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Cars Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by zulemara, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    The only way Disney invests in the parks is
    a) they see significant slippage to Universal over the next 3 to 5 years
    b) the typically vacation duration gets longer
    c) Universal announces another gate

    I worry about a) (and not because of WWOHP, per se, but more because of those new value rooms Uni announced...we'll see how they price them). I think b) and c) are unlikely.

    I'm assuming there might be a typo above...and you mean't it doesn't mean they AREN'T getting ripped off?

    If not, I'm not getting your point, especially given the below.

    Agree. Can't remember if it was this thread or another...I made the same point.

    On vacation, that $6 bottle of water is "Just grab it, honey...we're on vacation"

    At home, that $6 bottle of water is "What are THEY THINING??" and it sits on the shelf collecting dust.

    We'll see. I think Disney grossly miscalculated with the AOA resort. That might be the first indication that they're having an issue accessing value for their market. There is a "vacation trinity" (lodging, food, activity...I leave out transportation because Disney has no control over that cost) of costs...and I think Disney is starting to price itself out of it's market. Given their product, and what they offer....I'm not sure they can be a super high end destination, in terms of cost to the traveler, and survive. They can be moderately high, because of the social "value"/keeping up with the Jones' that attaches itself to a WDW vacation.

    But there is a certain price bracket (and I think they might be approaching it) where that social value is more of a social stigma. Combine that with the fact those folks tend to expect much more white glove service than Disney provides...and you're looking at running into trouble. Disney does not have the facilities to cater to that group (witness the 4 Seasons approach they took recently).

    For other posters reading this who might get their hackles up: Keep in mind, I'm not talking about the majority of the DIS members. We (and yes, I include myself in this discussion) are the hardcore base. We're the fans. The thing is: We can't (or rather, we don't want to have to) keep WDW profitable on our own. Disney needs the "average" traveler to do that. They need your neighbors and their kids, who only think about Disney 3 or 4 times a year (when going to see the latest Pixar movie, when buying that movie on Blu-Ray, the day they call their travel agent to book their trip, and the week they spend in Orlando), to keep the money rolling in.
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  3. tjkraz

    tjkraz <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/silver.jpg

    It's all about growth. Whatever the number may be, convincing customers that Disneyland offers an experience comparable to WDW can only help. IF the number is < 1% today and Disney can grow it to 2 or 3%....think of the impact on the bottom line.

    But the question I would ask is "are YOU average"? I'm assuming you live somewhere between SC / GA / AL. What about people in Michigan, Illinois, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and about 30 other states? If Cars Land serves as the "tipping point" to convince those guests Disneyland Resort is just as worthy of their dollars as WDW...big win for Disney.

    Think about this carefully. WDW already offers things like Star Tours, Space Mountain, Test Track, TSM, Buzz, Pirates, Mickey Mouse and more. It's widely regarded as THE premier family vacation destination.

    Do you REALLY think that the presence of Cars Land would be the tipping point which finally makes parents say "we never saw the appeal of Walt Disney World before but NOW we want to go!"

    Personally I don't see it. And that's why Disney has been pretty stingy with WDW spending in recent years, in my opinion.

    At Disneyland, a change in perception was needed. DL has only two parks and one (DCA) was widely viewed as the worst park Disney has ever built. DCA attendance was 1/3 of Disneyland...and the two park entrances are literally 300' apart. Disney needed to deliver better quality in the DCA product if they want to grow their business on the west coast.

    WDW already has a reputation of being a massive entertainment complex with something for everyone. True fans can nit pick DHS and DAK as half-day parks and point to the lack of expansions at Epcot. But WDW thrives on guests making once-in-a-lifetime or very infrequent visits. Those people have no concept of the stagnation, but will still visit anyway.

    When it comes time to write the check, I really struggle to see how Iger / Staggs would throw $700M into DHS so cavalierly. IMO, they could get a similar impact simply by building the Monsters Inc coaster, cloning Mater's Junk Yard Jamboree and re-theming the playground to Bug's Life. There's your Pixar Place...at a price tag of a half-billion less than Cars Land.

    Well, something WILL happen eventually. That's not much of a prognostication. But it's been an embarrassment for at least 5 years now without Disney bothering to act. We'll have to wait and see how much longer they decide to wait.
  4. ChipnDale79

    ChipnDale79 Member

    Think about what was done at DCA, it wasn't the addition of a single dark ride, the addition of Cars Land was an addition of a whole new area.

    If Cars Land is not the tipping point to bring people to WDW, is the new FLE expansion not a tipping point either?

    To me its not, as a family with 2 boys the new FLE doesn't really do anything for us, but a Cars Land area will.
  5. speded

    speded Earning My Ears

    I hope this is true, I watched a video on Cars Land in Disneyland and looks great!
  6. tjkraz

    tjkraz <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/silver.jpg

    The additions to DCA go far beyond just Cars Land. In the last 4 years or so, they've also added Ariel's Undersea Adventures, the World of Color nighttime show, re-themed a couple of attractions and cleaned up the embarrassing entrance and Paradise Pier sections. All was done with the goal of growing attendance.

    To put some numbers to it, here is the WDW theme park attendance circa 2009 before the DCA enhancements began:

    Magic Kingdom: 17 Mil
    Epcot: 11 Mil
    DHS: 9.5 Mil
    DAK: 9.5 Mil

    That's a pretty fair spread, IMO. Many day guests will only buy single-day passes to the Magic Kingdom and it stands to reason that others on park hoppers will visit MK more than the other two parks.

    Now here are the numbers at Disneyland:

    DL: 16 Mil
    DCA: 6 Mil

    It cannot be understated how close together the two parks are. No bus rides...no monorail trips...no boats. They share a parking structure. You don't even have to go through security a second time when park hopping. It takes TWO MINUTES to cross between the parks!

    Yet Disney couldn't even get FORTY PERCENT of the people visiting DL to cross the plaza into DCA.

    Growth potential.

    The enhancements to DCA also emboldened management to increase ticket prices up to 35% (!!!) on some passes to DL. Do you really think WDW guests would accept such increases following the opening of a Cars Land at DHS?

    (BTW, even with those increases DL passes are still cheaper than WDW.)

    No, it isn't IMO. Fantasyland was a knee-jerk attempt to counter Harry Potter at US. In the years since it was announced I suspect Disney has realized that WWoHP hasn't really hurt them. IoA witnessed dramatic gains but WDW hasn't decreased.

    At the very least, I suspect the Disney execs will be cautious enough to fully gauge the impact of both Cars Land and Fantasyland before making similar investments. They've already committed $500M+ to Avatar--a deal which IS aimed at bringing in new business. "Cars" content is already present in the parks and Disney could increase it modestly without spending nearly as much as a Cars Land.

    Really? So you aren't willing to spend more on a 4 hour flight to Disneyland but you will increase your spending at a WDW with Cars Land? In the abstract that's an easy claim to make but I suspect few people would actually follow through.

    Recent history has shown that even with major additions to WDW, most people will still visit with a similar frequency and spend similar dollars. Disney learned this lesson with the Animal Kingdom theme park. 15 years ago the hope was that a 4th theme park would add dollars but, for the most part, the only thing that changed was where guests spent their money.

    With a Cars Land instead of 2 days MK and 1 day DHS the pattern for some families may change to 1d MK, 2d DHS. Instead of buying an R2-D2 popcorn bucket they'll get a Cozy Cone bucket. Lunch at Cosmic Ray's becomes lunch at Flo's.

    Ultimately a 7 day park hopping vacation is still a 7 day park hopping vacation. Why bother building the Cozy Cone and Flo's when people can still buy R2-D2 and dine at Cosmic Ray's?
  7. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    So..couple questions:

    Do you currently have any WDW trips planned?

    Are you saying you'd visit more frequently, and spend more money, than you do now if there was a Cars land? Not just "now" (as in, the year it opened), but in the future?

    If your answer to the first question is no, and the answer to the second question is yes, I'd be shocked. I'd also strongly suspect you were in the minority.

    I don't think either FLE or Cars land would be considered a "tipping point" for WDW. Not long term.

    FLE is a nice refresh that's probably overdue and will generate some interest in MK. It's not going to, LONG term, bring more visitors to WDW. It's not going to convince visitors to extend their length of stay. I would be SHOCKED to see (in sum total) WDW park attendance to raise, considerably, at the resort..especially long term..because of FLE.
  8. k5jmh

    k5jmh <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    Let's be clear:

    This is all speculation, since none of us knows anything and is really a moot point. I believe based on what I have seen and heard, this will happen. We can guess as to their reasoning for and against, but this is very much like guessing who shot J.R. We will find out when they want us know. FWIW, WDI does troll the boards and read what we say. I am sure they are giggling at us now. :happytv:
  9. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    I agree, it's all speculation. But that's rather the point.

    Given the history....you can see clear why "I saw it at WDI" isn't going to be compelling reasoning when it comes to convincing people that it's ACTUALLY going to be built. Because there have been similar reports, and people have had similar experiences (and heard similar things from Imagineers) concerning projects that never got built, or were radically different than the "original" exposure to them. There is far too much "blue sky" planning that goes on within WDI, and the Imagineers (bless them) tend to get a tad overexcited by the stuff they're working on. They think EVERYTHING (well, not everything, but a LOT) is going to be built..when the reality is that only a fraction of it gets greenlighted for build out by the bean counters.

    Again, I harken back to my tour through a WDI facility while AK was being built. Those employees were SURE that Beastly Kingdom was being built. They were happy to share limited stories and information about that area. There was art, modeling, etc...all related to BK.

    It never got built. And it's not the first thing, nor the last thing, that has played out that way.

    I'm not trying to sway you from your opinion or poo poo what you saw and heard.

    But I'm trying to explain to you why that's not going to be enough to sway most of the veteran posters around the DIS. It's not YOUR credibility....it's THEIRS (WDI's). They're better than the bus drivers..but not by as much as you'd want them to be (let them "giggle" at that). I'm also trying to provide you with a bit of context in which to place all this.

    Take it or leave it...your choice.
  10. tfc3rid

    tfc3rid Mouseketeer

    I would think Disney would stand to make more $$ with unique attractions on the East and West Coasts... A lot of folks who might never have considered going to Disneyland are interested now with Cars Land at DCA... What's so wrong about something unique on the East Coast?
  11. ChipnDale79

    ChipnDale79 Member

    No, I'm not willing to spend the money to fly 4 people from NC to CA just for Cars Land, air fare isnt cheap. But would it extend my stay or may keep my family from going to Universal while in Orlando, yeah probably.
  12. ChipnDale79

    ChipnDale79 Member

    Tentavely yes we do, but not until Dec of 2013 (way too far out), we are expecting our 2nd son any day now (due date is actually tomorrow), so we've had to put our Disney trips on hold for a little bit.

    Yes I am, currently I have a 1 year old son and as I noted above, one due tomorrow, so if this were to open as rumored, it would be perfect for our family. So yes, we'd probably plan more trips or visit more often. So if we are in the minority, then so be it. I personally love the idea.
  13. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Sort of a tangent, but...Nothing is wrong with it.

    I'm just not sure they need it. Need it as in it would be worth the significant financial investment required to get it.

    Ultimately, the goal for WDW is to draw more people and get them to spend more money.

    WDW, right now, is pretty much at the limit in terms of LOS...there just isn't any more vacation time for them to "consume". DLR still has wiggle room there, so that gives the big capital expenditures more "bang for the buck"...but that's off topic.

    "Unique attractions" are great...and WDW has plenty of them. I'm not sure ONE more is going to tip the scale to convince Ma and Pa Jones that it's time to load up the family truckster and head to Orlando. I'm not sure there is a LOT more Disney can do, actually, in terms of building rides/attractions, that are going to convince people who have never gone, and wouldn't have planned a trip anyway, to go.

    WDW, IMHO, needs to refresh, more than build out. You want to keep the people who come every year continuing to come and spend money. And you want to have a nice PR campaign that keeps potential first timers (all those young families) and "new" entrants into your target demos exposed to your product (which is something FLE DOES do). IMHO, They don't need "decision maker" type builds. The sum total of the resort already provides those.
  14. tjkraz

    tjkraz <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/silver.jpg

    Well said.

    WDI has done some amazing work over the years...most of it never going beyond the paper it was drawn on. Some projects progress and evolve for months and years only to be killed at the 11th hour. The Monster's Inc coaster at DHS isn't a thing of legend...it was going to happen! Then it didn't happen.

    Unfortunately WDI designs mean little without approval from the right combination of Iger / Staggs / Rasulo / Crofton et al. And even then everything is subject to years of scrutiny and potential revision.
  15. Disneyfreak44

    Disneyfreak44 Member

    I really hope this doesn't happen finally DCA has something very special and very unique to all parks and now it's going to be copied to me that makes it lose a lot of Disney magic
  16. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    The problem is this:

    You just answered "yes" to the first question.

    Which means the answer to the second doesn't concern Disney in the slightest...because the proof is in the pudding. You're already planning a trip in 2013..and (as you say, yourself) circumstances wouldn't bring you down there any quicker than that.

    People keep coming back, now. Why spend more money to get the same result.

    And....I love the idea, too. As a guest/consumer. It would be GREAT to have Cars Land at WDW. But....every guest/consumer is going to like the idea of more content to consume for the same price they're paying now. Right?

    The more important question, when determining likelihood, is "Can Disney see a significant increase in the money they take in and the profits they make by doing it". NOT just WDW..but Disney as a whole.
  17. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    I think the point was:

    Spend more on air fare vs spend more at WDW....it's close to zero sum equation.

    Or it would need to be, to make it be worth WDW's while to build Cars Land.
  18. ChipnDale79

    ChipnDale79 Member

    How is Disney going to keep people from going to Universal though? It was pretty easy in the past, but with what Universal is doing now, how are they going to keep people on WDW property?

    Sure it might not attract more people, but they've got to also to find a way to keep the people that are coming, from heading up I4 and going to Universal.

    With the increase in attendance at IoA, a 2nd planned Harry Potter land at Universal, and a Transformers ride being built, WDW is going to have to do something to keep those people on their property.
  19. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    They're doing it now. They do it by providing things like free dining (or the DDP in general), Magicl Express, and other tidbits to keep tourists on property (aka held captive).

    The attendance at IOA has come up...but WDW park attendance has not dropped..never mind dropped by the same margin.

    Universal has to prove they can make a dent, first. They haven't...so Disney has no reason to be reactionary (beyond FLE). They can continue to do exactly what they're doing right now...until they see a reason to change course.

    My worry, were I Disney, would be more related to Universal building those value rooms. THAT might get Disney thinking...but I doubt it would spur them to a 3/4 of a billion investment. That would be overkill.

    FYI: I haven't heard anything official about the 2nd HP land (rumors..though some people get confused about USH HP land that's coming) or Transformers (I'm not convinced, seeing the work permits, that the mods on the warehouse are Transformers....we'll see).
  20. ChipnDale79

    ChipnDale79 Member

    I don't have the numbers in front of me, but i have heard attendance is up 25% each year the past 2 years at IoA. I know that's only 2 years, but it'll be interesting to see where that levels off and when it does level off, how long they can keep the numbers there.
  21. tjkraz

    tjkraz <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/silver.jpg

    So you are willing to spend hundreds or thousands more at WDW WITH Cars Land than you would at WDW WITHOUT Cars Land...but you won't pay to fly to Disneyland?

    Bear in mind that a visit to Disneyland not includes Cars Land but also Toontown (which is 2-3 times the size of the former WDW disappointment), Bug's Land, Monster's Inc dark ride, Pinocchio dark ride, Matterhorn, World of Color, unique fireworks, parades & stage shows, better Space Mountain, better PotC, better Small World, better Fantasmic, etc.

    You WOULD pay $400-500 for tickets to Universal Florida but California airfare is completely off the table?

    In June 2011 we flew from Detroit to LA for under $200 per person round trip. This year it was around $250 pp. No sky miles or other discount programs involved...those were list prices. There are many deals to be found...particularly if you have young children and don't have to work around school schedules and such.

    Unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e. fear of flying), I suspect you really haven't done much research into the cost / benefit of a Disneyland trip. Either that or you aren't being honest with yourself about the impact a Cars Land would have on your WDW spending.

    If Cars Land is so meaningful that it would prompt you to spend hundreds more on a WDW stay, then spend that money on a trip to Disneyland. Your family will be able to experience Cars Land and DOZENS of other new / unique Disney attractions.

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