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Any guests arriving November 1 to 30 receive FP+ testing invites?

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Doug7856, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Darkwing981

    Darkwing981 New Member

    Okay thanks...good to know we won't miss our chance to test the bands. Hopefully they won't cause too many headaches.
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  3. Amy1118

    Amy1118 New Member

    Actually, it looks like you can still customize them until the 10th (or the 9th?) and choose your colors and have the names printed inside them. I don't know if they will then mail them to you or if you would receive them when you check in, but at least you can choose the colors.
  4. Benocc12

    Benocc12 New Member

    I'm staying at boardwalk villas on november 19 and we got the invite 3-4 weeks out and the focus is on Epcot rides right now and epcot DVC resort and guests be cause they want to see how well it works for us in the morning due to we enter epcot from International Gateway Entrance instead of the main gate and they were selecting smaller groups meaning our group is just 2 and some groups of 3 for this test cycle. Also there is a deadline to register for this so don't delay
  5. BridgetR3

    BridgetR3 DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    Are you talking about magic bands?? I'm lost as to what is available only to Epcot resort guests.
  6. jodiey

    jodiey New Member

    I just came back and I was hesitant to use the bands but I have to say I really liked them. No fumbling around for room keys or park tickets
  7. disneyfantotheend

    disneyfantotheend New Member

    Ugh, I know I posted this before, but it is nowhere to be found. Who knows where it may turn up???

    Anyway, I linked my party tickets to my DME, which I assume linked them to our MBs, before reading that you shouldn't. So now, I went in and deactivated them to, hopefully, alleviate the issues. I will reactivate them on party day. Do you think that will help or do you think the issues will still be there, because they are linked???
  8. polyfor4

    polyfor4 New Member

    Has anyone been able to book BOG lunch fastpass + in November?
  9. Chela227

    Chela227 New Member

    I don't think its really an issue of activated or deactivated. The problem I've read about is with people thinking because they linked them they will be on the MB's. They won't. You'll just need to bring the physical tickets with you. I have them linked and active on my account as well.
  10. JaimeA

    JaimeA New Member

    We did, for Nov 27.
  11. bearlyanne

    bearlyanne New Member

    Booked a split stay today. Tue and wed of Turkey week at Port Orleans- riverside and 4 days the following week at Caribean Beach. We were invited to test for both parts of the trip :banana:
  12. bellelinus

    bellelinus <font color=deeppink>You have liberally applied fl

    Yes, I have it for Thanksgiving day!:goodvibes
  13. disneyfantotheend

    disneyfantotheend New Member

    Great! Thank you! I thought I read that people's bands were prioritizing the party tickets over other tickets. I was planning on using my actual tickets for the party anyway. Thank you for clarifying .
  14. TBLaube

    TBLaube I do not need a Disney intervention, really, I don

    I haven't been able. I figured they were all gone since it is the week of Thanksgiving :(
    We will be waiting in line to eat there!
  15. bellelinus

    bellelinus <font color=deeppink>You have liberally applied fl

    Sorry to hear it . . . hopefully you can go either very early or very late and get in fairly quickly.
  16. TBLaube

    TBLaube I do not need a Disney intervention, really, I don

    Thanks. We don't mind waiting. I did it on my trip last February and really enjoyed the food and atmosphere.
  17. gavvy

    gavvy New Member


    Can anyone help me -i've made a last minute booking in POP for Nov23rd today through expedia- have managed to link my booking in MDE and its let me personalize magic bands and says will ship soon - will this actually happen? given its so late, i am able to reserve fastpass+ as well, but am wondering if its actually too late to get the bands on check-in
  18. jina

    jina New Member

    Just canceled crystal palace 11/11 2:35pm
  19. jina

    jina New Member

    Sorry, wrong thread...
  20. BwoZoo22

    BwoZoo22 New Member

    Since you are in the UK, they will not ship. If it says you can still customize, you can do that. If you can't customize, gray bands will be waiting for you at check in. Either way, you will get your bands when you check in.

    How exciting that you get a last minute trip to DW! :thumbsup2
  21. gavvy

    gavvy New Member

    Thats fantastic!

    Have personalized the magic bands- but decided to keep them gray anyway, was unsure how bright the other colors would be, am excited now!

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