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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by jabead, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Now I want to take a short break from posting updates to give a shout-out to one of our current
    "Live from Disney World" reporters...


    Hope you have a great day celebrating at Disney World, filled with lots of delicious birthday food! :cake:
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  3. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Just a reminder that next up to the Disney Dining plate will be two veteran reporters...

    :cheer2: jecskc :cheer2:

    - and -

    :cheer2: dvc4life :cheer2:

    jecskc - Susan & family will be at Disney World again from 1/17 - 1/21 and staying at the BWV. Here are their Dining Plans.

    Susan will again be doing live updates for us!

    dvc4life - Chris & her DH will be returning to WDW from 1/17 - 1/21, with an overnight trip to the coast on 1/18.

    Chris will again be doing live updates for us!

    HAVE A GREAT TRIP, Susan & Chris!!! :cool1:
  4. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Next up are a couple more updates from butiflfeet.

    On Monday she and her family were at Epcot and had lunch at...


    First some menu pics...




    "Family Style" House Salad
    with leaf lettuces, roasted red peppers, marinated mushrooms, olives, peperonicini, and red wine vinaigrette

    butiflfeet said, "To start, we shared the house salad. This had a very nice dressing and was lightly dressed. We really enjoyed the peppers in it."

    Then they all shared these...


    Quattro Formaggi - 4-cheese pizza with mozzarella, parmesan, fontina, and provolone cheeses


    Margherita Pizza with tomato, mozzarella cheese, and basil


    Candele - candle stick pasta with sausage ragu, polpettine meatballs, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses

    "Also my mom ordered a vegetable pizza without cheese (no pic). These all were very good. I think the pasta won for our favorite though. The meatballs in it were excellent."

    2 January Game Points Earned + 1 Bonus Point for menu pics
  5. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Next a cocktail update from butiflfeet.

    First from the Rose & Crown Pub...




    Leaping Leprechaun (in back) - Myers's Platinum rum, Skyy Vodka, Jameson Irish whiskey, melon liqueur and sweet-and-sour topped with Sprite.

    & English Rose Beefeater Gin, apricot brandy, sweet vermouth, pineapple, orange & cranberry juice.

    "We stopped at Rose & Crown for a cool drink in the afternoon. We split the Leaping Leprechaun and the English Rose. They were both very fruity and what we call "ninja" drinks because they definitely packed much more punch than what we tasted." ;)

    Then from the Tangierine Cafe...



    Casablanca Coffee (with vanilla liqueur) & Tangierine Cocktail -combination of their 3 slush drinks (strawberry, pina colada and tangerine), topped with Bols flavored liqueurs

    "I really liked the coffee with the vanilla liqueur. It was a good pick me up to get through the rest of the day."

    6 Bonus Points for 3 new cocktail and 3 menu pics
  6. Kathymford

    Kathymford A little obsessed is ok....right?

    Hmm....seeing all the adult beverages being consumed at Epcot makes me think I should do that more there. :) DBF isn't a drinker, so I usually don't, but maybe this trip I will have to try one..or two....or...well, you get it.
  7. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Next we have another of Amanda's (MissPrice) final updates.

    This one from her dinner Saturday night at the Polynesian Resort's...



    'Ohana Welcome (Pineapple-Coconut) Bread


    Mixed Greens with Honey-Lime Dressing


    Peanut Sauce

    Amanda said, "Apparently this is new. They used to bring out several sauces, now just one. It reminde me of traditional thai peanut sauce."


    Pork Potstickers and Honey Coriander Chicken Wings

    Amanda said, "The potstickers were Dan's favorite, so we ordered an extra plate of them."


    Lo Mein Noodles & Stir-fried Vegetables


    Bread Pudding served a la mode with Bananas and Caramel Sauce

    Amanda said, "We made sure to save room for dessert and we were glad we did. The sauce was so delicious. We were very happy with both the food and service. This was our second favorite meal of the trip...Be our Guest is #1."

    2 January Game Points Earned
  8. tallen429

    tallen429 Active Member

    Yipppeeee! More food, more updates! Love it!:cool1:

    I'm so excited that in just over a week I will be sending my own live reports!!

    I cant ever imagine being as good as most of the Disers who have participated, but I'm still looking forward to throwing in my 2 cents!

    Oh and just an fyi, my ticker is wrong! I created it before I added extra days to our trip and I've honestly just been too lazy to go back and re-do it. We actually arrive a week from Friday but I'm counting an extra day because we are leaving home next Thursday evening to spend the night by the airport due to an early morning depature. Why leave home at 4:15 am when you can head out two hours later (with a free breakfast) from an airport hotel you get to stay in for free because we have so many reward points!
  9. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Next is another update from butiflfeet.

    This one is from her Monday night dinner at...


    She said, "We had been wanting to try this place for years.

    Here's the menu and a pic of the green tea martini that DSis and I had."



    Green Tea Martini - Honey infused Matcha green tea, shochu green tea vodka.

    "This was no ninja! It was strong from the start but still had the green tea flavor we were looking for.
    It was a bit like a sweet tea with vodka." ;)


    Miso Soup - traditional soybean paste soup with wakame and green onion


    Volcano Roll - California Roll with spicy chili mayonnaise sauce, topped with sashimi tuna, salmon, yellowtail, masago and Tempura Crunch

    "Our starters were a cup of miso soup for me and DH and DSis shared a volcano roll. I loved the soup.
    It was very savory. The volcano roll disappeared very quickly, so that was a good choice too."


    Chicken Katsu - Panko crusted boneless breast chicken lightly fried

    "For my main, I had the Chicken Katsu, which is a lightly fried chicken breast. It was very moist and tender and with the teriyaki dipping sauce it was wonderful."


    Shibuya - tempura fried shrimp and chicken

    "DH and DSis both had the Shibuya, which was tempura chicken and shrimp. They were in awe of how tender these both were. The sides that came with our dishes were steamed white rice, cucumber sesame salad, and a crab noodle salad.
    We really enjoyed the complex and contrasting flavors here. We will be coming back!"

    5 January Game Points Earned + 1 Bonus Point for new cocktail
  10. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    And then a breakfast update from butiflfeet.

    She was at Magic Kingdom yesterday and had breakfast at...

    Gaston's Tavern


    Cinnamon Rolls and LeFou's Brew

    butiflfeet said, "We enjoyed the cinnamon rolls and LeFou's Brew. I think I prefer the cinnamon rolls here to the ones at Main Street Bakery. I loved the maple flavor."

    3 January Game Points Earned
  11. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Then the last update which butiflfeet sent to us last night was from her lunch yesterday at...

    The Plaza Restaurant


    Tomato Bisque


    Creamy Chicken Soup

    "DH and I started with soup. I had the tomato bisque and he had the creamy chicken. I enjoyed my soup. It was nice and tomatoey with a bit of garlic. He liked his too but it was a touch salty."


    Angus Chuck Cheeseburger served on a flour-dusted kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, and onion


    Plaza Club - smoked ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise layered on toasted multi-grain bread


    Vegetarian Sandwich - fresh mozzarella, hummus, basil pesto, cucumber, roasted red pepper, tomato, and lettuce on a freshly baked foccaccia


    Cheese Steak Sandwich - shaved beef, grilled with onions, mushrooms, red peppers, and white American cheese served on a hoagie roll

    "These were your standard lunchtime sandwiches. Nothing spectacular but still very good food."

    3 January Game Points Earned
  12. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Then an update from Amanda's (MissPrice) last day at Disney World.

    She and her DH started their day by going to the Polynesian Resort for breakfast at...

    Captain Cook's


    Tonga Toast & sausage

    Amanda said, "We both had this. It was a bit dry, but once you add the strawberry sauce and syrup it tasted great." :thumbsup2

    3 January Game Points Earned
  13. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    And then the final update from Amanda was from their dinner at Epcot's...

    San Angel Inn


    Carne Asada a la Tampiqueña - Grilled beef tenderloin served with cheese enchilada, black refried beans, red bell pepper, onion, Mexican rice and guacamole

    Amanda said, "We always go here for our final dinner of the trip. We both had the carne asada, both were cooked to perfection, moist and flavorful. I would highly recommend this dish."

    For their desserts, Dan had...


    Helado de Dulce de Leche - caramel ice cream

    And Amanda had...



    3 January Game Points Earned
  14. DonaldDoleWhip

    DonaldDoleWhip Active Member

    Wait a minute - the Tonga Toast at Captain Cook's now comes with the strawberry sauce?! That's great news IMO, since the strawberry sauce has always been a deal breaker for me (when I last got it at CC several years ago, the sauce wasn't included). Now if only we had another WDW trip on the horizon :laughing:
  15. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    And since that was Amanda's final update, it's now time to say...

    Thanks so much for being a Live Reporter...Outstanding Job!!! :thanks:

    MissPrice's Total January Game Points Earned = 58

  16. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Now for our First Update of the Day from butiflfeet.

    She enjoyed these snacks at Magic Kingdom yesterday...


    From Aloha Isle: Dole Whip Floats

    butiflfeet said, "We had dole whip floats, one with pineapple and the other with pineapple vanilla swirl. These were the first dole whip floats were ever had and we loved them. So much better than just the dole whip alone!" :thumbsup2


    From Gaston's Tavern: Pork Shank

    "Later we went back to Gaston's Tavern for a pork shank. This was very flavorful but also messy. Really good overall."

    2 January Game Points Earned + 1 Bonus Point for First Update of the Day
  17. Ginamarie

    Ginamarie Active Member

    I love O'hana, but I'm really unsure about the mixed veggies. Broccoli is one of my favorites, so mixing it with my hated string beans seems like a mistake!

    The peanut sauce was my favorite, but I also enjoyed the sweet and sour!
  18. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    The next update came in this morning by email at about the same time as butiflfeet sent her's by text, so I'm also awarding Lauren (Giselle22) the First Update of the Day point.

    She and her group had dinner last night at the Wilderness Lodge's...

    Whispering Canyon Cafe

    Lauren said, "DBff and her parents and boyfriend arrived last night. :) We had dinner together at Whispering Canyon Cafe. Our server, Vaquero Al, was really great. Right off the bat, my friend's mom took forever deciding what drink she wanted. He whistled the Jeopardy tune at her then eventually grabbed a chair from the table next to us and sat down to wait. He gestured to another table next to us and said "see this is my table too, they are waiting for me. But she can't decide, sorry!"



    "And after all that, I can't remember what drink she ordered! But she enjoyed it!" ;)


    "DBff's dad and my dad both ordered Session Black lagers. They both really liked this."


    "DBff's BF (hahaha) and my bro had milkshakes. Yummy!"


    "Cornbread with whipped butter came out first. Delicious! Not dry at all."


    "Then we got our all-you-can-eat platters of mashed potatoes, veggies, corn on the cob, and meat. We chose chicken, ribs, and beef strip loin. I didn't try the ribs, but the others said they were good, and the chicken and beef were both very good! They also give you baked beans. The potatoes and veggies were also really good; the veggies have a tasty garlic seasoning on them."


    "A table next to us asked for ketchup so I snapped a quick pic afterwards." ;)


    "For dessert you get a sampler plate of cranberry apple buckle with orange whipped cream, a chocolate mocha cake, and key lime cheesecake. Everything was good but we were too full to eat much!"

    "Also, I don't have pics of what they got, but my parents weren't very hungry so they just ordered appetizers and didn't participate in the all-you-can-eat, which worked out fine." :)

    3 January Game Points Earned + 5 Bonus Points for First Update of the Day, 3 pics of group members, and misc. pics
  19. MissPrice

    MissPrice Treguna, Makoidees, Trecorum, Sadis Dee!

    I had to go back to the counter and ask for it specifically!!
  20. KMarston

    KMarston Member

    My son loved the broccoli, as well. I guess we'll be fighting over it! Did 'Ohanas ask for feedback?
  21. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Oops! Somehow had a double-post here.
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