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Any guests arriving November 1 to 30 receive FP+ testing invites?

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Doug7856, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Chime

    Chime <font color=deeppink>Filling in all available spac

    We're leaving on 11/16 and I've been checking daily for the FP+ for parades as well. Nothing yet. That's the one I care most about so I hope they show up for us soon.
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  3. OurDogCisco

    OurDogCisco Mouseketeer

    Anyone going Thanksgiving week? Can you check on availability of fastpasses plus for me? We have tickets but they are super old from 2006. We've been to WDW many times since 2006 but we've always bought annual passes. This year we'll only be able to go once so, we decided to use up these passes. We have 6 days left. But since the tickets are old they are not convertible and trust me I tried to convert them with the IT department. So, my options were to buy new tickets (no way), convert to FP+ when we arrive or don't use FP+. I'm undecided right now based on some of the feedback. So, are there any good times available for TSM, Soaring and Test Track?
  4. 4luv2cdisney

    4luv2cdisney Mouseketeer

    I've been messing with my FP+ times the last couple of days and haven't noticed any times being "gone".
  5. scjo68

    scjo68 Mouseketeer

    I will be there Thanksgiving week as well.
    I am still able to change my fp times also. At this time I don't think anything is booked up.
  6. Doug7856

    Doug7856 DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    Like the previous replies, I've not had any problems moving things around during Thanksgiving week. I use easyWDW.com for picking our park days. Interestingly, we have Thanksgiving Day planned at DHS -- and that is the only day of the week that DHS closes at 8 pm. I'm hoping that's an indicator that they expect the crowds at other locations.
  7. Music City Mama

    Music City Mama Mouseketeer

    Just wanted to say that I'm in the same exact situation for Thanksgiving week except we have really old AP vouchers not old tickets. We arrive on Saturday, 11/23, but we'll be in kind of late and won't be able to activate our APs until the morning of 11/24. I'm stressed thinking I won't be able to get anything for the week (headliners) by having access to FP+ so late in the game.

    I thought the 8:00 close at DHS was odd, too, considering it's open later every other day that week.
  8. OurDogCisco

    OurDogCisco Mouseketeer

    Thanks everyone.... We are definitely using Easy WDW suggestions but it is Thanksgiving week so it will be a little more crowded than normal. I only have 6 days so, I had to plan accordingly. I haven't picked out Thanksgiving Day yet. It might be AK. We are doing a resort switch on that day as well. Plus, I have dining reservations at O'hana for dinner. Or we might skip that day and use or 6th day on our last day at MK when everyone might not be at the park. We did this one Thanksgiving a couple of years ago and the park was empty. Our flight doesn't leave until 7 pm so, we could spend an easy 9 hours at the park. Too many choices and not enough time. Plus, I made dining reservations for once a day so, FP- might not work if the return times are super late. I'm just happy I got a dinner reservation at Be Our Guest.

    I'll probably ask again closer to Thanksgiving to see what is still available. I got my magic bands. I doubt we'd really use them if we can't have FP+ on them. I have no problem using my credit card to pay for things.
  9. camgenemmysmom

    camgenemmysmom Earning My Ears

    Anyone getting parades or wishes fp+ in November yet? This is the last thing I am waiting for to finalize my plans ;)
  10. maiapapaya

    maiapapaya Totally DIS-tracted!

    I have to laugh at Disney. They really need to get their act together on this whole MDE/MB/FP+ thing and become a lot more organized. We arrive Nov. 30. Around the 63 day mark the personalize MB button went live on my MDE page and I was able to make FP+ selections at day 60, although I had no official invite. At that time it said that I had until Oct. 31 to personalize our MB's. About 10 days ago when I logged onto MDE I got a pop-up window inviting me to personalize our MB's and make FP+ selections. Last night I received an email inviting us to do the same. The email said we had until November 26 to personalize the MB's, but when I logged into MDE this morning there was a message in red saying I only had 2 days left to customize our bands! (which corresponds with the date the website was giving me all along) :rotfl2: If I wasn't on the DIS and didn't know that a lot of other people had also experienced this I would be really confused! I had hoped that WDW would figure this out by now and get it fixed. Obviously not ... :rolleyes2
  11. DVCmember1992

    DVCmember1992 Earning My Ears

    We arrive Nov 1 and I keep checking MDE a few times a day (ok, like 100 times a day...I am obsessed) for FP+ for the parades. I can't find anything. I was doing the same thing for the BOG restaurant FP+, until I found out there is a "special" website to book that FP+. Makes me wonder if there isn't a particular site to use for parades too!
  12. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph DIS Veteran

    We have a check in date of Nov 30th, too, and our email said we had until Nov 19th to customize the bands. Our MDE says we have 2 days left to customize the bands. It is crazy. But I am glad to have a Nov check in date instead of Dec 1st. :goodvibes
  13. jodiey

    jodiey Member

    Nope and I leave this Friday
  14. sweetnjmom

    sweetnjmom Member

    I wonder if they've stopped doing this? If so, I'm disappointed.
  15. maiapapaya

    maiapapaya Totally DIS-tracted!

    ITA! :goodvibes
  16. sunset7132

    sunset7132 Mouseketeer

    Nope and we leave next Friday
  17. jodiey

    jodiey Member

    I went into MDE this morning and was able to get fastpass+ for MSEP for tomorrow night!
  18. Darkwing981

    Darkwing981 Member

    Got a little situation...

    We arrive on 11/21 and my mother wants to wait until then to order park tickets. To her, it's more of a precautionary measure in the event we may encounter bad weather; she feels it will be money wasted if we get rained out while in the parks. Obviously I disagree, as it doesn't make a difference either way; but hey... whatever. Anyway, the deadline to participate in MM+ for us is 11/ 10, (per the invitation we received), and one of the steps we have to do is link our park tickets to MM+. If we order tickets after our arrival, will we still be able to participate in MM+ testing? Also will we be able to make FP+ selections during our trip?
  19. jodywgirl

    jodywgirl Mouseketeer

    The deadline is for customizing your magic bands. You should still be able to participate in FP+ you will have to set them up when you get there, it is my understanding concierge can help with this, last minute you might have limited availability. I purchased my tickets from expedia and am waiting to pick them up there but we have already received our magic bands we are 10 days out.

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  20. Darkwing981

    Darkwing981 Member

    Okay so we'll still be able to get MB's and participate in FP+ upon check-in?
  21. jimandami

    jimandami Mouseketeer

    Yes, but your MBs will be the plain gray ones.

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