT!!! And it seemed to be even hotter and more humid on Monday!!! I'm glad to be back in Phoenix, where it's a dry heat!! We had a great time! It was awesome to see everyone over the weekend. Can't wait to hear how we did, we only know we didn't get top 3. Now that Bridget & Kandace have been officially initiated into MA, we need some more ladies to join us. The next one will be in the spring, but we probably won't know until only 60-90 days before.
  19. mommaU4

    mommaU4 <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/hl1

    Yay for dry heat! It does make a difference. That humidity was just doing me in. For real.

    Can't wait to hear how y'all did! :cheer2:
  20. VintageDisneyRules

    VintageDisneyRules <font color=royalblue>Why does candy taste so much

    You really should go since you don't know exactly whats wrong with your foot. Better to be safe than sorry.
  21. nwdisgal

    nwdisgal Active Member

    Jen, I can't believe you did the Tough Mudder. :worship: My co-worker did that race this past weekend and was describing it - everything from the plunge into ice cold water to crawling under high voltage wire! :faint: Big congrats to you for finishing that race. :thumbsup2

    Beth, I hope your foot gets better. PF can take a while to heal but the tennis balls help.

    I agree with everyone. Is it only Tuesday :confused3 Wish the week would speed up.
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