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a change I wish I could make

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by mom4fun, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. TheLanes

    TheLanes New Member

    So, let me enlighten you. I won't address the rest of your thread, but my main concern is you saying I am breaking a rule by pulling my kid out. Our district has an independent study policy that allows for 5 or more days out, regardless of reason. That is NOT breaking a rule.

    Some folks on this thread have discussed how they made it educational. They truly did it I believe. I was arguing at first that no one should call the cruise educational, but there are so many ways to do it, if you try.

    It all comes down to what is best for your kids. Some kids should never miss a minute, and probably need tutor help to catch up. Some kids can miss a week and not skip a beat. Thankfully, our kids are like that, and we spend the time at night to ensure that.
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  3. PaceFamily

    PaceFamily Wife and Grumpy

    As I stated, MOST places. This really comes down to my point. If you want to take your children out of school for vacation it is up to you, your teachers and what is best for your children. But, and I mean this in the nicest way, please lets not pretend that this is really done for the educational purpose but instead for a cost factor for MOST. I understand that some have restrictions where they can not get off during the prime vacation times. I too have been there and I chose to keep my kids in school and we just did not vacation. That was MY choice and we still choose to keep our child in school.
  4. fredgirls

    fredgirls New Member

    At the end of the day it is always a family's personal choice.

    I guess some school districts across the US are stricter than others. I feel so sorry for those who live in an area where taking your kids out of school to broaden their views and experiences is a crime! I feel very lucky to have more educational freedom.

    I do feel very strongly that there is a lot to learn from seeing the world and a lot of life experiences to be gained from visiting 'tourist areas', (whatever that means! :goodvibes ) Our children have been exposed to culture and language around the world and are definitely more understanding of the world for it.

  5. cjbcam

    cjbcam New Member

    Some parents can't take holidays when school breaks are, period. There is no arguing that point. So what? A family like that just isn't supposed to take holidays? No way I'm going to miss out on those important family vacations, which kids do learn things on, just because some people think its "wrong". Sometimes things aren't black and white like you seem to think.
  6. jjje

    jjje One time I saw a guy wear cut-off jean shorts to d

    Thank you for sharing this point of view. I try very hard to have kids who fall into the first group. So far my kids' teachers have always been supportive of our family trips. :)

    The problem here is you don't know all the rules. I've always had permission to take my kids out of school. Never in my son's 9 years of school (or my daughter's 3) have they ever had an unexcused absence and that is with us pulling them out of school for various family trips every year. It is 100% possible to work with the school (depending on where you live) to take vacations during the school year and stay within the rules.

    I'm not for one second going to claim that my kids are getting a math education as they get their nth cup of ice cream for the day or learning social studies as they ride the water slide. I do know that last week, on the same day my family was riding inner tubes down the Martha Brea river in Jamaica, listening to our guide describe the history of the river and of the country, my daughter's class was back in Minnesota watching Bambi. So.... yeah. I feel pretty good about the real world learning opportunities my kids got on our cruise. :flower3:
  7. neg58

    neg58 New Member

    There are many types of schools that allow travel at the family's convenience, so people who want that flexibility should chose one of those types of schools - home school, expeditionary learning, year round, virtual school, sports academies.

    I've been to China and I've been to the China pavilion at Epcot. They aren't the same so don't try to justify a vacation to WDW as a great learning experience. Of course family trips can be memorable, but can't that happen during the school breaks, on Saturdays, or by not breaking school rules on attendance? I learn stuff by watching tv all the time, but I don't think my kids should miss school to stay home and watch tv.

    If it is important to your family to have flexibility to travel, chose a school that is flexible or home school. There are options.

  8. TheLanes

    TheLanes New Member


    Well put! PaceFamily is simply trying to say that folks shouldn't try to label taking a cruise as an educational experience only. Truly, we want to have fun with our families for a week, during the school year, so now we need to make it educational...
  9. redmomof4

    redmomof4 I love TIM without a hat!

    I love this post!! Thanks for being so candid!
  10. scrapshappen

    scrapshappen New Member

    We just got back from our cruise last week. We originally planned it when both my children were suppose to be off track on their year round school schedule. Right after our PIF date, my older son (fifth grade) had the opportunity to transfer to a magnet school for gifted children on a traditional school schedule in the neighboring town.

    Long story short, he ended up missing eight days of school (which we cleared with his teacher before we even decided to transfer him or not). And now we are all paying for it. He is one of those gifted but unmotivated students and I discovered this morning the make up work he told me was done, was only partially completed. Makes me crazy but it was our fault (and blame my DH since I worked this weekend) for not following up on it before school this morning.

    Bottom line, I've decided he cannot miss school any more. We've pulled him out for Disney Vacations in Kindergarten, 3 & 4 grade (some of those for three days, some for an entire week), but I doubt we will be doing it again unless he can up his act.

    That does severely limit when we can travel though since I still have my younger son on a year round schedule. They basically have three weeks off in July (one week I have an annual convention I go to here in town so that leaves two weeks) and 10 days at Christmas plus an occasional long weekend when they are both out of school at the same time.

    I guess I am not really adding to this discussion (other than the 14 weeks off of school is a myth for a lot of families) but more just venting about how we likely won't be able to do Disney vacations again until I can get both of my kids back on the same school schedule.
  11. Simple answer, not in our case. As mentioned, Dad was going to Orlando for business shows. They didn't always coincide with summer vacation. Although I will add, I remember at least once or twice going when school was out during the summer.

    Either way, as the parent, it was his right to decide for his own kids. He didn't agree with what was always taught, either, or school activities (clearly as stated above). When we were homeschooled 6th grade on, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief! (We did go to vocational school in high school for 3 years and held jobs too.)

    I think its a cheap call to compare our family time and vacations to watching tv. I know the point you are trying to make, and its still lousy. Not all TV is educational, some is (and they actually sometimes WATCH TV in school too) but the idea of comparing dad taking us diving when we were almost 12 in the virgin islands to watching tv is just a bit ridiculous.

    What it comes down to is that its the PARENT'S RIGHT TO DECIDE. No one elses. Not even the teachers'. And frankly its no one's business, either.

    Harumph. :rotfl:
  12. fredgirls

    fredgirls New Member

    You don't have to go to a special school to have a flexible education system. I am assuming those with tight restrictions are referring to some US states? There are lots of the rest of us, who don't live in the US, that are fortunate to have reasonable school policies for regular school. :goodvibes
  13. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

  14. fredgirls

    fredgirls New Member

    This raises an interesting point.
    Saying kids can't miss any school for vacation, or any other reason bar sickness I assume, seems very totalitarian! Where is the parents right to decide?

    Again, feel lucky.
  15. TheLanes

    TheLanes New Member

    Oh, you Canadians are so progressive with your socialized healthcare and flexible educational system... (jealous actually :))
  16. fredgirls

    fredgirls New Member

    Sorry. :flower3:

    Actually from the UK originally. They are starting to get a little stricter there. My sister-in-law had to sign something to take them out of school, but not illegal yet!
  17. PaceFamily

    PaceFamily Wife and Grumpy

    Wow. Sad state of educational system, huh. But guess I will save that rant (and flame out) for another day. ;). Lol. Thanks all for the lively discussion. It is always interesting. We raise our children as best we can to do right with this world that we will leave them. I do not know if my way is better than anyone's else but we hope that we all get the results right in the end. Well balanced children that will live happy, productive lives.

  18. braysmommy

    braysmommy New Member

    Agree:) My DS is in private school which is supportive of missing days for family trips. He is only in first grade but missed 2 weeks for the Panama Canal trip last year and will miss the last 2 weeks this May for our Transatlantic and Med cruises.
  19. natmom

    natmom New Member

    I live in Canada. I really do love living here :)
  20. MND

    MND New Member

    IMHO, no one should be concerned about taking a 1st grader out of school for a trip. Good for you!

  21. deanimal

    deanimal New Member

    Me too! Now if only DCL would base one of their ships up here it would be nearly perfect!

    I agree that every family is different and in the end it is the parent's right to decide, but it's also the school's right to decide if they will accomodate. Every school is also different and you know the rules from the beginning. If there are negative consequences for absences you have to take that into account and decide if it's worth it. Don't say it's no fair for the school to "punish" your child for unexcused absences when it was your decision to go, not the school's and not the child's. It's the school's right to make rules for the school just as much as it's your right to make decisions for your family.

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