Yucky but necessary question...



Heading to Disney World in september with my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter.. Have to fly and my son-in-law is REALLY grumpy about that (fear, I suspect) so I don't want him being grumpy throughout the entire vacation.. Here's the yucky part - he's a smoker, so exactly WHERE are all the smoking areas in Disney World? Anything to keep him "chilled out" so the vacation isn't ruined..


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Sep 25, 2000
All of them? That's a toughy.

There are a few places in each park where smoking is permitted -- they are marked on the maps.

No smoking in the restaurants though!

Good luck!

Hopefully, the magic of Disney will infuse him when steps into the park.

If that doesn't work, leave him behind at the hotel :).

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Jan 21, 2001
There are several smoking areas in all of the parks - we were just there a few weeks ago and my mother is a smoker and she had no problem finding one of the spots whenever she needed to. Just check your park map that you get each day at the parks and it will have all the designated smoking areas marked on it! Have fun and I hope your son-in-law dosen't get too grumpy on you, how can you be that way in WDW?? :)


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