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Cars Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by zulemara, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    I think that's the biggie, here. They don't want to cannabilize the potential DCA market...especially right now when they're going to be trying to justify that HUGE outlay of cash to fix things. DCA put huge egg on Disney's face. It's their first REAL catastrophe.

    They've just dumped billions into the park to remake it. They want the turnstiles turning out there, any way they can get them to, so they can justify that expense. And if you look at the stuff they've added....some of it has already made it's way to WDW (TSM, VOTLM, etc). I think Cars land, for at least the next 8 to 10 years, stays at DCA.

    Which isn't to say they won't do SOMETHING Pixar related with the backlot and Stunt show (which is uber expensive to run, with limited attendance). But I doubt it would be an exact replica, or even similar to, Cars land in DCA.
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  3. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    There's no such thing (in this case, literally) as a free lunch.

    You're still paying for that free dining. You're losing room discounts, you're seeing higher than previously "average" room rate increases year over year, and you're seeing higher ticket price increases year over year. You're seeing "premium" pricing (both for the DDP and for OOP guests) for busier times of year. You're seeing steeper DDP price increases/value reductions year over year.

    Guests aren't saving thousands, really. They're just redistributing who's collecting the money, and giving the ILLUSION you're saving thousands. Depending on party size, where you stay, and how you vacation...you may actually be paying more or saving almost nothing....even if you're going during a "free dining" period.

    And if you're not (or if you're a DVC member..though most of us can't complain given what our "nightly rates" break down to), you're almost definitely paying a LOT more than you were even 5 years ago. Way more than typical rate of inflation.
  4. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Disneysea is simply amazing. If you can, I would recommend a pilgrimmage for any Disney fan.

    I got to go while I was out there on business. Now I've got to find a way to get the rest of the family out there.
  5. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Locals vs Tourists.

    Tourists will buy crud, simply because they're on vacation.

    Locals won't. They've got more of an eye toward value.

    That's not opinion, FYI (though it is slighlty over-simplified). There's been some great market research on the subject that's out there in the public domain.

    I'm not sure it's geography so much as it is situation.

    Ex: On vacation, a $6 bottle of water is a "Just grab it honey...we're on vacation" purchase.

    In your local store, a $6 bottle of water is a "what the heck are they thinking" item that would largely sit on the shelf (Pellegrino excluded, maybe).

    Because half day parks fit into their "plan" for their guests. Half day parks means you're either going to Downtown Disney to spend money, you're buying admission to a water park, or you're heading out to a fancy dinner (likely on property). The "we always have to be doing something" mentality of MOST WDW vacationers means Disney can spend less on the 1/2 day parks...and push guests to higher profit areas before/after that visit.

    There are people that are going to KILL me, now, because I'm ruining the magic and being mercenary. But, just like your local grocery store is set up for a very specific reason (milk and bread as far from the front doors as possible, high profit (either directly or via "shelf place" kickbacks) items on eye level shelves, etc), Disney does things for specific reasons. We might not know what they are...because we don't have their data...but I promise you there are people in a room discussing the effect of moving DHS from a 1/2 day to full (or 3/4) day park. And they're discussing minutae that most of us wouldn't even consider.

    All of which I know (or at least strongly suspect) that you know...but still.

    I would give my I teeth to get a hold of the data showing how many of AK's and DHS's guests are on one day park tickets (so actually paying full gate price), as opposed to multi-day passes (because when it works out to paying $35-ish per day...the value quotient jumps dramatically). I have a strong suspicion which one is (by far) the most used. :)
  6. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Minor failures...or failures in part.

    DCA was a complete, abject, failure of catastrophic proportions. Neither AK nor DHS were failures of that magnitude.

    DHS was rushed to open, and really wasn't completed for YEARS afterwards. I'm OK with the general thematic thread that weaves it's way through. I agree. There are obvious departures (Aerosmith? I guess music videos, maybe?)...but I'm OK with it.

    AK...as we've hashed out in other discussions...I'm right with you. It's simply incomplete...and obviously so. And it's been left that way FAR longer than DHS was. That's a Disney failure..but it also (not coincidentally) coinsides with the WDW suits displying the stunning lack of vision I talked about in a previous post. They simply have no earthly clue what to do with it....
  7. pilferk

    pilferk <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Not that it's an excuse (because it's not meant as one):

    Remember, Lassiter has since joined Disney..and he' has (by all accounts) taken complete creative control of the DL Resort, from top to bottom.

    So while I agree that Disney deserves the blame for the mess that was DCA (and, really, the waste of time and resources necessary to "fix" it)...Lassiter (and thus, I guess, Iger) deserves some credit for the fix.

    It's not a zero sum...they deserve more blame than credit..but DCA is actually a park that I might consider visiting now..and not an obvious and pure profit center that provides no value and should have had disclaimer signs saying "This park exists solely to put it's hand in your wallet, and will provide almost no fun, interesting experiences (tortilla making? REALLY?), or emotional connections"

    As for why AK hasn't been fixed/finished...I agree. SOME of it, probably, was the diversion of resources to DCA. But I think a good part of it is, not to sound like a broken record, nobody in control at WDW has the creative "testicular fortitude" to know what to do with it. Rhode (for better or worse) is on to his next pilgrimmage, they don't have a Lassiter type down there to work off of, and it seems like the decision makers are better at counting beans than figuring out good ways to cook them.
  8. charliebrown

    charliebrown If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy he

    I think it's possible for a small Pixar area expansion with the cars ride, but not a whole radiator springs area.
  9. larry_poppins

    larry_poppins New Member

    The quality of Tokyo Disney changes everything! From how you look at the offerings at the domestic parks to how much you are willing to spend on stuff at WDW because you are saving for your next trip to DisneySea!

  10. Little c Travel

    Little c Travel New Member

    I hope Cars Land does not come to DHS. It just seems lazy to me. Let Cars Land be the mega area for DCA.

    I would like for WDI to come up with something just as amazing that is just for DHS.
  11. hakepb

    hakepb New Member

    Only they add Doc's power slide training. It's the only think RSR missed. Those 4 wheel steer Test track type vehicles should be able to simulate a power slide (driving sideways) without actually "burning rubber"
  12. rabbitroger

    rabbitroger New Member

    I can't see a copy of Cars land being brough to DHS. It just seems like unneeded duplication. for around the same cost they could place a new land with a different theme, heck, do a proper "Pixar Place", put in a Cars ride, move Toy Story, add in a Incredible ride (similar to Spiderman) and a small midway ride based off Nemo or Up. SORTED.
  13. DizCaptain

    DizCaptain °o° Disney Enthusiast

    I totally agree. I don't like the fact that alot of attractions have essentially become "chain stores", it ruins their uniqueness, at least for me. If they brought Cars Land, all of a sudden everyone considering to go to DLR has no reason to go, since new attractions like that, well, attract people. I won't argue against Cars Land, I think it'd be great, its just I would also like something different but equally amazing.
  14. k5jmh

    k5jmh <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    I say, it is happening. It is all ready in the works and will be here by 2016 and it has been on the table for several years.

    I think the contract is up on AI experience and DHS needs to expand Pixar Place. There were some mock-ups at WDI that we saw (by accident) that were quickly hidden in the modeling department.
  15. lockedoutlogic

    lockedoutlogic New Member

    disagree completely
  16. LifeIsDis

    LifeIsDis "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

    This is exciting news, but I agree, they should do something other than a total copy of Cars Land from DCA. A Pixar Land would be very cool!
  17. Peter Pirate 2

    Peter Pirate 2 <font color=red>I may be a Disney curmudgeon but I

    Four pages in, I agree with lockedoutlogic across the board.

    It is sad that there are still Disney fans of the magnitude to accept simple schlock. There is little that is ground breaking and the real world is far more entertaining. Wake up! Stop praying to a porcelain god. See it and enjoy it for what it is but give it nothing more.
  18. ASteelersMidget

    ASteelersMidget New Member

    Haven't been on in a while and I'll be honest I don't have the time to read the whole thread but here's my take.

    Cars land is getting too much credit because DCA was a Bloody Disaster.

    Carsland should NOT come to MGM because for one, I'd personally like to not get another clone. Not to Mention Car's and Car's 2 are generally considered 2 of the worst 3 pixar movies made (at least to the people I talk too)

    Pixar Place is fine but honestly just give me the F***ing Monster's inc Coaster (PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NOT A VEKMOA SLC (shudders in painful memories) and be done with it.

    Bring on the hate
  19. DizCaptain

    DizCaptain °o° Disney Enthusiast

    No hate here. I've wanted the MI Coaster for years. I met with an Imagineer a year or so back, and questioned about a backlot studio being cleared out near Pixar Place and she said they were hopeful "something" was coming. I'm assuming they took all of their "homeland" funds and shoved them into the bricks that form the foundation of Cars Land. That coaster would make Pixar Place way more appealing, seeing as right now its really just TSM in the area...

    Heck, off thread topic, but I'd be happy if they'd just demo the Indie show and give us a Indie ride. I don't necessarily want Cars Land, but as I said I won't complain if it does come, its better than nothing (maybe not).
  20. k5jmh

    k5jmh <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    I am not sure which attractions from Cars Land are coming, but it IS coming. Only time will tell when, but this has been the plan. I still put the date somewhere in 2016.
  21. derekburgan

    derekburgan New Member

    Yeah, count me in the group that puts Cars Land in DHS as all but a guaranteed lock, but I'm thinking 2017.

    I understand why people want all the parks to be different, but I would love to see data on how many people go to more than "their" parks. I want to do Cars Land at DCA and Transformers: The Ride at Universal Hollywood as much as anyone, but I sure as heck am not going to book a trip to California to do it when there is DisneyWorld and Universal Florida much closer. Just as I'm probably never going to visit Tokyo Disney Sea no matter how amazing it seems.

    I'd really like to know say, if the Magic Kingdom has 20M guests in a year and DisneyLand has 15M guests, how many people are included on both numbers? My guess would be a number significantly less than 1%. And if that's true, than if game changer like Cars Land comes along, it should be ported to other parks. IMO

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