YIPEE! I'm going to Club 33...what can I expect?

Peter Pan Fan

Aug 6, 2000
I am soooooo excited, just got word that we have reservations for lunch during our upcoming April trip. I have never been and would like all of you experts to let me know what I can expect when we go. What type of food is it, how much $$... What is the inside like? Is there any souviners I can take home (napkins, match books, etc.)? Can I take pictures inside? What happens after you knock on the door, do they buzz you in.

Any stories or experiences? Thanks for sharing....I can't wait. This is really a dream come true for me!

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Hopefully, Tink33 will be able to answer you, since she has first-hand knowledge of the club... for that matter, so does Michelle. :)

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Let's see if I can help.......:D
First, when you ring, they may or may not ask for your name through the intercom. Then they buzz you in. Don't get there too early. The waiting area is small & they might send you out to wait anyway.
The cost for the all you can eat lunch buffet used to be $39.00(includes park admission) but I'm pretty sure it has gone up.
They usually have several kinds of cold veggie appetizers/salads, fruit, big shrimp, crab claws, chicken, fish, beef, hot sides (veggies & potatoes or rice), a pasta station, & LOTS of gooey desserts.
You can take all the pics you want :) They have a few souvenirs for sale but you can usually pick up a pen for free. Also, check out the bathroom. They have big napkins with the logo on them. ;) I don't want to tell you too much. Half of the fun is not knowing what to expect :D Hope this helps! Have a great time & DON'T EAT BREAKFAST! :eek:

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Hi Peter Pan Fan!
Is there any chance that you will be going to Club 33 April 8-11 and that you might want a nice and charming couple (DH and myself) as tablemates for pleasant and interesting lunch conversation???? heehee :) Honestly, though, we'd LOVE the chance to dine in Club 33! My dh is in a high-management position for a large company here on the east coast and has asked around, but the companies in our area seem to neither have a membership nor any connections to Club 33. (darn!) Anyway, have a magical time there!! :)
P.S. We can provide references! LOL!!!

Going to DISNEYLAND in April! Going to DISNEY WORLD in June! ºoº

You can expect a lot of folks here to be very very jealous! :D

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Someone from this board kidnapping you and forcing you at "churro point" to take them into the Club 33. :D

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Seriously, you will love your experience at Club 33. Last year I went for my 33rd birthday. Our lunch bill was $100 for 2 people. You can take as many pictures as you want - I took an entire roll. Make sure that you check out both the main dining room and the small room. The small room contains many photos of the Disney family including Walt and Lillian's wedding photo. Check out the balcony over New Orleans Square. Talk to your server. They know many Disneyland and Club 33 secrets.

But most importantly - Have a great time.


Thanks for all of the great responses...sorry DebT! If I could take everyone I would. And LionKing, your response was hilarous. Now when I get my churro I will be keeping my eye's peeled! :rolleyes:

I am even more excited to go after reading everyone's responses. It was just totally random, my husband's uncle works in the grocery business here in SF and knows a friend who has DL as one of his accounts. I was practically screaming at my desk when I found out! I did a search on the board and saw some pictures...I can't wait. We will be there April 21st!

Thanks again all!
I went to lunch at Club 33 a few years ago and it was great. It consisted of a small, but delicious buffet. The buffet for four - including tip, excluding alchol was about two hundred. It's nice inside, elegant. The nice thing, is you can eat at a nice place, without feeling like you have to be dressed up!!! The lunch buffet is much better than the dinner. I went for Valentines day dinner this year and felt a little let down. The food was ok. I can't wait to go back for another lunch buffet though!!! You can take pictures, although I didn't really see anyone taking picture either time I was there. They also have a glass case with merchandise- it;s located in the hall, near the restrooms. I hope you have a great time!!! - Karen
Have a great time. Club 33 has some great food. You have to have the Mickey shaped pasta. :D

You can see some pictures and info on our page. Just go down and click on the Club 33 icon.


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we have been to club 33 twice it's such a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the park. Last time we were there Mickey and Minnie were visiting the tables. They do have a case with some logo merchandise - not a lot - I remember seeing golf balls and polos they also sold watches and maybe a few mugs. It is such a fun experience. My 13 yr old DD always mentions club 33 as one of the best things at Disneyland! Too bad DH changed jobs so we don't have our connection anymore. Have a great time!


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