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2013 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ: Don't Post Here! New Thread Now Open

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by natebenma, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. chirurgeon

    chirurgeon <font color=deeppink>I am a delicate flower and ne

    How is the wi fi at the resort? I know I will have to limit my expectations, especially since I have relatively high speed at home, but semi decent speed would be nice. Patience is a virtue I don't possess in great amounts unfortunately. ;)
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  3. Tarheel girl 1975

    Tarheel girl 1975 Supposed Former Fastpass Hoarder

    Is there an advantage to being on a lower floor?
  4. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph New Member

    There is an advantage to a lower floor if you are near a staircase. You won't have to take the elevator as often, which, depending on room location, can be convenient. The staircase next to the BC room 1501 opens up as close to the International Gateway as you can get from the BC. There is a staircase at YC that opens right on the boardwalk. I like taking the stairs. :)
  5. msjprincess

    msjprincess New Member

    Never mind. I see that I can request a Woods View with online check-in. Hopefully if that's my only request I'll get it.

    Of course in all of my trips to WDW I only recall getting my request once. So I won't hold my breath. LOL OTOH we've always been able to get into our room hours before check-in time. So I'll take the good with the bad.
  6. ella6599

    ella6599 New Member

    Exactly! Isn't it nice of her to give you an excuse for another trip? (as if an excuse is ever really needed for another trip ;) )

    And Lily is seriously cute! Those curls! :love:
  7. 1coolnini

    1coolnini New Member

    With all of these questions about room requests I was wondering if there is anything I should add to our request. This is our first trip to WDW, so my first BC stay. We currently have reserved a BC GV CL room. I did contact our IPO and requested a full balcony. Is there anything else I should add? It is just the 2 of us so we don't need a daybed. I have read about the long hallways, should I ask to be close to transportation? Is it best to just have one request. The most important thing to me is the balcony. I would love a king bed, but I think I read somewhere that there are no king beds at BC. Is that correct? Will there be 2 queen beds in the room, 2 double beds?

    We will be to our 60 day mark very soon. I am still debating whether to do online check in, or not.

  8. natebenma

    natebenma New Member

    According to my notes, all of the BC GV CL rooms do have full balconies. I believe all of them have 2 Queen beds (no Kings at in this booking category). There are some, but not many, king bed rooms throughout the BC
    and YC both in standard rooms and club level rooms.

    You could ask for close to transportation (which will be close to the lounge and the elevators)

    At this time I am neither encouraging or discouraging the use of advanced booking- not offering an opinion because I don't feel I truly understand the whole 60 day in advance process.
  9. Tarheel girl 1975

    Tarheel girl 1975 Supposed Former Fastpass Hoarder

    Thanks. This will be our first trip to the BC/YC. We ate at Cape May once, but aren't familiar with the lay out. My kids are really excited about staying there! (So am I!)
  10. luvpoohandcompany

    luvpoohandcompany New Member

    I believe you!! Honestly I do !!:rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2:
    ITA and I'm absolutely sozzled just reading about all those drinks never mind drinking them :rotfl::rotfl:
  11. outahere

    outahere <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/plat_life.

    I really think it is "hit or miss" most of the time. We've had times when it was pretty good (early morning was the best) and other times when it was horribly slow, with many dropped connections. It is certainly not anywhere near as fast as our home wf-fi network.
  12. 1coolnini

    1coolnini New Member

    Thank you.

    We have purchased park hoppers because we will probably head to Epcot at some time on most days. Would there be a request we could add that would put us closer to Epcot? Maybe "close to transportation" would work for that?

  13. natebenma

    natebenma New Member

    Yes, for club level rooms, a request of close to transportation would be closest to EPCOT, because you would be closest to the elevators that would take you to the lobby.

    For standard rooms at the resort, close to transportation and close to EPCOT would be different requests.

    If you want the quickest way to EP, check out the info on the secret entrance/exit on Page 1 (Beach Club room post). Or just find room 1501 by following the signs from the lobby. You can get right off the elevator and go through the hallways inside to a door that brings you very close to the International Gateway.
  14. saquin

    saquin New Member

    Question about paying for room-only reservation...

    I've searched and can't find the answer so I thought I'd ask here...

    I'm the lead name on the reservation and I paid the one night deposit with my credit card. My mom, who is on the ressie but not the lead, would like to pay the balance on her credit card before we go. Is that OK, to use two different cards under two different names to pay for the room? And can I call it in for her? (Would I have to say I'm her or is it OK to just use her card?)

    Sorry if these seem like stupid questions. :blush:
  15. ella6599

    ella6599 New Member

    Ugh...just found out that school registration is smack in the middle of our vacation. It's a small school, and this will be our 7th year there...so I'm hoping they'll cut us some slack! I really don't want to have to move our dates!
  16. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph New Member

    I don't know for sure but I can't see why you couldn't do it. I've given my credit card to my married daughters, who now have a different last name, to use when changing things. I haven't tried it for Disney, but I'm sure it would work.
  17. sab53085

    sab53085 New Member

    We are staying at the YC Garden View this May. Does anyone recommend any room requests for us? I'd like a full balcony but I heard most all rooms already have full balconies. Is there a chance I could get a view of the Boardwalk or maybe Epcot? I haven't put in any requests yet but would like a nice view! :)

    On another note - does anyone else have issues with the DISboards iPad app? When I try to reply, the "Send" button is greyed out...been like this for a few weeks. Thanks all!
  18. DancinDaisyDuck

    DancinDaisyDuck Nothing left for me to do but dance

    Hi! #1, it's not a silly question! #2, Yes you can do this because #3, Disney will gladly take money in any form whether you're the lead on the ressie or not! I've had no problem splitting payments over different cards. Just give CRO a call when you want to pay it off and provide the CM with the card information. I've also split the bill at checkout before when I've shared my room and it's no problem there either.

    Hope you have a great time and let us know how your stay went!
  19. saquin

    saquin New Member

    Thank you both! I will go ahead and give it a try.
  20. medicgirl177

    medicgirl177 New Member

    I use different names, I have my married name/card (lead reservation), my maiden name/card and then DH name/card. No one says anything. I have also paid online through My Disney Experience which was NOT painful, although I was nervous the first time I tried it, it worked just fine.
  21. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear New Member

    I am staying YC GV in August, we have requesting wedding gazebo view, I've seen photos on here and it looks like an awesome view to me :)
    In regards to the send button being grey, I was having this problem but I've found if I press return it goes blue and allows me to send my reply, it might be worth a try, hope it works!
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