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And these are the {Resort} Changes of our Lives ~In Memory of JungleCruiser <3

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by pas130, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    And These are the {Resort} Changes of our Lives ~ I may be a Hot Mess.....but I still can't make up my mind....

    Welcome all to the Winter 2013 chapter of the Resort Changers Not-So-Secret Saga!!!
    You may be a resort changer if.....
    ~CRO is programmed into your speed dial
    ~You call CRO so often you've memorized your Confirmation number
    ~Your DH (DW,DS,DD,BFF...) has to ask "Where are we staying today?"
    ~You check availability on the WDW website at least once a day
    ~You've gotten the same CM on the phone more than once
    ~You can make a paper mache Christmas tree from all the invoices from WDTC
    There's no shame to our game~
    We are a chatty, nonjudgmental, support group for all things Disney :grouphug:
    Welcome everyone to our family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The discussion is ALWAYS open to all things...life, work, kids, vents, and Disney :flower3:
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  3. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    Welcome to the latest Chapter in our Neverending Saga, all are welcomed with open arms to our very happy home [​IMG]TY christine

    [​IMG]Meet our Mascot *OB~Orange Bird"TY KOOK

    This a a friendly place to discuss, announce, plan, all things Disney. disclaimer: Being that we are family we DO discuss just about everything, venting is healthy, and encouraged here...work, family, illness, tragedy, moving, shopping, dieting, EVERY aspect of daily life, WE ARE FAMILY AFTER ALL:laughing:

    We have come together because of a common theme~


    So :welcome: to our thread! Jump in and ask away! :hyper2:No question is too small! We LOVE it! Resort changes, date changes, destination changes, ADR changes, ALL GOOD:thumbsup2

    Collectively, we have stayed at every resort, during every season, and are willing to share our experiences and advice! Even if it's just moral support for making that call to change...whether it's your 1st change of 101st :rolleyes1

    My name is Jeanette, and I am a resort changer. I am a serial resort changer, if there is such a thing. My RC family has nominated me as the RC Queen, and I am mommy to a beautiful RC Princess HRH (Her Royal Highness). I actually have 3 Princesses, and 2 Princes. DS11, DD8 (HRH), DD6, DD5, DS4. Currently I hold two nursing jobs (for the moment), I always say, Mommy by day, Nurse by night. Everything I do, I do for vacation. My thoughts are constantly on Disney, it is my Happy place. Wishing I could say the same for my DH...but I'm working on it :goodvibes

    I can't take credit for the RC thread, the former Queen of the thread stepdisney has been kind enough to let me continue it, and it lives on...thank goodness since I wouldn't know what to do without the fab peeps here :worship: You will still see step here in between her full time teaching and Mommying...she is awesome!

    Let's throw the links to the previous threads here~




  4. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    More to come.....:flower3:
  5. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    And the RC thread is NOT complete without the cliffnotes (right MPC)

    :tinker: A Magical RECAP :tinker:

    Plenty of Magic &..Our sweet Lilyanna is back to her feisty ways and received a great check up from the Doc!! Now the question is& does he make house calls??? Heres hoping Danimals pesky bug is zapped quickly!

    Whew & quite a scare for Iheart the mouse DS!! Plenty of hugs all around for a speedy recovery! Keeping Bree in our hearts and prayers as well! :hug:

    JC... thanks for working your number magic and thanks to JC and M&N for providing a Mickey ear! :hug:

    Wishes DO come true & just ask LUV!!: it's going to be magical beginnings for Luv and her DH with their dream move to Orlando! Luv, with all those great Florida Discounts will CL be your home away from home?? AND, now that Luv will be so tantalizing close to our favorite mouse house &. It gives new meaning to staying offsite!! :woohoo: (Luv will you have a bookable category up and running soon?) RCers will need your new direct line!

    Hannah: Those wishes upon the star paid off and our Hannah is planning, drawing and sketching her trip details, currently staying at AOA in the LM rooms in January& Maybe with a RC DISmeet in the making too!

    A Thumbs (or Pinky) up to MM and Pas & For those of you who might remember, long, long ago in a galaxy far away &. [okay been watching star wars] Pas and MM had a pinky swear that they would NOT be making any changes to their May & July trips &. And needless to say both should be without their pinkies & good thing our RC Queen is a nurse by night &and a stitch :stitch2: or two :stitch2: :stitch2:: was all that was needed.

    Pas: For a Pas Recap (really she needs her own!)&.speculation was rapid fire that after countless RCs the Queen would not stay at the POP, however, the faith of this POPper knew she would feel the vibe and crash at the Pas POP Pad & and a POPer was born out of that love fest! :hippie: Of course staying on Disney property meant a BB was in order & and shes been bouncing off resorts every since!! Lets see, POP, ASMU, CR CL, WL CL, Poly CL, BC CL & really anything CL will do!

    BUT&..now shes done the ultimate!! Shes gone from POP to the TOP!! RPC King room! :cool1:

    Mousemommy: Queen of the generic tickers, which have served our MM well &. Its been a roller coaster adventure the last 4 months with WL CL winning out (with plenty of waffling thrown in)!! No more Mickey Waffling for this mouse mommy and shes off to see the mouse in less than 4 days!! Also in the works &. An October girls weekend? & possible birthday celebration for DD8? & oh, and the April 13 trip too & Royal rooms, AKL, AOA??? Oh, APs are so tempting, as Padawans knows so well &

    Padawans: Well, this Padawans is no ones apprentice when it comes to RCing.. .really shes achieved master status &. Between waffling between Oct and December trips, with a cruise thrown in, to AP or not &. Remember & never underestimate the RC power!:darth:

    Dani: This girl NEEDS her POLY punch!! Bring on August!! She settled on her dream POLY & really it could be no other &. And a DISmeet with her NJ sista & and our own Magic spreading her own Magic .... really, can it get any better than this? :banana:

    Jungle Cruiser: It was a sweet stay at her beloved SL in April; now this GFaholic is setting sail in September to the BC, deluxe style for some much needed R&R (with DH waiting on her hand and foot &. Weve seen first hand how our JC can sweet talk her DH into anything!). Lounging in a chair allows plenty of time for planning DISmeets with our Jenny and Miss. She could get firmly attached to those hammocks (just following the doctors orders!) and might add on another Disney Day or two for more DISmeets &.:lovestruc

    Grumpy Grandma [and the three bears] &.. shes been hiding out in the woods holed up in her cabin with her furbaby and just the bear necessities &. internet, cell phone, TV &ummm, porridge? Our West Coast Mama Bear really never goes into hibernation, with Tahoe and Malibu AND shell be heading east in October (with a layover in Chicago) before hitting the Boardwalk, OKW, and the lodges tour & well, you know our GG loves her animal friends!!

    Pixarmom: A return sighting from this RCer (well shes been busy promoting BRAVE) Next UP shes setting her sails for the Disney wonder in August and then on to story board planning for that Incredible split trip for 2013 & POLY, GF, BWI, CR and BC. This RCer is mightly brave &. BTW, are your DS named Hamish, Hubert and Harris??? :earsboy: x 3! keeps us in mind for the premiere of Monsters Universary!!

    Chimo2u: Our sweet Marie has been steadfast and true on sticking with the POLY after giving up the BC Deluxe Room (oh JC can give you the goods on that!). Hoping to meet up with other RCers and is sooo ready to for a bit of trickery at MNSSHP!! Dont worry about the POLY crowds Marie, remember just keep swimming &. :fish:

    Amanda: Set to take in the 5K and Dh the ToT marathon, our Amanda is settled in at OKW .... with dreams of a MNSSHP and a DISmeet with our own Marie ...

    Magic: Magic celebrated a magical anniversary in March and received an extra gift of a DISmeet with our own Sheila & in August shes getting her POLY fix, Sept is all about celebrations with family &. Perhaps a post mini thanksgiving mini trip and then the December trips &. Magic, you are the Queen of the BB!! :worship:

    KooK: Sprung for a Spring break this year at BWI CL and WL CL (what else? Actually considered stepping outside the WL box, had our Kook on the Route 66 bypass to check out the Cozy Cone, but it turned out to be a quick pit stop, enroute to the beautiful AKV .. and all fabulous room .. and 2 bathrooms at Kidani!!! [Yes, understand completely that bare necessity Kook!] No DISmeet on the bridge for Kook and Janet B, but the King will still reign supreme at the RC meet!

    Heather: More magical dreams coming true &. A stay at AKL CL and then it was a dream of a lifetime cruise, with 3 generations of family and a special anniversary! Looking ahead to March '13 and bunking down at the cabins at Fort. Wilderness ...for now ....

    Sheila: its been a dream to stay at WDW during the Christmas season, so Santa is delivering his presents early & Sheilas returning to the BWI for some magical Christmas Cheer! :santa:

    MissOutandAbout: Shes been planning on getting OUT and ABOUT to Disney in September & But right now Lifes a Beach &.somethings up with her British DH status .....Miss, can DH fit in those excellent Packing Cubes of yours?? (Better yet, put the INS in the packing cubes!!) January brings AoA & NOT AKL, (we are not supposed to ever mention that to Miss). Shes considering boarding the Hogwarts Express too & go ahead, take the forbidden journey& it will leave you spell bound!!

    Doing the Stormalong Bay Stomp and getting a little goofy is our Gwynne (YC) and Basket Lacey (BC) (only not at the same time unforunately) ...darn!

    Its the 1-2 POLY punch for for our Jenny and I_heart_the_mouse: Really its a POLY-palooza!! Jenny's 2013 plans include SWW and the Disney Dream in December .... land resort??? POR? or possible DVC rental. Time will tell ....

    Getting back in Step with her RCing ways is StepDisney .... August bring on the YC and SAB!!! A MUCH needed respite for our Step!

    Fantasia .... we WILL meet up some day!! Happy that your trip is just encountering a small bump in the road ....look for a package soon!!

    And then there were 5 &. The idea for a RC trip took flight last year with and has some unscheduled stops, layovers, date changes, and departures for some &. But currently buckling their seat belts for January are Magic, GG, Minnie&Nana, JC and Janet B (with her prescription meds :)). Whats an RC trip without some RCs??? WL CL, to WL, to the POLY GV, then now taking in the nightlife at the Boardwalk. Hmmm best to hold off too much celebrating until the Fab 5 complete the 5K!!!

    Where in the World is.... Kaffinito?? Wookie? A BIG hello to all our newest RCers!!

    Well, since the last recap, its been a constant flow of changes for many of our RCers & We have celebrated the end of another school year and our kiddos excellence & celebrated our in our nations independence, :yay: for the Red, white & Blue (oh, except when you are seeing these in your rear view mirror:rotfl2: ) & celebrated our hometown heros, being paid in full, our most recent trips, family gatherings and weddings, new jobs, qualifying for medicare :cool1: &. Celebrations are also measured in small mouse steps &. weight loss changes, and the many physical or mental challenges that our RC family cope with every day. There is nothing too big or too small (or too frivolous Jenny:)) that cant be shared here & sometimes the simplest and zaniest chatter helps lighten the load and can bring about positive change. Its true that when life hands you lemons, make the best of it&.throw in plenty of ice and vodka, mix well and share with good friends & bottoms up!

    Love to all, :hug:

    P.S. This RCer is POPin back 8/19-8/25 :hippie:

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    Thank you's a plenty to our RC Queen, pas130 for starting a new, yet very familiar thread. You're the best, Jeanette!
  7. Jungle Cruiser

    Jungle Cruiser New Member

    Ever Changing RC Trips

    Trips that start in 2012 and end in 2013

    Jenna319 12/29 - 1/7 AoA / Dolphin / AKV Kidani

    I heart the Mouse 12/30 -1/7 Poly / YC CL

    Jungle Cruiser 12/31 - 1/13 WL CL

    2013 Trips

    Grumpy Grandma 1/7 - 1/29 POP or LM or POR or WL and offsite Sheraton time share 1 BR and 2 BR :faint:

    RC TRIP :grouphug:1/9 - 1/13 WL or ???

    pixarmom 1/26 - 2/1 Poly /BWI CL

    Babyberger 2/7 - 2/11 CR

    Mousemommy 4/18 - 4/28 :confused3

    Jenny 5/15 - 5/20 BC

    DisneyDreamin 7/28 to ? BC CL / Poly CL

    pas 8/25 to 9/1 YC CL and :beach: either before or after?

    Jenny 11/16- 11/21 AoA 11/21 - 11/24 Dream Bahamas :boat:
  8. Janet B

    Janet B New Member

    Thank you Jeanette - our amazing RC Queen - for another great thread!! :) thanks for the heads up my friend ... :) love ya!

    Btw ... Guess its time for a new recap:)
  9. sjs314

    sjs314 "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and

    I'm Here I'm Here!
  10. Missoutandabout

    Missoutandabout New Member

    WaHOOOOOOOOOO! Our new home with all of my favorite gals. :grouphug:



  11. Janet B

    Janet B New Member

    Sarah ... RC trip 1/9 to 1/13 :)
  12. disneydreamin247

    disneydreamin247 New Member

    Hello ladies! Joining in on the fun here.
  13. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    :hug: OK where is that 1st place ribbon you have so I can give it to ya ;)


    WOOHOO!!!!!:dance3: You're gonna be busy my friend :flower3:

    You know BFF, I was thinking the SAME thing....:hug: You can just edit the post and you're one pg.1 right after Sarah...:cool2:

    :yay: Hi Sheila!!! :hug:

    :hug: I am so glad everyone is finding their way :cheer2:


    Sis!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY :hug:

    Christine is offline but sends a big :wave2: and :grouphug:
  14. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

    Don't forget about me! A little late to the party!:drive:
  15. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

    Jeanette: I don't know if you feel this way but this is the longest week ever leading up to your trip!! 3 days to go....yay for the pas girls!!:dance3:
  16. babyberger

    babyberger Active Member

    Posting and replying on the new thread :cool1:

    So I lost it on DD this morning, I have been asking her for 2 weeks to pick it up and she in normal Sarah fashion screams, whines and complains and never does it. After our screaming match I ended up sitting on the hard tile floor and picking up and organizing the play room…needless to say that did me in for a bit :sad2: So DH and I decided we would wait until latter to grocery shop, which worked out perfect. The Polar Express DVD I ordered on Thursday from Amazon was delivered today (with free super saver shipping!!!)so after dinner we put that in and left the little ones with the big one and grocery shopped in peace!!!!! We came home to everyone quiet on the couch :thumbsup2

    Miss – I didn’t get any grapefruit juice, sorry :guilty: Ketel One and diet tonic will have to do :p I guess as long as the Sbux is done right it wont take away too much from the nostalgia I love, I am just worried about a big green sign staring at me as I walk down Main Street. If the resorts would put it in I wouldn’t have to bring my travel Keurig!!

    Jeanette – I tried CRO again and was on hold forever. I will leave it for now, but really know that DD has decided against it for her bday, so Feb just may be our last trip until the fall :sad1: Thank you for the new thread!!! We will follow you anywhere :grouphug:

    IHTM – I thought about rebooking my Feb trip using Fat Wallet and Hotels.com but I already bought GC’s to pay of my resort while I was getting 5% back in rewards on my dis visa. I am hoping for another 5% or so if they ever release AP rates :confused3 Oh I love a good caramel macchiato as well, as I said to Miss I just don’t want to be staring at a big green Sbux sign as I walk down Main Street. I would be thrilled if Sbux went in all over Disney and I could get REAL coffee, I just think they need to do it carefully.

    Candace – I hope you are on your way home from Logan with DH now :goodvibes Hopefully 93 was smooth sailing! Glad you got your dad to go with you!

    DetTigsGal - I think we feel the same way about the Sbux, it needs to be very carefully executed. I haven't looked at the DL Sbux so maybe I need to check it out.

    Hello to eveyone else :wave2::flower3::grouphug:

  17. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    Ah Melissa, the infamous Mommy Meltodown...which always temporarily turns the kiddos into angels :rolleyes:

    Glad you could go shopping in peace, but very sorry you ended up bending onto the floor :sick: I love Polar Express :santa:

    And you're welcome for the thread...in true OCD fashion, I get nervous once we pass 200 pages :cool2:

    Love you gals...you're all awesome :grouphug:
  18. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    Not late at all Jen :hug:

    3 more sleeps..........:banana::banana::banana: I agree it HAS been a long week, must be the snow :rotfl:
  19. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    Page 2 ladies.....who's making the first cha-cha-change????
  20. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 Active Member

    OMG!!! Page 2!?!?! :scared1:

    I leave the house for two hours and miss this!!!

    Here I am!!! With DH!!! :yay:

    Situation back to normal in the Mousemommy household! :goodvibes

    Dates if you want to add them :rolleyes:
    4/18/13 - 4/28/13 Beach Club!!!!!
  21. pas130

    pas130 New Member

    That is FABULOUS Candace!!!:hug: Tell him Thank you and Welcome Home from the Pas Clan :flower3:
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