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    just got back from 4 days at wdw with my DH - great time and pretty good food! here are some reviews - short and sweet!

    Grand Floridian Cafe - perhaps the best meal we had! Promptly seated - john ordered the pork chop served over roasted corn which was delicious - a nice sized chop; i ordered the angus burger with lobster chunks, hollandaise and asparagus and served with a small green salad on the side -our waitress suggested this and it was very good! we split a ceasar salad and i had a glass of wine and john a beer...with our TiW card the total (including tax and tip) was $67.00 . we gave this restaurant an "A"

    Columbia Harbor House - ate lunch - we both ordered the anchors aweigh tuna sandwich which comes with chips - very good, fresh tasting and great bread
    total was about $16.00 - we gave this restaurant a "B"

    Biergarten - dinner buffet - we had eaten there at thanksgiving and john was anxious to return - the food was tasty. i particularly like the salads - they have really good slaws, tomatoes/cukes, pasta salads, pickled items, etc.
    the potato leek soup was excellent and the meat choices were chicken schnitzel, roasted chicken, pork tenderloin and several types of sausages.
    desserts included a chocolate bar cake, two apple pastries and a german cheesecake. i had a glass of wine and john totally enjoyed a litre of german beer :rotfl:
    we sat with two other families and had a nice conversation with the couple from mass.
    the restaurant can be loud but the food is good and the wait staff very nice.
    total (with tax and tip) with the TIW card was about $82.00
    We would give the restaurant an "A"

    SciFi- a new place for us and we had about a 10 min wait then were seated in a car toward the back of the restaurant. we had a reuben sandwich and a chocolate shake (we split both) while we watched the old sci fi movies. they split the sandwich in the kitchen so we each had a plate with 1/2 a sandwich, fries and a pickle --it was very good and the sandwich is large
    Total (inc. tax and tip) on TIW was around $20.00
    we liked the food and this was a fun place to try (great waiter, too) ---you can only have 2 people per seat and the movies are playing so you really can't have conversation there but the theming sure is neat!
    We would give this restaurant a "B"

    Prime Time - we had a glass of wine and a beer - ceasar salad, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans (they substituted the beans for the greens) and john had the pot roast. my chicken dinner was "okay" - the chicken wasn't very crisp but it was 1/2 a chicken! john enjoyed his pot roast
    we had a fun waitress, nicole, who was really good to us!
    total was about $62.00
    We would give this restaurant a "C" for the food quality but we did have a good time!

    Norway - lunch - we had the club sandwich which had cheese, ham, bacon and a little bit of red onion on a nice grain bread --they toasted it and served it warm. this was a really good sandwich with a very good creamy cheese. we liked this a lot - just would like to see it served with a side of something - apple,chips, etc. it was only $8.00 and it was a nice sized sandwich.
    We would give this restaurant an "A"

    Wolfgang Puck Express - dinner - we had a glass of wine, a beer, a green side salad with balsamic vinegar (this is just a spring mix of greens with no veggies) a pizza with pepperoni/mushrooms and a bar b que chicken quesadilla. this was all very good - the pizza was fresh and the mushrooms had a nice flavor - the chicken quesadilla had a sweet barbque sauce drizzled over the top along with a ranch type sauce that was also drizzled.
    this restaurant is so good and so reasonable!
    total for this was about $37.00 (does not take TIW but got a 10% discount with my annual pass)
    We would give this restaurant an "A"

    that's it! we averaged about $75.00 a day for both of us (we eat breakfast in the room) which we thought was very reasonable for the amount and type of food we had and that we had drinks with our dinners.

    thanks to all of you for the interesting and informative posts i read throughout the year!:goodvibes
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    Jan 20, 2002
    Really enjoyed the reviews! Thanks for taking the time!
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    Oct 8, 2008
    Grand Fla. Cafe and Wolf Gang Puck Express is a must for us each year.
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    Note to self, get that club sandwich in Norway!! Sounds delish!

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