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And these are the {Resort} Changes of our Lives ~In Memory of JungleCruiser <3

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by pas130, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. padawans

    padawans Mouseketeer

    Having a dog is like having another child. They bring you so much joy, and you wouldn't trade them for the world..... but they are also are an added expense, and a lot of work, and you can't help but develop a strong emotional attachment to them. Trust me it will break my heart to leave him at the kennel. He is curled up in my lap as I type this.:cloud9:
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  3. babyberger

    babyberger Mouseketeer

    Jen - my kids and DH BEG for a puppy all the time. I grew up with a dog and do love them, but know all,the responsibility would fall on me and I honestly don't have the time (or energy) for a puppy. Plus we like to travel and as Padawans said, boarding them can get quite expensive. Oh and if they get sick or injured that is a whole other expense. We had a cat that developed congestive heart failure when she was 2. I had to take her to the veterinary cardiologist twice a year for an EKG and echo and that was in top of the meds and special food costs. I know you want the girls to have a dog, but you seriously need to think long and hard about it.


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  4. Missoutandabout

    Missoutandabout Mouseketeer

    Padawans: Have you posted a pic of your little fur-baby yet? We wanna see him.

    Jen: Oh yeah, as everyone mentioned! The boarding thing... our mutt got too emotional when left at doggy daycare boarding -- where they let them roam around with the other dogs during the day and kenneled them up during meals and at night. She'd be totally emo for weeks afterward. We decided it wasn't the best thing for her since she was a shelter rescue so wound up getting a woman to come in and play with her, take her on walks and/or let her out 3 times a day whilst we're gone. 14 visits from her on this past 5 day trip cost us $250. It's just something to consider if you don't have good friends or family willing to watch the dog.

    Your poor DD! :hug: Mine's back with her coughing and sneezing again! It seems to go away for a week then come right back again. Not surprisingly, it went away when she was off school. :rolleyes2

    Melissa: LMAO! You enabler, you. :thumbsup2 You'll have to post more pics from your next trip. :laughing:
  5. babyberger

    babyberger Mouseketeer

    Tower club and all the rooms are in the process of refurb, entire 14th floor shut down. I would try to book now to see if its even possible. Atrium club level is only getting a soft refurb, so splurge for the Tower Club!!!!

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  6. Missoutandabout

    Missoutandabout Mouseketeer

    This is Miss M's real mommy...

  7. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 Mouseketeer

  8. padawans

    padawans Mouseketeer

    There are so many great resorts in Orlando that aren't owned by Disney. I have been looking. :rolleyes1 I can't believe there are threads where people argue about the cost of Disney. Of course it's expensive. I have stayed at lots of nicer resorts and hotels that are 1/2 the price of a Disney deluxe with 40% off. I don't think Disney resorts are kept up that well at all. It's the atmosphere, location. and pools, that keep me coming back and paying the ridiculous prices. I really like being close to the action. :hyper:, but I totally understand why people choose to stay offsite.
  9. letthewookiewin

    letthewookiewin <font color=blue>"That's 'cause droids don't pull

    It really does. One of these days the DH and I are going there.

    I wish it were in the summer as well, but I guess it's more timed around when the Elk are moving. My mom has made friends with one of the guys over the pow wow. His name is Danny Manyhorses (I think that's right). Him and his wife are supposed to be coming to Texas to see my parents some time this year. They sound like such amazing people and I can't wait to meet them.
    Clancy is the new rescue fur-baby. His former owners were downsizing homes and they didn't think their house would sell with such a big dog in it. However they kept their other dog. I just can't understand having a dog for 7 years and then giving him up just to sell a house. He's such a sweetie!! When I sat on my sister's couch he walked up to me and gave me kisses on my cheek. He moves so slowly that my sister thinks he moves like an Imperial Walker from Star Wars.

    My sister hasn't had the barking issue with her beagle. Ziggy is another story. He doesn't like it when there are people in his house that are not sitting down. If you are standing and you just walked in, he barks until you sit down. If you've been there a while, he doesn't bark at you. It's the oddest thing. Holly is too busy sucking (not chewing) on her animals to bark.

    Thank you. They are a sweet bunch. The dog we had for 17 years we rescued off the street my in laws used to live on. We went over to their house after we had been out of town, and they had found him on their front porch. We just took him home with us.

    Awww, such a sweet baby!! I just wanna kiss her nose!!

    The DH and I stayed off site on one trip and we decided that we would never do that again. They gave us the number of a parking spot to wait in to be picked up at the end of the night. When the bus driver went to pull into that spot, they barely slowed down at all. People were running to get out of the way, some with strollers. I just love the ease of being able to get to your resort so much easier by staying on site. It's funny, I don't think twice about paying some of the prices I do for a WDW resort, but outside of WDW I hate paying over $150.
  10. chimo2u

    chimo2u Mouseketeer

    Hi Jen :) I just had to pipe in about the dog quandary .... I've been wanting a dog for ages -- 22 yrs I've been married to be exact! (I LOVE chocolate labs) but then my sensible brain has to remember -- they are a lot of work, you HAVE to be there to walk them and let them out to the bathroom, and board them if you travel and don't have family to help, pick up their poop, and they scratch your beautiful hardwood floors up --- but they also give unconditional love and devotion! I personally came to the conclusion as much as I love them, it's a little more responsibility than I can handle right now.... I've firmly become a FELINE person, they are warm and cuddly too, they are a bit more independent as you can go away for a weekend and they'd be fine with food and their litter box, boarding is half the cost of a dog! I don't have to walk them, but still have the joy of pet ownership :) lots to think about, one things for sure -- pets bring something special to our lives! If its right for you and you family, you will know :) Enjoy if you do decide to adopt a new furbaby!
  11. chimo2u

    chimo2u Mouseketeer

    Miss, your dog is just too dang cute! Such a sweet, kissable face :)
  12. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    Happy Wednesday!!!! So, the first part of this week was in the 60's...
    Today....we have a snow day...school's closed...:headache:
    Such silly weather!!!

    DH has kid duty today though! I took off the whole Christmas break, so it's all him today...::yes::

    He just ran out to get some coffee and donuts and then I'm off to work....the kids are still sleeping and don't even know about their "good fortune" yet. :goodvibes
  13. Missoutandabout

    Missoutandabout Mouseketeer

    Good morning/afternoon, my quiet enabler buddies.

    Jen: How's DD feeling today? :hug:

    Thanks for the compliments on my puppy-girl, ladies. :grouphug:

    Since I was up at 3am, I got to thinking... (scary prospect, eh? :lmao: )

    About that 40th shindig, since it'll be a short-ish trip and we're maybe-possibly going somewhere in the summer as well as our :santa: trip (well post-:santa: in January), I should probably look at places it takes on a few hours to get to on the plane. (Well, besides Disney, obviously :rolleyes1 CR is front runner in my mind at the moment. I'd love to do Universal but that would be more for my HP fascination than for my hubs... we both love Halloween at Disney so that wins out for now.) So, I was thinking about a luxury, kid-friendly resort somewhere along the Gulf in FL? Anyone have any experience with Sanibel Island or roundabouts that area?
  14. pas130

    pas130 DIS Veteran

    My vote for getting a dog was no...because I was the one taking care of her most of the time..but I let myself be overruled...Nancy is so sweet (nuts too) but she is a companion for DH when I am at work, and she has made a terrific impact on HRH :goodvibes She's so much work, but so much of a reward as well :lovestruc

    Hope she's better today!!! :hug:

    I am overwhelmed with all the choices...:worried::confused:

    Your pups is SO cute :hug: We have stayed near Clearwater Beach and it is very kid friendly. I know there's a Sheraton and Hilton rsort...Amongst MANY others!!! :love:
  15. letthewookiewin

    letthewookiewin <font color=blue>"That's 'cause droids don't pull

    Well, this week is turning into the week from heck. Turns out the person that told me I was getting more money was a complete moron and I'm actually getting about $1200 less. To top things off, I have gone through all of the loan money I can get for school. I can get pell grants, but that's it. I'm so disgusted that when I get home (DH needed an extra pair of hands at work today) that I am just going to put our WDW trip off until December and keep putting it off until I get done with school (if I can get done).
  16. babyberger

    babyberger Mouseketeer

    Miss - what about the Ritz in Sarasota? I havent stayed but have friends who love it. Great kids programs and a private beach club. Also, just an FYI the Ritz in Orlando has a great kid friendly pool area with a lazy river :rolleyes1
  17. babyberger

    babyberger Mouseketeer

    OH NO!!! I am so sorry, that stinks!!!! :sad2: Sending you lots of :hug:

  18. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    Whoa. I know you're flustered when you forget to use your green font...

    I'm sorry you are having a bad week...I hope things get better soon. :hug:
  19. babyberger

    babyberger Mouseketeer

    April is cancelled once again :( DD is insistent that she wants a party with her friends (and lots of presents, lol). I wasn't thrilled with the rates anyway, but sad I won't get to meet Candace and her crew.

    So it looks like Feb is our last trip for a bit. Not sure when will renew the passes so putting away the Disney Visa for a while.....so sad :(


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  20. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 Mouseketeer

    Marie Thanks for your vote....I know that is the other thing stopping me. Upsetting our two felines with a dog would be a big deal. Our older cat is 10 and she is already hassled enough with the younger male. He torments her pretty regularly. :cat::cat:

    Candace: Sounds like the start of a beautiful day for a kiddo! Hope they had a good day!

    Miss: Well, she stayed home today, and I have to keep giving her the iburprofen/tylenol mix to keep her fever down.:sick: But she is eating and otherwise ok. No vomiting.

    Jeanette: Thanks...I too feel like I would do most of the work with a dog if we got one. But I do love them, all animals actually. I just have to stop looking at the dog rescue's website that is near us.:rolleyes2 Thanks for asking about DD.:hug: It is nice to be home alone with her for once, she is growing up so fast. I keep sneaking glances at her profile and notice how she is turning into young woman. :cutie:

    Wookie: Awww I am so sorry to hear of that mix up. Please don't get too discouraged. I still think it is amazing that you are managing to do schooling on top of everything else. Hang in there.:hug:

    Melissa: :faint: Say it isn't so!!

    Waving hi to everyone....:wave:

  21. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 Mouseketeer

    This is our Squirty...


    And our younger more devilish Perry...

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