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Any guests arriving November 1 to 30 receive FP+ testing invites?

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Doug7856, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Doug7856

    Doug7856 DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    OK, I didn't see a November roll call, so I thought I'd start one. Anyone with a November trip have the ability to order MagicBands and schedule FastPass+? We are still about 20 days out from being able to check in. We are going late November and are hoping for FastPass+. We will be at SSR.

    Who else is going in November and hoping to have MagicBands?
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  3. BwoZoo22

    BwoZoo22 Mouseketeer

    About 5 days from online check in. Based on other comments, I don't think the MB invite will appear in your MDE until mid October, if you are at one of the test resorts. I'm really hoping WL will be testing in November!:worship:
  4. sjs314

    sjs314 "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and

    We are 68 days out and something popped up on MDE today but since we don't have our park tickets yet I couldn't do anything as it was telling me to link our tickets :confused3
  5. Sheilby

    Sheilby Labels aren't my thing

    We are going in November 13th to OKW. I had to call Disney about something else today and the CM asked me if I knew all about the new technology coming out. I told her yes and that I was hoping to get a Magic Band and be able to use FP+ and that I was hoping it would hit OKW by then. She may have just been blowing smoke up my butt but she said I have a good shot by November. Hopefully she actually was in the know that OKW would be included by then, although I suspect she may have just been trying to make me happy.

    Can you do online check in before you finish paying off your trip?
  6. crazycatlady

    crazycatlady Mouseketeer

    Also hoping for WL testing in November. :thumbsup2
  7. travelin' tigger

    travelin' tigger <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/image

    I hope it's true too! Staying at OKW starting Nov. 10 in 2 studios so that would be awesome!!!
  8. FigmentChick

    FigmentChick Mouseketeer

    I'm with both of you! :) Staying at OKW beginning 10/31 and leaving 11/09. And that's what I'm really worried about....

    It seems to be rolling out by the month, but my dates overlap. Maybe I'll get lucky. Who knows? But, I am keeping my fingers crossed for all of us that would like to experience the FP+. (I finally convinced hubby it's a good thing....or at least has the potential to be a good thing).
  9. Mommy2TwoMickeys

    Mommy2TwoMickeys Mouseketeer

    We checkin Nov.10 at the VGF!! So hoping to get a Magic Band and FP+ pixiedust:
  10. KerriM

    KerriM Earning My Ears

    Checking in 10/31 at CSR and also wondering about those overlapping dates as it rolls out by month. Hoping they don't start it there with the Nov. 1 check-ins. :confused3

    Fingers crossed that testing goes well into September and they add more of us in for mid to late October.

    A little worried about perhaps not having FP+ and the availability of FP- for the rest of us, but hanging on to the notion that since it's the first trip for our family, whatever we can do will be a thrill.
  11. circus4u

    circus4u Mouseketeer

    We received our magic bands for a September trip and made FP+ picks for September. We also have reservations for a November 12 trip, but FP+ picks are not yet available. I believe you cannot make the picks until 60 days prior.
  12. Lorelei528

    Lorelei528 Mouseketeer

    Do you have to do online check in to do the FP+?
  13. jmrothermel

    jmrothermel Member

    I too am hoping that it becomes available! We are at FWC from Nov 11th - Nov 19th. I'm thinking of doing a "ghost" reservation to get the bands if necessary. I have 5 little kids and it would be much simpler to strap their entrance tickets to their wrist instead of juggling cards and remembering whose is whose.
  14. jlsmith376

    jlsmith376 Member

    Our trip begins November 1st and I am patiently waiting for "manage magic bands" to change to "customize magic bands" On MDE. We're doing a split stay at BLT/VGF/BCV. You would think one of them would be testing!
  15. mggeary

    mggeary Member

    I heard from a knowledgable FP+ IT CM that they are hoping to roll out even more resorts for October soon (in addition to those added recently up to 10/31) and again more for November. The rate limiting step is installing the resort room door entry devices. Many resorts such as CR rolled this process in with recent refurbs. Others have dragged their feet. The CM was not optimistic for WL for early Nov, but said to there was still a chance. Who knows if this info is accurate or not.
  16. AmberHeartsDisney

    AmberHeartsDisney Mouseketeer

    6 days until we can do online check in so we'll find out soon!
  17. BayouMickey

    BayouMickey Green Grinning Gators Come Out To Socialize

    I heard they are planning to do official rollout by Nov.
  18. mggeary

    mggeary Member

    ...does that mean all resorts participating in full scale/full volume test or getting of old FP system. Big difference. Here is hoping for the former. Can't imaging they'd get rid of old FP- as a back up before they've tested it for a few weeks at least with all guests participating. Too much could go wrong at full capacity.
  19. BayouMickey

    BayouMickey Green Grinning Gators Come Out To Socialize

    I can't honestly answer that. I just know I was told when I inquired about MB and FP+ to a CM helping me with all my bookings, she said they are hoping to have both in full swing by November.
  20. mikeeymike

    mikeeymike Bringing Some Disney Magic to my Family!!

    I am 68 days from our next Disney adventure. We are checking in at the PCR for nine nights, starting on Nov 4th. I don't have my tickets yet from Undercover Tourist but once I receive them, I will manually link them.

    I have setup our MDE, added family, linked our hotel reservations... So far, my MDE contains links for Manage MagicBands and Make Fastpass+ selections but I don't think it allows me to customize and order them.

    Anything else I'm missing that I should do?? :)
  21. StuckInKS

    StuckInKS Mouseketeer

    We are checking in Nov. 2 as of right now, but I am thinking about adding on a night or two at AoA before that so that we can go to MNSSHP. I guess I have decided to get them so that I can reserve a BOG lunch and a few rides that we have never rode due to long lines, plus my kids will go wild over the bands especially if we get them at home before our trip. I really hate being limited on FP though :headache: As far as I can tell, we don't have the ability to order MB, but we are also at Music which may not be part of the test :confused3

    By the way, can you check in more than 10 days early now?

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