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Oct 16, 2000
I saw this company name on another post on this board and did a search to see what it was. This appears to be the most economical option for transportation from the airport to the port....$125 roundtrip for any number of people up to 10. Are they reliable? Anyone know anything about them? You can do a grocery stop. I think the rental car was about $70 each way(or maybe it has been so long since I checked I've gotten all confused.) Town cars were more than rental cars. Any information would be appreciated.
I just got my confirmatn from Rabbit w/ yourride. They were the most economical for our 6 riders, but also they had some good reviews (the other companies have good reviews too).

I haven't used them yet, but do a search on "yourride" and you will get other people's opinions. I definitely read where people were pleased w/ the service.

Based on my 2 phone calls w/ Rabbit...I am not worried. I don't pay until we get from the airport to WL...another reason I like them.

I also hadn't heard much about this company and started to investigate-after looking at all the comments on the boards here, emailing the company several times then talking with Rabbit on the phone-we are going with them without hesitation. They were alot cheaper-one company I had just hung up from gave me a quote $85 more than Rabbits (Yourride) and as we were hanging up the man said if you find someone cheaper call me back we will match or even beat the price. I won't be doing that-I liked Rabbit-he knows there is competition out there so I am sure he will do a great job. If he doesn't we will hear about it here--won't we.:) :) :)
We used Your ride in December for our WDW trip. He was very friendly, accomodating and even offered a grocery stop without us requesting on our reservation.

I would without a doubt work with Rabbit again.


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