Your Mythos questions answered (part 2)


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Jan 31, 2001
Sorry, everybody, for taking so long to reply back to everyone's posts. I got involved with school work, work work, then lost my internet connection for about a week. I'm back, though, and am ready to answer everyone's questions.

First, our new menu has started and is enjoying good success. The new menu items are: roasted tomato soup (actually, this is from two seasons ago, we have put it back on), tuna capraccio salad (moxed greens tossed with a spanish olive dressing, sliced tuna, and smoked salmon), tasting of mushroom app (broiled burgandy shrooms, fried shroom spring roll, "mushroom cappuchino"-cream of mushroom, a mushroom brushcetta, and spring mix tossed w/ truffle vinegreete), blackened corvina (w/ tomatoe okra coulis, creamed spinach and baked 4 cheese fusili), and wild mushroom meatloaf (w/roasted tomato mash potato, roasted veg, fried onions and a veal demi). We also now have a kid's desert: bannana split. So long to the mahi, turkey osso bucco, squash soup and mushroom sautee!

2. For vegetarians and those with alergies: we are very accomodating with special requests, so if you don't want meat, we'll give you extra veg, that sort of thing. IF you have any questions about the cuisine and wether there's soemthing you'd be alergic to, the best advice I have to is to call (407) 224-4545 and talk to chef mark. He'll be able to answer speciifc querries.

3. Prices: cheapest entree is the burger (9), most expensive: 10 oz ny strip (19). kids entrees i believ are 5 bucks. I'm affraid I don't know exact prices, and I forgot to pick up a menu before i left work today. One of these days i will post a complete mneu up online (since universal hasn't for soem reason)

4. The food: Yes, we are a fien dining establishment. The food is unqiue, creative and gourmet. Soem of our menu sounds...rather odd, but I GUARANTEE everything is good. It took a while for me to try everything, but it is all good. For those that don't take my word for it, there is normal fare (burgers, chicken clubs, pizza), but you can go to 4 other locations in ioa for a burger!

Well, thats it for now. I'll be back later hoppefully with a menu and more questions to answer!
Hey Thanks for the great menu information. Is there any chance of a kitchen tour when I'm down with my soon to be wife in March? Being a Professional chef and all I wouldn't mind getting a chance to see how it all works!


Joe :)

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Hi and welcome back secondcook! The new menu sounds great. I love corvina, gonna have to try that! Can you tell me if Mytho's will extend their hours during mardi gras? I am looking forward to enjoying a meal here in March. Thanks again for the info. :D

Thanks for all of the great Mythos information! It all sounds wonderful and I am looking forward to dining there in March.

Another March diner. :)
The menu sounds good, although I must admit I do not have the faintest idea what most of it is, including the corvina??? But I am a trusting person when it comes to food, and if someone says I should try something because it tastes good, I do and have yet to be disappointed. It is just that here I am mostly limited to Asian and Pacific Rim foods and rarely get to try Latin or even European foods. I am looking forward trying something new every day while we are there. ;)
I don't like mushrooms..

Can i get the shroom thingy without mushrooms? :)

Just kidding.. they all sound great.. just hold the shrooms :)

PS: ..but your burger is the best in IOA :)
I have to say my favorite dish is the Salmon on the Cedar plank..very yummy...




Thanks for posting! It's always great to hear from insiders.
Shall we have a Mythos lunch at the March meet?


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