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Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by Ronda93, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Oct 6, 2000
    I want to ask about my little toe. I'm hoping to see my favorite staffer at the LRS this weekend, but wanted to stop here, too, and plumb the depths of WISH wisdom.

    I started running a year ago. I got shoes at the LRS (Brooks Adrenaline 9, 8.5, B). Since I'm heavy, but getting lighter, I went in for new ones in August. I asked for the same thing and tried them on (thank goodness). They were much narrower. Like fold my foot narrow. I asked for Ds. They fit great. Holding the soles of my old Bs to the new Bs, they were significantly different in the width. I left. The new shoes stayed in the box until September sometime (I need to write the date somewhere).

    I'd been running 10 miles a week for months. My planned mileage began to increase in November (MfM). Around then I noticed a sore spot on the inside of my right little toe. After some reading I decided it is a soft corn. It's near the end of the toe. About 10 o'clock to the nail. It doesn't hurt when I run, but poke or bump it and it howls. I didn't mess with it on the run up to the Donald. Since then I've noticed that the shape of the nail on that toe seems to be changing (shifting right), too.

    I'm planning to run two or three halfs this year. Next one is April 11, and planned mileage is starting to tick up. I've been taping a bit of foam to the inside of the little toe and it seems to be helping.

    I think it's a structure problem and the little toe gets pulled under its neighbor. I don't think it's a shoe problem because the outside of the little toe is soft and smooth. The left foot has no troubles at all.

    I can live with it because I love what running has done for me. I'd like it to stop because I'm worried that as I run more it will be come a bigger problem that will limit me down the road.

    What does WISH think?

  2. 3DisneyKids

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    Hey Ronda--

    I still wouldn't rule out this being a shoe issue. Your weight HAS changed (for the better, woo hoo!) and that means your stride has changed. So it could all be related.

    As you and I have both learned, the manufacturers make changes to shoes and don't necessarily re-name the shoe. I have had the same thing happen with Sauconys. Bought the exact same pair that I had been running in and loving, and even though they were called the same thing and looked the same, when I did side-by-side comparisons, there were definite differences.

    I would try putting some Body Glide on the affected area and just see if that makes any difference. If rubbing/chafing isn't the issue, then the BG won't hurt anything. But if it is the issue, you'll find out pretty quickly.
  3. Tiger Lily 03

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    I like Injinji socks--toe socks that wrap each toe. Check REI's site or maybe your running store. The socks take a bit to get used to, but have helped my between the toe blister problem to be non-existant. Only have the tip of the toe blistering or the little toe rubbing on the side of the shoe blistering sometimes. If taping the foam, mole skin, duct tape, athletic tape or whatever works, go with it.


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