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Anyone made it through (or not made it through) ROFR recently? - Section V

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by mac_tlc, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Lizard Valley

    Lizard Valley Member

    I passed ROFR the same day as you, and received the same "1-2 weeks for closing documents" message, so since I read your post, I've been checking my e-mails every few minutes :hyper:in hopes that I would hear too.

    Sure enough, just got the same e-mail...hoping closing docs will come by end of day (cross fingers!). The sooner they come, the better...my sellers are from the UK, and the extra weekend might give them a bit of time to get organized, and will perhaps speed up the process...

    Edited to add: Yup! I received my closing docs 1.5 hours after my first e-mail! Now I just hope my sellers made their US Embassy appt to have their docs notarized!
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  3. SpectroMan71

    SpectroMan71 Member

    Similar boat here - just had my very first offer EVER (at least with this particular broker) accepted yesterday, no counter which was nice for a change.

    160 points, December use year, SSR @ $59 per point. 173 combined banked 2011 plus all 2012 points available, all 2013 points available. Buyer pays closing costs, seller pays 2011 and 2012 dues. I realize most posts on these boards are lower than the $59 but I was growing disillusioned with all the listings at $64-65/ppt and I would then offer $59 and get countered at $62-64. I was sick of playing the game so I paid slightly more. I'm still completely fine with the price, especially considering how many free points I'll have to spend.

    Now, the waiting begins :rolleyes1
  4. ttepsich

    ttepsich Member

    PASSED ROFR PASSED ROFR::yes:: We received the news 11/6. Closing docs rec'd 11/9. Sent docs & check today. Hopefully, First American Title and Fidelity will be quick to move our paperwork along. Contingent on the sellers sending their docs quickly too! (fingers crossed) I'm anxious to make a June reservation @ BCV with these points before the 7 month mark. In summary:
    100 BCV JUNE UY $73/PP (84 '12 points, 100 '13 points)
    PASSED ROFR 11/6

    Congrats to everyone else that has not been ROFRed !
  5. DougEMG

    DougEMG Mouseketeer


    The main thing is to pay a price you are happy with. A couple of dollars extra per point isn't going to make a lot of difference in the long run.
  6. glokitty

    glokitty Earning My Ears

    So excited, I have another contract in the works. Already own resales of:
    500 SSR
    50 OKW
    50 BWV
    30 BCV
    Since travelling with many family members, I'm finding the smaller contracts not big enough to do much with. May end up adding points to them (or selling) some day.

    As of today I am waiting to hear about ROFR on:
    150 VWL (Mar) $54, 121 '13 pts, all '14 pts, buyer pays closing (sub 11/12)
  7. Disneymagicforme

    Disneymagicforme Earning My Ears

    We're in!!!

    Passed ROFR today. 400pts, SSR, June YR, 2-'12pts all '13pts. $50/pt.
  8. SpectroMan71

    SpectroMan71 Member

    Thanks. However....so much for that. They emailed me after about 4 days that the husband of the seller couple was the one who OK'd my offer, but the wife got mad that she wasn't consulted and refused and countered at $64. So, back to square one. That was highly disappointing.
  9. RobynPrincess

    RobynPrincess Looking around

    This is so useful to a newbi like me! Thank you :)

    Do you know What it's like for AKV?

  10. MickeyFan612

    MickeyFan612 Member DVC Gold

    That really stinks:(. Hang in there... You will end up w/ an even better deal:)
  11. amypetecar

    amypetecar Mouseketeer

    We passed ROFR on Tuesday

    BWV 200 points $55 per point. Submitted 10/15, passed 11/13. 105 2012, 200 2013
  12. Cruznmore

    Cruznmore Earning My Ears

    Here is what I found for AKV. Realize the data for SSR, OKW, and BWV included 2011. AKV is only 2012 as the 2011 data was gone by the time I put this together.

    Avg price/point (avg contract point price) $65.86
    Avg price/point (total dollar/total points) $64.75
  13. undfan

    undfan Earning My Ears

    Notified this morning Disney waived ROFR on OKW (230 Jun pts - - expire 2042 - - - @$55/pt - -buyer and seller split closing - - - 14 '12 pts, 230 '13 and everything forward) - - go figure! Happy to be adding on to home resort with same UY- - - purchased original contract in 1992 - - - wonder if longevity of buyer ownership interest was considered - - - maybe cut us old owners some slack - - - who knows - - - was first foray into reselling market - - - maybe just dumb luck!
  14. MickeyFan612

    MickeyFan612 Member DVC Gold

    Congrats to you...Nice to see an OKW contract make it through:)


    What is it about these boards that makes me want to buy more points ?? I haven't even used my 1st year yet and I have the bug !!!:crazy2:
  16. DannysMom

    DannysMom Mouseketeer

    Yeah, that is the danger in hanging out here. I have tried to distance myself my this thread! LOL. Still mainly hang in the DVC boards, just not so much here.

    Sent from my iPad using DISBoards App, please excuse any typos or autocorrects!
  17. Found out yesterday that we passed on our first contract! :cool1::cool1::cool1::cool1:

    Here's the details....

    200 VWL March UY $55 pt.
    All 2012 points banked and all points going forward.

    Listed on 10-19
    Offer made and accepted on 10-19
    Sent to ROFR 10-23
    Passed 11-19
  18. lions1995

    lions1995 Mouseketeer

    I had a similar situation. Though it was the wife who accepted and the husband who was not happy. I got a call from the broker about a month later asking if I was still interested in my orginal offer. I said yes (I was just about to sign a contract that was not as good). Apparently the husband decided that my offer was the best they had gotten (the contract was on the market for 6 months) and he wanted out. So maybe you will get some pixie dust.
  19. dvcterry

    dvcterry Mouseketeer

    That is good to know, hopefully they keep our information. I have not had good luck with a lot of resales. After I put my offer in I get a call, and I hope to hear the good news, but only to hear, they decided to take contract off market or something like that. :worried:
  20. Pirate Fan

    Pirate Fan Earning My Ears

    Our settlement went through on Friday and has been recorded on the controller's site. We just have to wait to get our membership number from Disney Our home is at Wilderness Lodge.
  21. lions1995

    lions1995 Mouseketeer

    It can test your patience. I have only purchased resale twice, but both times I started tracking the inventory / contracts on the major broker sites. I watched the ones I really liked and let them age. Some of course get taken, but some remain. Then when it has been sitting a while, I make an offer.

    Good Luck Hunting!!

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