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Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by jc040404, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

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  3. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

  4. AprilRenee

    AprilRenee New Member

    Yay! K...now I kinda look like a creeper! But I'm so excited that you're doing another report. Yours was/is my favorite to read..well, maybe it's tied with Riglee's. Either way, yay for another year!
  5. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

  6. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

  7. *Meagan*

    *Meagan* New Member

    YAYAYAYA!!!! subbing! yipppeeee! :)
  8. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member


    :welcome: to our new year!
  9. karebear23

    karebear23 New Member

    I'm here! So happy you are doing another TR!!! :cool1:

    I promise I will be starting one soon! Life keeps getting in the way :goodvibes!
  10. jen22984

    jen22984 New Member

    YAY!!!! I am so glad that you decided to do another one for this year! It seems like, with everything we had going on this summer, I havent heard too much about the beginning of this Disney year so I am so excited to get to follow along! Aryanna loves looking at the pictures of her "2 boy friends that ate at the umbrella store with her." And she wants to come visit again because she needs to "tell the big one with the red hair that she lost the leaves he gave her to feed the dinosaurs."
  11. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

    I've been wondering what happened to you! I can't wait to read about your trip, but I totally understand the "life getting in the way" thing. Glad you jumped on with my new TR! :goodvibes

    Those poor herbivores! What are they supposed to eat now?? :rotfl: He loves those dinosaurs! LOL @ the umbrella store, too! :rotfl: She's too funny.

    It does seem like we haven't talked much about this year so far, but we'll catch up! You've had a big year. I do remember hopping on to send a message to you when John said to get the passes though. :rotfl: I really didn't know what to do! I am planning to hold back on my TR until yours' is done, btw. I wanna read what you write about our Epcot day together first! :lmao:
  12. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

  13. CAStevens218

    CAStevens218 New Member

    Yay I'm here! I'm so excited you started a new trip report, I enjoyed your last one!!!! Reading this will help the time pass to my December trip!!!

  14. AprilRenee

    AprilRenee New Member

    LOL!!! :lmao:
    Font looks good to me! :thumbsup2
  15. jen22984

    jen22984 New Member

    Gosh! I took pretty good notes the whole trip EXCEPT that day! I have nothing written down in my book at all!!! I'll have to hope I took pictures, my memory is NOT as good as yours!
  16. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

    Woo Hoo!! Welcome to year two! :yay::yay::yay:

    Your trip is almost here! That's the first or second week of December, right? I can't wait until the Christmas stuff goes up in the parks. We missed out on so much last year, but I'm going to try to make up for it this time.

    Hooray for font success! :rotfl:

    Who needs notes when you're hanging out with such an unforgettable group of people like us?? :lmao: You'll figure it out! ;)

    Now get updating! The race to September 13th is officially on! :banana:
  17. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

  18. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

  19. CAStevens218

    CAStevens218 New Member

    I just got home from work and was excited to see your update! Your boys are so adorable!!! It sounds like a great first half of the day at MK!!

    All of your talk about CHH has created a neeeeeed for me to try it on my upcoming trip! It is definitely in the plans!!!!! Do you have a favorite meal there?? (Also, I'm with your husband...:thumbsup2:thumbsup2 for New England Clam Chowder, from a New England girl!!!).
  20. snowmanlover

    snowmanlover DS was in the CP and LOVED it!

    Jessica ~ I am so glad you decided to write another trip report!! :dance3:

    Never stayed at the Poly, it's DH's dream to stay there someday though! I sure hope his dream comes true!! :rolleyes1 We have stayed at Wilderness Lodge twice and really liked it! It was nice taking the boat instead of buses all the time, but the buses were not crowded and came often! That was in 2001 and 2003. We've also stayed at POFQ, POR and ASM.

    Love all your pictures! :worship: Like your DH, my MIL drinks coffee no matter the temperature!

    Next time your family needs to get to CHH earlier to miss the crowds!! :laughing:

    I'll be around when I can to read your trip report! I'm busy packing for our move to OH! :scared:
  21. Dugette

    Dugette New Member

    :yay::yay::yay: for another Year of Disney trip report! I'm so glad we get to see the boys grow up some more. Love the sunrise pic...beautiful! With the ride breakdowns you had that first morning, you'd almost think we were there to break the rides! ;) I can't wait to hear how the rest of your year unfolds! And the Poly...:cloud9:

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